What Are Some Ways To Inspire Girls To Embrace Technology

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Today, there are few women in the computing/technology sector although a lot of money has been spent on closing the gap between men and women. Additionally, although girls are into math and science in their schools years just like boys, only a few girls go on to major into these areas and even fewer go for tech-careers. However, there are some things that can be done to help inspire girls embrace technology and these will be listed below.


How to Inspire Girls to Embrace Technology:

  1. Give girls equal access to opportunity in tech: Equal access to opportunity in tech is not all about gender but it’s about a dominant culture with assumed credibility. In fact, the credibility-line cuts across race, gender and class. So, tech-companies should start offering the same technological opportunities to both women and men in-order to close the gender-imbalance gap.


  1. Highlight technological women as role models: Highlighting female role models in technology is very important because when girls see other women working in technology, they are more likely to consider taking-up a career in tech. In fact, if she can see it then she can be it. However, if girls only see men working in technology, girls will tend to shy away from a tech-career because of a perception that technology is meant for only men. Some women role models are the greatest key to changing that perception. Additionally, women in the tech-industry also need to be supportive to other junior women by encouraging them to take a leap and get involved in the technological-industry.


  1. Encourage girls to read inspirations books: Reading inspirational books written by successful female tech entrepreneur can help many girls go for tech-related careers. For example, if a girl reads a story about a certain woman who created a fashion-App and succeeded then the little girl will be motivated into acquiring a career in the tech industry.


  1. Take girls for career guidance: A career development professional will help to answer girls’ questions about career advancement and even motivate girls to take-up technological-careers. Additionally, a career guidance session will help girls learn about challenges in tech-careers and how to overcome them. All in all, a career professional will provide a lot of encouragement and support towards any girl who wants to take-up a tech-career.


  1. Parents should encourage girls about tech-careers at an early stage: Parents are actually very influential in a young child’s life whereby even a casual conversation can change the way a child thinks. So, a supportive and encouraging parent can help make a difference in their child’s career path and parents should also start to respect and follow whatever career their girls choose.


  1. Companies should consider embracing diversity policies: Governments need to ensure that companies put in place diversity policies and programs for women and all other aspects of diversity. For example, an equal paternity and maternity leave would help enhance family life for both women and men. Additionally, offering the same pay to women and giving sponsorships to help women develop their careers can also be a great solution when it comes to inspiring them into embracing them into technological-careers.


  1. Encourage diverse leadership in tech-companies: Companies should consider offering the same opportunities for male and female recruits and even encourage women into leadership positions. In fact, diverse perspectives in leadership will pay off quickly than expected because female candidates will see your company as an active promoter for women in tech hence making more women interested in working with you.


  1. Create programs that encourage girls to learn code: Programs like; Girls-Who-Code and Black-Girls-Code actually help young girls learn coding skills and this actually helps to enhance on their technological abilities in the long-run. So, schools and parents should consider enrolling girls into such programs so that they can be able to take-up a technological-career in the future.


  1. Inform girls of the benefits of working in technology: The tech-industry actually offers some of the highest pays and it’s the most flexible career compared to other industries. So, this makes technology a perfect fit for anyone who wants to have a career and be a dedicated parent. So, parents and teachers need to talk about this more in-order to encourage more girls to go for tech jobs.

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