VitaBeard – Beard Growth Facial Hair Support Formula Review

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Vitabeard is a great dietary supplement that is specially formulated to support healthy facial-hair growth. This dietary supplement contain a variety nutrients which will help any man grow strong facial-hair and at a faster rate than ever before.

VitaBeard - Beard Growth Facial Hair Support Formula 4


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Additionally, vitabeard can even help to minimize on beard itching by regulating the oil production of the skin underneath the beard thus ensuring that one grows his beards comfortably. In fact, the vitabeard can also be taken as a daily multivitamin for men because it contains the most essential vitamins that are very important to the body.

All in all, this facial hair support formula will help the beard grow from the inside out because it even acts as a fertilizer that will help any man achieve the healthiest beard.

The good:

  • The vitabeard makes the beard to grow at very fast rate. In fact, the beard comes out thick and shiny compared to other beard growth products. This makes vitabeard a perfect product for guys who want to boost beard growth.
  • This product also acts as a multivitamin for men because it contains various vitamins that can used as daily multivitamins. Some of these nutrients include; vitamin D and zinc.

The bad:

  • The first drawback about the vitabeard is that it may not work for all men and this is due to the differences in our genetics. In fact some men will have to use for several months to achieve some good results from it while others will use vitabeard for only a month inorder to get the beard they are looking for.
  • The vitabeard capsules give off a strong smell when you open the bottle and this can actually irritate men who are allergic to strong scents. This means that some men will fail to take these capsules just because of their strong smell.

VitaBeard - Beard Growth Facial Hair Support Formula 4

Features overview:

  • It is 3rd party tested: vitabeard growth support is carefully tested and verified to be free of any banned substances or drugs by the Informed Sport program. This makes it very safe to use by any man out there.
  • Vitabeard is vegetable-based: this product is vegetable based and does not contain gluten, milk, egg, shellfish, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors hence making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Adietary supplement: the Vitabeard is actually a dietary supplement that is designed to support healthy facial-hair growth for men with poor beard growth. However, this product will not magically sprout hair from the face where there was nothing.
  • It contains Beta Carotene (Vitamin A): this helps to reduce the secretion of oil inorder to prevent the clogging of facial-oil glands and any buildup caused by beard dandruff. This will even help to prevent beard itching which is usually irritating.
  • Vitamin B: this Vitamin is essential when it comes to hair growth and quality it greatly supports facial-hair growth. Additionally, B-Vitamins also play a big role in energy production and that’s why vitabeard is formulated with lots of vitamin-B.
  • It contains a natural sulfur compound (MSM): this is an essential element when it comes to ensuring optimum body health and it even helps to nourish facial-hair and the skin.
  • Vitamin c: the vitamin assists in the production of collagen and also helps to prevent dry, splitting hairs. In addition, this is a well-known antioxidant with immunity benefits and it will actually make the facial hairs strong enough to survive any condition.
  • It contains Biotin (Vitamin H): this essential vitamin aids in cell growth and many other metabolic-reactions in your body. Biotin is actually a very essential element for healthy hair growth and also higher quantities of this vitamin may help to prevent hair-loss in some men.
  • A Horsetail Extract: the extract contains the highest known content of silicon than in any herb. This horsetail-extract will strengthen the hair-follicles inorder for any man to grow stronger and healthier hair.
  • Vitamin E: it contains vitamin E which assists in the circulation whereby it brings oxygen and nutrients into the blood to the hair-follicles. This vitamin is also responsible for achieving a nice skin and hair sheen or shine.


  • Vitabeard contains Zinc: it features zinc in its formulation and this element can greatly prevent hair loss and it’s even vital for immune system well-being. In fact, Zinc-deficiency is often the main cause of many hair-loss and skin issues including; slow facial-hair growth and facial-hair falling out.


  • Para-Amino benzoic Acid (PABA) supplement: this supplement can prevent hair from becoming gray and may even restore your gray-hair to its original color incase the graying was caused by stress factors or nutritional-deficiency.

Vitabeard Supplements


Product Quality:

Vitabeard growth support is a high quality supplement that has revolutionized facial-hair care. This dietary supplement is specially formulated to support a healthy beard growth whereby it offers nourishing vitamins and minerals that help facial-hair to grow faster and stronger than any other supplement. Additionally, vitabeard can even be used as a daily multi-vitamin because it contains vitamin D and zinc which are very essential nutrients for men. This product is wonderful fertilizer which ensures that the beard grows from inside out inorder to achieve the best beard look. Every bottle of vitabeard is well-sealed and containing 90 vegan capsules that are very easy to swallow.

However, this product does not contain gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, milk, nuts, eggs, shellfish, preservatives or artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors. All in all this this product is not a drug but a multi-vitamin supplement that is specially formulated to support healthy facial-hair growth for men with beards.


VitaBeard - Beard Growth Facial Hair Support Formula 3

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Who does it benefit?

  • Works for men looking for a multivitamin supplement: this product contains a variety of powerful nutrition’s that can also be used as daily multi-vitamins. In fact, it contains vitamin D3 and Zinc which very important nutrients for men and will get you the daily support you need improving on the growth of the beards.


  • Suitable for men who are vegans or vegetarians: vitabeard is in form of vegan, non-gluten capsules and it’s completely free of animal products. In fact, each batch of vitabeard is tested and verified to ensure that it’s free of banned substances and this is done by the informed sport program.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Beard-oil: this essential oil will help to keep the beard well-moisturized and even the skin underneath so that can look shiny and healthy at all times. There are many types of beard-oil on the market but you should try to purchase one made from natural essential oils.


  • Beard-balm and leave-in conditioner: the balm will help to condition and keep moisture within your beard. However, acquire a balm which is all natural and is made of vegan friendly organic oils.

VitaBeard - Beard Growth Facial Hair Support Formula 2

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