Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver Review

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Silver Tone Double Edge Blade Razor Shaver

Men who don’t want to spend fortunes on buying shaver replacements all the time, this silver DE razor is the best option for you. It does not cost much, yet at the same time its parts are not that expensive and you will take a while without replacing them.It is a very nice Double-Edged razor that will offer any man a better shave compared to most shavers on the market today.  


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Now when it comes to durability, you should not get sacred, It’s finished with a silver lining which is resistant to water and the razor is made out of real metal, so even if it falls from the sink by accident, you will find it in its normal shape.

PRO:  This razor is very cheap compared to the pricing of other razors yet it still offers the user with a very close and clean shave with almost no skin irritations caused.


CON: When shaving with this silver DE razor, you have to be very careful otherwise it will end up nicking your skin badly.  Secondly, you may have to take at least 2-passes in order to achieve a decent shave and don’t expect to save much money when you get Double-Edge safety razor because you will have to spend a fortune on buying different stuff like brushes, shaving creams, soaps and bowls.


Features overview:

  • Double edged blade: this is a double edged safety razor , which means that you will be able to use it with any double-edged blades and these are very affordable and very easy to get on the market today. This makes the razor very convenient and cheap to maintain compared to single blade razors. This razor is not aggressive when shaving because its blades do not protrude very far from the safety-head.
  • Made with quality non-slip metal: the safety razor is made with high quality non-slip metal and this will enable you to shave comfortably even under wet conditions. On top, it has a silver-tone color which really makes it to look very nice and shiny. The hard steel material also makes the razor to feel very strong and durable hence it will be able to resist any pressure even when dropped down accidentally.
  • Long textured handle: men usually have larger hands and this implies that they need to use a razor with a long handle like the Silver Tone safety-razor. Its handle really feels hefty when held into the hands and in fact it will offer you with a firm and comfortable grip even when shaving wet in the shower.
  • Easy blade replacement: when it comes to replacement of blades, you just simply have to turn the knob at the bottom of the razors handle in order to screw or unscrew it. This means that you will be able to replace the razor blades easily without any hardships compared to some safety razors which may require you to unscrew using any mechanical tool.
  • Feels weighty: the safety-razor weighs about 40g hence it has just enough heft to it in order to easily remove any type of facial hair with maximum comfort and precision. You don’t even have to drag or apply much pressure when shaving with this razor because its weight is just enough to get the shaving done. This razors weight even makes it to feel very solid and of quality hence you will notice that this razor is of high quality when holding it into your hands.

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Product Quality:

  • The silver tone razor feels a bit weighty and solid in when held into the hand but it’s not too heavy. It also offers a great hefty feel to it that just brings out its quality even before you start shaving with it.
  • Its non-slip long handle with textures ensures a very secure grip when shaving wet in the showers and its silver color or finish makes it to look very nice and shiny even after using it for years.
  • The razors head is not so bulky but it’s just wide enough in order to cover a wider surface area while shaving and it even feels very comfortable when using it to shave your face because the blades don’t have full access to the skin and this implies that you will experience less or no skin irritations during and after shaving.
  • Another nice feature about this razor is that it is ergonomically designed whereby if you trim with it at a certain angle, you will achieve a very close and smooth shave than ever before with less or no skin-irritations.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • It really benefits men who have sensitive skin types yet they want to get a closer and smooth shave with less skin irritation. However, to achieve this close shave, you may have to first learn how to use it at the right angle and in case you don’t know how use it for the first time, try to do some practice before you buy. Otherwise, if you just shave with this razor without any knowledge on how it works, you will end up hurting yourself.
  • However, this safety-razor will also work greatly for novice users or who are new double edge razor shaving because it does not over expose the blades onto the skin and this means that such people will be less likely to get skin irritations when using this razor.



  • It provides a very close shave but not as aggressive as that of a straight razor though it offers the closest shave ever. The craftsmanship of this razor is much better than that of cheap razors and for sure any man will like the way it feels when held into the hands and also the way it does the shaving job.
  • This razor works very well on sensitive skins and on any facial-hair type without pulling or tugging. It also has just enough heft to it to easily trim facial-hair without applying much pressure.

What I need

  • Badger bristle shaving-brush: this enables you to lather-up your face before you start shaving and it will also help you to clean the safety razor after using it to shave.
  • A glycerin-based shaving soap that may contain Lavender because this will help to prepare, soothe and soften the facial hair before you start that trimming process.
  • An aftershave: get one that may contain Sandalwood with low or no-alcohol for best results.  This will help to soothe and protect the skin after shaving it for any irritations or infections.

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