Panasonic Er430k Nose / Ear Trimmer Review

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Nose Trimmer

Good: This model comes with a vacuum system which has granted it more credit compared to others in this line. The vacuum

system collects the hairs as the blades cut them off the skin which gives the unit a tick when it comes to keeping the nose clean.

Bad: The trimmer performs perfectly and gives the best results, the only minus is the fact that it is very noisy. sometimes the noise can be so irritating when you are using it in areas like the ear and nose causing discomfort compared to other models, this might not be necessary to some users.

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My Review:

  • Panasonic Er430k Nose

    Panasonic Er430k Nose

    We all do some trimming at one time and having the Panasonic ER430K Vacuum ear and nose trimmer is the ultimate deal for life. This grooming tool has been credited by its users online because of the performance, ease of use and most of all maintainability. The groomer is designed to capture all the hair clippings as you trim your nose, ear or other facial parts. This model is the best because of its hygiene, you will not have to clean up after the trim which is not only to keep a clean environment but also time saving. Durability is key when it comes to this trimmer with allergy free blades that rotate ay 60 degree to reach all the corners of the nose, ear or any other part with no pulling that is common with duller blades and scissors. Most of us men shave early in the morning so you will not have all that time to clean up which is why this trimmer is ideal.


Features overview:

  • Nose Trimmer

    Nose Trimmer

    Vacuum System: One thing that gives the Panasonic ER430K more credits is the fact that it leaves the sink clean, you do not have to worry about cleaning after your trimming session. Have you used other nose trimmers and as you shave you breathe in the clippings? it is so irritating and some people do not do nose trimming because of this. Panasonic ER430K has solved this mess and now you can trim at your convenience with no worries.

  • Use Wet or Dry: You do not have to worry about shaving in the middle of your shower any more, this nose trimmer can perform even better in a wet shave. It will capture all the soaked nose or facial hairs and cut them with less irritations and no pulling at all and the head is washable under running water after you are done with the trimming for easy maintenance and is fully immersible to make your work easy, forget about special cleaning formulas which add on your expenses.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Panasonic ER430K was given a perfect shape that makes it easy to hold and position in any angle as you go around the nose walls for a clean trim. It fits perfectly in your hands and the design is perfect for travel. It can fit anywhere in your travel bad so that you can have that quick trim while on the go. One thing I have noticed when it comes to uniqueness is the design which is why this model was given an elegant shape just to match up the style and appearance.

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  • Dual-Edge Hypo-Allergenic Blades: Now for those of you who have sensitive skin, this is the best solution. the trimmer has been engineered with Hypo-Allergenic stainless steel blades that are perfect for sensitive skins. The blades are at the same time given a curved design to match the contours of the nostril’s walls so that the hairs can be trims precisely at an even length. It does not cut under the skin because it is not comfortable, you will have a dry nose so you have to have an even length hairs to keep a natural nose wall. The cutting head rotates at about 60-Degree so that it cuts cleanly without pulling.
  • Rotary Blade System: This trimmer was designed with Safety Cone rotary blades which use circular rotating action to efficiently trim off the nose or facial hairs. it perfectly lets you get a close trim along the inside of your nose, facial or ear hair for that number one neat and comfortable trim. It uses the safety cone which guides the hair into the cutting blades which prevents direct skin to blade contact just to ensure safety and a injury free trimming experience. This nose and facial hair trimmer features stainless steel construction which gives it even long lasting and durable sharp blades.
  • Operates on 1 “AA” battery: The Panasonic ER430K nose and facial hair trimmer operates on one AA size battery (not included on a new purchase) it can run up to 90-minute non-stop operation which is about 90 trims! The trimmer has been referred to as the most economical unit in its line in that the battery takes like forever and the good side of it is that you can use it any time anywhere, you do not have to go through the hustle of charging or using it on cord, all you have to do it to have a spare battery if you are on a trip, better yet the AA size battery can be picked from any local store wherever you are so you do not have to worry on missing on your trim because you ran out of battery.
  • Immersible in Water: For easy maintainability, the unit is fully water proof and you can immerse it under running water, clean up the head then open the vacuum and drop the dart and you are good to go. This trimmer cuts out all the hassle that is associated with other models when it comes to cleaning. You do not need special cleaning formula or even unpacking the cutting head before you clean them. If you are a wet trimmer, then you just have to do it all at once, just trim when you are done do the clean-up then dry with a towel and you are good to go.

Product Quality:

  • Improved Dual-Edge Blade: Now if you have been used to the trimmers that cut hair from one side, then this one is your best choice. it cuts hairs from the sides and also from the top. it is perfect for trimming individual hairs from your nostrils and other facial parts like the ears, eyebrows and also beard detailing.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: For the highest sense of durability, the blades are made out of stainless steel which is perfect for any skin and will keep sharp for as long as you use because they are self-sharpening to maintain the cutting edge. The blades are curves in a way that they can move along the contours of the nostril to ensure proper trimming at an even length.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • This Vacuum Nose-Ear Hair Trimmer works for all those with allergies either with their skins or even breathing. it was designed in a way that it sucks up all the loose hair as you cut so that it avoids the mistake of you breathing in cut debris which might cause you breathing problems.
  • Also it was given the Hypo-Allergenic blades to work perfectly for those with sensitive skin. You have notices some people getting skin irritations after getting skin contact with certain materials like some plastics, so this Panasonic ER430K was designed to cut down on such conditions.
  • It is perfect for travel. It was designed to fit perfectly in the pocket for those who are traveling. The fact that it uses AA size batteries which or not rechargeable is reason enough to take on your trip because you do not have to worry about recharging in case you are not near a power source. The AA size batteries can be purchased in an local store around the world so you do not have to worry about missing on your trim because you ran out of charge.

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This is the ultimate vacuum ear, nose trimmer for personal hair grooming. Most of us have been irritated because of the clippings that litter the environment, this is the solution for a clean and dirt free sinks. It sucks up all the clippings as the blades cut it from the sides and top and it has been approved by the users for the perfect work and hassle free trimming experiences.

What Else Do You Need?

  • Wahl 9854-600 Trimmer:- Whoever bought this nose trimmer also accompanied it with Wahl 9854-600 Trimmer, this tool is used for grooming the beard, mustache, side burns and also the hair.  Sometimes you can use this Wahl beard trimmer to cut those protruding hairs from the nose.

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