What Technology Do You Wish Was Never Invented

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Technology is very wonderful because it has greatly changes the way we live today but it also came with inventions that seem to be irrelevant and better off without. In fact, some technologies are very dangerous and have led to increase in health-issues, addiction and even life-loss to humanity. So, below is list of some of the technologies that some people wish were never invented because they have affected many lives today.


List Of Technologies That People Wish Were Never Invented:

  1. Mobile-phones: Smartphones actually offer a number of benefits but being over reliant on mobile-phones has greatly affected our health and relationships. In fact, Smartphones act like powerful personal computers that give us 24/7 access to almost everything in our lives and that why most people can spend a second away from their Smartphones. Additionally, Smartphones are very addictive and have made people prisoners of technology and this very bad when it comes to community development.


  1. Nuclear and Atomic Technology: Nuclear technology helped to provide the world with great power-sources but it also to the development of destructive weapons that can kill millions of people and even destroy the entire planet. For example, in Second World War a lot of people died when nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Additionally, nuclear waste gives off radiations that can lead to long-term sickness and even death.


  1. Video-Games: Videos games were designed to help people get entertained and get rid of boredom. However, video-games are very addictive whereby kids and adults can spend hours playing which can lead to serious health-issues like; eye-problems, obesity and lack of social skills. However, today some companies are developing video-games that can be used for learning and getting fit.


  1. Robotics: Robots have actually led to the automation of everything ranging from production to military and this has actually led to a reduction in jobs. In fact, today robots are being used for mass production in factories and also being used in the health-sectors for treatment and in military as killing-machines. Additionally, if robots become smart and emotional like people then they are more likely to destroy this world.


  1. Online Dating: when online dating was first introduced, it was great technology that helped many people find love. However, today online-dating has led to an increase in family breakups and sexual-immorality because people know that getting a new partner/lover is just a flick of a finger on any dating website.


  1. Personal Tracking (GPS): Today, tracking chips can be embedded under skins and gadgets in-order to track people, pets and possessions. However, this violates your privacy as a person and its only paranoid parents and micro-managing companies who gain from it.


  1. Car alarms: There is actually a lot of evidence that noisy car alarms can’t stop car theft. In fact, most people don’t pay attention to a car alarm going off and that’s why it’s better to use a silent alarm the sends you a text when your vehicle is broken into. In fact, noisy alarms even cause a lot of distraction to your neighbors and this is not good at all.


  1. Social media Platforms: Platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, instagram and a lot more have actually led to improved communicated but with increased physical disconnection amongst people. In fact, today people are very addictive to social-media that they spend most of their time on these platforms and this has led to a reduction on productivity-levels at work and in relationships. Additionally, most people put their entire life moment on these platforms and this actually caused severe privacy issues in the long run.


  1. Vitro fertilization (IVF-Technology): IVF is a process that involves implanting embryos into a woman for pregnancy reasons. This process can be a great option for women having trouble getting pregnant but it also comes with several health issues like; increased chances of developing cancer, birth defects and brain damage in twins and premature birth.


  1. Petroleum products: Although every progress made by mankind till now is due to use of petroleum products like plastics, gasoline, polythene and a lot more, these products have also led to great negative effects to the environment like pollution and health-issues. However, some companies are now opting for cleaner energy options but it will still take time to get of all petroleum products.


  1. The internet: Although the internet has helped to make the work a better place through improved communication and globalization, it also has several disadvantages, like; addiction, fraud, privacy-issues, security-issues and a lot more.

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