Proctor-Silex 12-Cup Coffee Maker (43603) Review

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Proctor-Silex 12-Cup Coffee Maker (43603) review - 1

Brewing the most perfect cup of coffee has been made extremely easy with the Proctor-Silex 43603 12 cup coffee maker. This coffee maker has been with great quality to offer you long lasting performance time to time since the machine has been tested and found with excellent durability and reliability.

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You have no reason to be doubtful about the performance of the 43603 coffee maker as it is made from one of the greatest companies when it comes producing the best electric appliances, I am talking about Proctor Silex. The coffee maker brews 12 coffee cups so if you are a fun of hanging at home with your loved ones, it will make your hang out more interesting since it makes very many cups of coffee all at go.  Its pause and serve feature enables you to have a cup of coffee without waiting for the whole brewing process to get finished. With its red color it will make such a great accent to your kitchen while giving you a fresh tasting cup of coffee every morning before you rush out for work.



  • It has well-constructed decanter,the decanter is made of strong glass that does not spill coffee all over the counter. As the coffee brews you do not have to worry about the coffee spilling over wires to cause electric accidents.
  • Perfect temperature to get a good coffee flavor, the coffee maker brews coffee 178 degree Fahrenheit which the perfect temperature to extract the best flavor out of those coffee grounds. It is neither low nor is too high.
  • The coffee maker comes at a good price, this coffee maker from Proctor Silex is made with great quality, it is very durable, brews very many cups of coffee and performs perfectly just like other highly priced coffee makers yet it comes at a really affordable price. Anyone can get to own this great coffee maker due to its fair price. This wins other coffee makers that do not perform as well as the Proctor-Silex 43603 12 cup coffeemaker
  • Light weight and easy to use, there is nothing difficult to understand about the coffee maker, everything is very easy to use therefore brewing a cup of coffee with this coffee maker will only take you a few minutes.
  • Makes great coffee and you can taste it before the end of the brew cycle, the coffee maker has the auto pause and serve function that allows you quench your coffee thirst while the coffee maker is still brewing.
  • Brews very many cups of coffee all at once, it is designed to offer as many as 12 cup of coffee.


  • It misses the auto shut off feature, this coffee maker only has a lighted on switch which shows that the machine is on and brewing but does not have the auto shut off function that enables the coffee maker to shut off when out of use.
  • It does not have any programmable settings, some people look at this as a simplicity feature but to others this is a disadvantage because you do not have enough control over your own machine, you just the machine the way it is made.


Proctor-Silex 12-Cup Coffee Maker (43603) review



Features overview:

  • Brews over 12 cups of coffee: with the Proctor-Silex 43603 12 cup coffeemaker you can enjoy coffee with a whole group of loved ones because it brews over 12 cups of coffee all at ago. you will enjoy the convenience of brewing as many as 12 cups unlike other coffee makers that brew just one or three cups at a time.
  • Auto pause and serve feature: this coffee maker from Proctor Silex is designed with a pause and serve feature than enables you have a cup of coffee before brewing time gets done. This means you can have coffee at any moment without having to wait for the whole brew process to get finished and by the way as you serve the machine continues with the brew cycle.
  • Easy view water window:you can accurately measure how much you should add in the coffee maker’s water tank since it has an easy view window which allows see how much water if left in the water tank. With this feature you do not have to wait for the machine to stop brewing coffee for you to know that you have to re-fill the water tank since you have the ability to see how much water is remaining in water tank as you brew your cup of coffee.
  • Lighted on switch:this acts as an indicator to alert you that the coffee maker is on and brewing so for people that forget easily, the lighted on switch will let you know in case you forgot to switch the coffee maker on. This saves you the frustration of going to serve yourself coffee and you realize that you actually hadn’t switched the machine on.
  • Needs 8 to 12 cup basket style filters:the Proctor-Silex 43603 is designed to utilize about 8 to 12 cup basket filters so for peoples that use hard water to brew coffee you can be sure to have the best flavor since water is perfectly purified.
  • Dish washer safe carafe and basket:this makes the coffee maker extremely easy to wash, the way you do your dished is the same you clean this Proctor-Silex coffee maker. The removable parts can be washed in the sink with great ease.
  • Compact foot print: if you have a small kitchen this is definitely the best coffee maker for you reason being it is made with a compact for print that does not take too much of your space.

Proctor-Silex 12-Cup Coffee Maker (43603) review - 1

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Product quality:

With beautiful shiny red color, Proctor-Silex 43603 is designed to you kitchen such great accent while providing with the most perfect coffee cup ever. The proctor Silex 12 cup coffee maker is built with the greatest quality hence making it very durable yet it comes at an affordable price. It brews 12 cups of coffee at once so that you and your friends can enjoy coffee together, it auto pause and serve feature allows to taste your coffee before the brewing cycle ends. This gives the coffee maker added advantage over others where by you have to wait for the whole brewing process to end before having a cup of coffee. More to that is its water view window that allows you to see how much water is left in the water tank to ensure that you can accurately re-fill the tank before it stops brewing. It also features a lighted on switch which indicates that the machine is on and brewing, this acts as a reminder for those that tend to forget to the machine on. With a dish washer safe carafe and basket, cleaning this coffee maker has been made extremely easy, try out the Proctor-Silex 43603 to enjoy its long lasting performance over a long period of time.

Proctor-Silex 12-Cup Coffee Maker (43603) review - 2

Who does it benefit?

  • Perfect for those who want to enjoy coffee with loved ones:now you have the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee with all your friends when they come over because the coffee maker has been designed to brew as many as 12 cups of coffee within a short period of time. With the 43603 coffee maker, there is no way you will suffer making one on two cups of coffee at a time the way other coffee makers do it.
  • Ideal for people with limited space kitchens: This machine is built with a compact foot print that fits even in small kitchens as it does not take up too much of your space.

What else do you need?

Cup basket style filters: when you buy the Proctor Silex 12 cup coffee maker also stock as many filters as you can because this coffee maker uses around 8 to 12 filters. Filters are one of the most important things you must have before making coffee as they help to purify water to give you the perfect coffee taste.

Proctor-Silex 12-Cup Coffee Maker (43603) review

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