Pros And Cons Of A Memory Foam Mattress

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Of late memory foam mattresses have hit the market by storm as everyone considers them as the most comfortable and best mattresses for that good night sleep that is very healthy for the body and mind. Having good night sleep accounts for your body’s reaction during a wide variety of activities and this exactly why people are overly turning to memory foam mattresses as a solution. Now with all the technology that is used to make these mattresses, they have proved to be the priciest mattresses you can ever buy so if you are ready to spend then you will find problem in spending your money on this type of mattresses. I will provide with you details of what memory foam mattresses are and give you the pros that make them a better choice than other mattress types and at the same time give you the drawbacks.


Memory foam mattresses are mattresses made of material known as visco-elastic polyurethane, it is the material that assures the user of maximum support to all parts of the body while keeping the back bone perfectly aligned. These mattresses provide the most comfortable and peaceful sleep as they contour to the shape of a person’s body and ensure that you wake up with nothing like muscle or body pains. As soon you insert your body pressure on a memory foam mattress it responds to it in terms of heat and pressure. However memory foam is not the only component of this type of mattresses, they usually have some other components that help to add up on the support provided but memory foam is what exists in the top layers of these mattresses.


Now that you know what memory foam mattresses are and what they are made off it is high time we looked at the advantages that make these mattresses a better choice than all the other mattress types on the market.

  • They conform to the shape of your body: memory foam mattresses are designed to follow the shape of your body depending on the pressure inserted on the mattress by your body weight. With this technology, your body is evenly spread on the mattresses surface to reduce pressure points and prevent your body from straining too much which is why most people say that they wake up with no body pains at all when they sleep on memory foam mattresses.
  • They comprise of both viscosity and elasticity: because they combine both of these elements they are much better than other types that are made of just either viscosity or elasticity but not both. This is why the mattress has the ability to adjust according to the pressure exerted by your weight and heat from your body temperature.
  • They are very good at getting rid of any chances of suffering body pain and aches: these mattresses are made with technology that dissolves forces of compression and distributes pressure away from those pressure points or eradicate the possibility of pressure mounting up on such areas hence helping you to wake up with no body pains or aches.
  • They are designed to balance sleep temperature: if the environment you are sleeping is very cold, these mattresses will make it warm for you and when the environment is hot they help to cool it out so that you can have the most comfortable sleep.
  • They also keep the spinal cord well aligned: as you sleep whether it is on your back on stomach this type of mattresses will keep your spinal cord in perfect alignment.
  • They designed with anti-allergy material that is very healthy: polyurethane foam that is used to make these mattresses keep any users with allergies very safe as they keep all debris and dirt away from the mattress.

Cons of memory foam mattresses

  • Just like any other product, memory foam mattresses are not 100% perfect since we all have different tastes and preferences there are some people that don’t think memory foam mattresses are the best mattress type. Here are some of the disadvantages that come along with these memory foam mattresses.
  • They do not provide deep support: such mattresses have low resilience reason being the part that exerts the most pressure is the part that fall inside the mattress even more. This is why they are not recommended for people with back pain, all they do is follow the shape of your body so people that look out for really firm support from a mattress, this is definitely not the ideal choice.
  • They heat up too much: this one of the biggest sleep problems yet these mattresses just elevate the problem especially for people that extremely sensitive to high heat. They can get really hot so if you are too much bothered by such temperatures then these mattresses will cause even more problems because.
  • They have an irritating odor: as a result of the chemicals that are used to make these mattresses they tend to have a really ugly smell that takes some days before its goes away.
  • You cannot use these mattresses as you as you get them from the box: you have to give the mattress some days before it expands to the right size of use. You therefore have to keep your excitement of sleeping on a new mattress for some days after purchasing it.
  • They are extremely pricey: many people will agree with on the fact that these are the most highly priced type of mattresses on the entire market. They come with too many features so the manufacturers have made them really price which leaves out a very big percentage of people that cannot afford that kind of money.

In conclusion, before you run out to go and buy a memory foam mattress beware of what you going to pay unless you are sure that the luxury that these mattresses provide is what you are searching for. It makes no sense spending a whole fortune on something you have only seen on the adverts, there are other mattress types they will not cost you much yet they will give you a really beautiful night sleep.

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