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Vibration-platform machines are one of the latest fitness-training aids which have become very popular today and can be found in most advanced gyms, homes and even weight-loss saloons. In fact, vibration-platform machines are based on a concept of whole-body vibration and this usually involves standing, sitting or laying on a platform with vibrating-plates for a specific period on time. In fact, these vibration-plates work in different ways but they all send vibration-signals to the entire body which in-turn trick your brain into thinking that you are falling due to body-instability. Because of this instability, your body-muscles will contract for multiple-times per second so as to stabilize the entire-body. However, although standing or sitting on a vibration-plate may feel awkward and unpleasant, it will actually offer you with a lot of health-benefits and some these have been listed below:



  1. They tone and strengthen muscles: vibration-plates actually cause muscles to contract and relax at a high-rate per second compared to other types of exercises. this means that carrying-out dynamic-strength exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups and triceps’-dips on vibrating-plate will actually help to tone and build-up your muscles. Additionally, vibration-plates send vibrations to the entire body at varying degrees and intensity and this means that the body use-up a lot of muscle-tissue in order to generate strength and it even stimulate muscle-growth so as to meet the energy-demands. In fact, vibration-plates are usually used as a rehabilitation-therapy to build-up damaged muscles without carrying-out weight bearing exercises.


  1. They make bones stronger: studies show that vibrations given-off by vibration-plates will help to increase bone-mineral density. This means that vibration-platforms will help to increase on bone strength and density especially amongst people suffering from weird bone-diseases. In fact, vibration-trainings have been proven to increase lumber-bone mineral density and bone-strength in postmenopausal women.


  1. Improved flexibility: vibration-plate movements also help to increase on the range of motion beyond what a person achieve with static-stretching. This means that with continued use of vibration-plates someone will be able to achieve optimum flexibility compared to other regular-exercises.


  1. Improve on body balance, stability and coordination: when standing or performing dynamic workouts on vibration-plate, it will help engage the core and hip-flexors in order to stabilize the entire body. This will in turn improve on your body balance, stability and coordination compared to other regular-exercises.


  1. Vibration-plates stabilize and strengthen joints: performing vibration-plate trainings will actually help to stabilize your joints due to the vibrations sent to the entire body. On top of that, these vibrations will strengthen the muscles which stabilize the joints in order to improve on joint functionality and flexibility. Additionally, vibration-plates even increase on the blood circulation to all the body-joints and thin in-turn flushes-out toxins and helps to reduce on spinal and joint pains.


  1. Increased metabolism: Whole-body vibration trainings will help to raise your metabolism just like other forms of exercises. This is possible because your muscles actually use more energy as workout on vibration-platform and this will in-turn lead to increased metabolism and also reduce on your weight by helping your body to burn fat at faster-rate.


  1. Vibration-plates reduce on workout time: one of the biggest non-healthy benefits of using a vibration-plate is the capability to cut/reduce on workout time. This is because vibration-plates help to intensify a workout so that you can finish-up in a short period of time like in 10 or minutes. In fact most vibration-plate manufacturers claim that 10-15 minute session on a vibration-machine can deliver can actually deliver the same workout-intensity as a 1-hour conventional-exercise. This is because the vibrations given-off by these machines can cause up to 30-to-50 muscle-reflexes per second and this in-turn results into recruitment of up to 100-percent of the muscle-fibers. All in all, most fitness-experts recommend training on a vibration for about 15-30 minutes for 3 to 4 times a week in order to achieve optimum health results.


  1. Vibration-plates are very convenient to use: another great non-health benefit of using vibration-plates is that they allow the user workout with high-tech gadgets at their own comfort and even at home. Additionally, most vibration-plates are compact and are available in various sizes and shapes which don’t actually take-up too-much room. This makes these machines perfect workout-tools for people little space in their homes.


  1. It helps in the production and stimulation helpful hormones: whole-body vibrations usually use-up a lot of muscle-tissue and this actually encourages the body to produce increased levels of human-growth-hormones (HGH) in order regenerate and repair damaged muscles and bone-tissue. Additionally, a vibration-training will also reduce on the hormone responsible for stress (cortisol) and then lead to an increased production in a hormone that induces a feeling of happiness (serotonin). This is why most people tend to sleep much better after carryout whole-body vibration trainings and on a daily basis.


  1. Improved blood-circulation and immune-functionality: the high-rate at which muscles contract and relax during vibration-plate trainings actually causes someone’s blood to circulate faster around the entire body while stimulating the lymph-glands. In fact, the increased flow of lymph-fluids throughout the body helps to strengthen your immune-system and this will make less vulnerable to most diseases. Additionally, the improved blood-circulation will help to ensure that every body-cell receives enough oxygen and nutrients.


  1. It helps in weight-loss: studies show that overweight adults who train on vibration-plates with a variety of exercises lost about 11-percent of their initial body-weight. This is because vibration-plates engage all your body-muscles and this will in-turn lead to increased blow hence reducing on the level of fats within your body.


  1. It helps to decrease on cellulite: whole body vibrations actually ensure hormonal balance and this will in-turn cause the body-tissues to recover and regain their original strength and shape. In fact, whole body vibration trainings will help to flatten-out adipose-globules which are located under the skin and this will actually make the skin feel and look smoother than before. On top of that, a combination of muscle-strengthening and fat-burning will also indirectly lead to reduced cellulites. All in all, with a vibration-platform training your skin will become smoother and well-toned without even going for surgery.


  1. It prevents osteoporosis: osteoporosis is actually a type of disease where bones become fragile and more likely to break-up if not treated. In fact, osteoporosis can progress without noticing until the bone breaks or fractures and it’s usually common amongst the aging-population. However, whole body vibration trainings can fight osteoporosis because they produce vertical-vibrations onto bones and this helps to stimulate bone-remodeling and strength.

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