The Advantages Of Using Telecommunication Systems In E-Business

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Communication being one of the most important things in all kinds of businesses one wouldn’t be wrong to make the conclusion that telecommunication systems have overly simplified the way business owners and managers operate their businesses. This particular post is about the advantages of using telecommunication systems in E-business. E-business refers to buying and selling of goods through the internet, basically all transactions are done via internet. On the other hand telecommunications systems are systems used for wired or wireless communication that takes place at a distance with electrical signals for example computer systems, telephone network, the internet and lastly broadcasting systems. The use of telecommunication systems can be overly beneficial to any E-business as it is helps to keep employees in perfect contact with their employers, in other wards it makes online businesses more flexible and hence lead to quick development. Below are the advantages of using telecommunication systems in E-business.

  • Effective customer service

Customers being the most effective component of any business, it is very essential that they feel treasured by the person they are buying from in order to come back for more products or services and this is what makes businesses grow so customer service is paramount. Applying telecommunications systems offers any business the ability to improve their customer service. With the internet which is one of the components of telecommunication systems it becomes super easy and cheap for customers to make their orders and for suppliers to meet customer’s desires in time. Additionally customers can also skip the hassle and long procedure of lining up in banks or spending transport to pay for an item or service in person with the internet, and this is because all the transactions and payments are done through the internet.

  • Cheap marketing alternative

With the help of the internet and it is now very simple for a business to find ways of making their products and services known out there in the market.  With people who have access to the internet increasing day by day, it has becomes such an easy task for business to reach out to thousands and thousands of customers without necessarily having to spend an entire fortune. The quickest way that E-businesses do it is by creating a website through which a customer can view a product, read about it and even pay for it.  Unlike with the traditional ways of marketing, marketing through the internet cuts down on costs that would have been used for advertisement while at the same time doubling or even tripling sales.

  • Quick access to a larger market

In this century it is almost compulsory for everyone to own a technological device for example a phone, tab, computer and so many more, now with the high rate at which the world population has adapted to technology the use of telecommunication systems has also greatly risen. And this means that more people are accessing the internet the main platform on which e-businesses operate. It is now quite easy to hit a larger market since there is no difficulty in reaching out to people in very many various countries besides the country in which the business is based. Online marketing attracts  a great deal of clients for the reason that everyone who experiences great services from you influences another to also try it out and the cycle keeps continuing hence leading to the high increase in profits

  • Great reduction in costs of operation

Many of the businesses run out of operation quickly due to the high operational costs however the use of telecommunications systems has helped to solve this problem. Using machines and other technological devices in business has reduced the extent to which human labor is needed through ripping away those extra costs of training, salary, wages and allowances. Also when it comes to communications, one can either send a text or an email and thus avoid costs of pen, ink and paper each time they need to pass any serious message. With all of these operational costs lowered e-businesses get to offer products and services at a cheaper price which is a good strategy to tap the biggest part of the market.

  • Ease of communication

There is no way one can talk about telecommunication systems without mentioning the fact they really make communication easy. Both small and large e-businesses find it extremely easy to reach out to partners and customers all with help of the different telecommunication systems. Effective telecommunication systems are made sometimes made up of unified communication technology to enable people send and receive voice and data messages through one single network thus making communication not only easy but also very fast.

  • Speed

Through telecommunication systems the rate at which services and products get to customers is much faster and this is one of the most important ways to keep customers completely satisfies. The most amazing thing is that this doesn’t only work with the advanced or the latest systems but the older ones as well. For businesses dealing in time cautious activities such selling food staffs telecommunications systems are overly beneficial as they help dealers get to their customers in the exact required time. Speed of communication with these systems has helped business owners to answer customer’s queries in time.


We mentioned the categories of telecommunication systems in the introduction of this post but without any details which is why I would like to elaborate more on the types of telecommunications systems. This will make it easy for anyone that wants to engage telecommunication system in their business to know which type will suit his or her business most perfectly…………………

  • Radio telecommunication systems; this is a form of wireless communication transmitted through technology to really long distances. Even television communication falls under this category. With this type of system, radio transmitter sends out a message which interpreted in real time on the receiver’s side.
  • Full duplex telecommunication systems; full duplex simply means that two people can actually communicate at the same exact time. In today’s century many of the communication devices fall under this type for example cell phones, telephones and even the internet. Full time systems can make real time communication on both parties.
  • Half duplex telecommunication systems; half duplex systems are the opposite of full duplex systems, with these systems one can send out a message but they will not get a reply instantly. The person on the receiving side has to wait for some minutes to get the message or to answer to it. Some internet connections and radio communications are an excellent example of the half duplex telecommunication systems.
  • Optical telecommunication systems; today these are the most rarely used type of communication system. It is a very simple communication system however it has completely gone out of trend, people don’t use the optical telecommunication systems anymore.


E-businesses survive with communication and if there is poor communication there is absolutely no way that a business which operates online can be successful without perfect communication technology. Communication technology includes video, virtual reality, emails, voice mails and teleconferences among others. In this part of the post I will be providing details about the advantages and disadvantages of using communication technology in both E-businesses and other businesses that don’t operate only through the internet.


  • Quick information delivery; with so many communication devices all over the world communication technology enables businesses to pass on important messages as fast as necessary. In case of an emergency, technology such as emails and text messaging will deliver the information within just a few a minutes to ensure that the business runs as smoothly as possible. Some organizations make use of decentralized computing systems whereby all business members can share information at anytime they feel like using it. For example you will find that everyone can read from the same database at the same time and from their own computer.
  • Improves decision making; making decisions for the organization should be such a quick procedure but sometimes it takes too long due to the poor communication technology in the organization. Therefore communication technology helps to speed up the rate at which decisions are made and implemented since it allows all business members to make their contribution about their decision fast enough, make consultations with one another and finish up the analysis within just a short period of time.
  • Better communication among business members; the major essence of installing communication technology in the business is definitely to improve communication in the business. When you have high quality and all necessary communication systems in your business it becomes very easy for all members to consult with each other, talk with one another in order to make the work place a better place to stay.
  • Better organization in the business; with communication technology arranging your business becomes a lot simpler, all necessary information is perfectly stored making it much easy for members to access information. Instead of having so many papers and files piled in the office that are difficult that simply make the place look untidy and make it extremely difficult for you to look for one particular document that you might need at that particular moment.
  • Helps individuals to express themselves; businesses today are adopting a strategy of using work groups but in these groups individuals who can’t express themselves may fail to get the chance to say out their ideas yet with communication technology even the shiest and most quiet person gets to contribute and speak out their mind without any worries. Everyone’s idea is important to the business so each member of the business must be given opportunity to express themselves. The best way to do this is by installing efficient communication technology.
  • Leave room for open meetings; with communication technology like the internet, businesses create platforms from which members suggest and discuss ideas that could lead to development of the business. Through such sessions, people participate open mindedly which is a good thing for the growth of the business.


Much as communication technology is very important to any business it also comes with a few drawbacks that business managers and business owners should look out for, some of these disadvantages include;

  • Training costs; once you decide on installing various communication technologies in your business, you must also be ready to face the costs of training your workers on how to use it. All employees learn at their own pace therefore you must be ready to give them time, all necessary resources and sometimes spend more.
  • Very expensive; many of the communication devices are not that cheap so for small businesses the expense of buying such important but expensive tools is rally high. The bigger your company is, the more expensive installing communication technology becomes because you will need more tools as compared to those with smaller businesses.
  • Taken over physical communication; the easiest to explain and make a person understand any kind of information is through meeting them in person, face to face talks come with gestures, quick reply to any misunderstandings and so much more but communication technology has made people ignore all of that. Communication through technology makes it very easy for someone to misunderstand you and thus create poor work relationships.
  • Poor safety; with all of a business’s important information exposed to everyone, workers with bad intentions can easily mess it up and use it wrongly. Such information sharing can be disastrous yet any successful business needs some kind of privacy. Communication technology can end up putting your business at risk.

In conclusion, telecommunications systems are the most important component of any business that operates through the internet, in fact the business greatly depends on how communication is with members and partners. There are so many different telecommunication systems that both starting and developed business owners and managers can adapt to make their businesses prosper.

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