What Are The Side Effects Of Electric Shavers

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An electric razor is a great handy device that will enable you to easily trim facial-hairs at a faster rate but with less effort. Additionally, electric-shavers are very comfortable to use compared to manual-razors and are greatly recommended for use by people with sensitive skin-types. However, before acquiring an electric-shaver, you should know that it both negative and positive side-effects which are going to be listed below;


Negative Side Effects Of Electric-Shavers:

  1. Electric-shavers don’t offer a closer shave: One of the biggest drawbacks of an electric-shaver is that it can provide a closer shave compared to the classic manual razors. In fact, it’s only manual-razors that can provide the smoothest shave and that is why some men prefer using manual-razors.


  1. They require Power-supply to operate: Without power-supply, an electric-shaver can’t operate. Although some electric-shavers are equipped with in-built batteries, they can only operate for a few hours and then get drained of power. In fact, electric razors can be useless if its battery charge is depleted.


  1. They can’t be used to trim longer hair: Electric-shavers can actually be painful to use on longer-hairs and most of them won’t able to cut through longer-hair. In fact, you will need to first use a pair of scissors to trim down longer-hair before you start shaving with an electric-shaver.


  1. They require multiple passes to achieve a clean shave: with electric-shavers, you will have to take multiple passes over one-patch in-order to achieve a decent shave. However, with manual-razors you will need only 1 or 2 passes to achieve the closest shave.


  1. They are more expensive to buy: Electric-shavers are more expensive that manual-razors, In fact, good electric-shaver can cost over $100 yet manual-razors are very cheap. Additionally, replacement-parts of an electric are more expensive than replacement-blades of manual-razors.



Positive Side Effects Of Electric-Shavers:

  1. Easy to use: Electric-shavers are actually very easy to use compared to manual-razors. In fact, an electric-shaver features different settings that can be adjusted in-order to facilitate for easy usage. On the other hand, manual-razors require steady hands during the process of shaving and if you’re not steady then your skin will get nicked and bleed easily.


  1. They are fast: Electric-shavers cut-down the shaving-time compared to manual-razors. In fact, with an electric shaver you can shave your face in only 10-minutes and this is actually impossible with manual-razors because you will need to prepare your face and shaving-products which consumes a lot of time.


  1. They are very convenient to use: Today, electric-shavers are available in both wet and dry models and this implies that they can be used in the shower in-order to enjoy a comfortable wet-shave or used dry so as to achieve a quick but comfortable shaving-experience. On the other hand, electric-shavers even feature in-built batteries that can allow you to shave at any time and from anywhere after charging the shaver.


  1. Easier to maintain: Electric-shavers are very easy to maintain because they don’t require shaving-products and replacement-blades frequently like with manual-razors. In fact, some electric-shavers come with an automatic cleaning system that facilitates for quick and easy cleanup after shaving. Additionally, the blades of an electric-shaver can work for over 3-years without replacement thus saving you a lot of money.


  1. They are very comfortable to use on the skin: Electric-shavers are very comfortable to use most especially for people with sensitive skin-types. In fact, electric-shavers feature ergonomic handles that facilitate for comfortable gripping coupled with well-designed blades with a protection-foil on top in-order to ensure optimum-comfort while shaving.


  1. Facilitate for precise styling and trimming of beards: A good set of set of electric clippers will provide you with precise control over the length and shape of your stubble compared to manual-razors. So, if you like styling your beards then you should consider getting yourself an electric-shaver for best results.


  1. There is always an electric-shaver that fits your shaving-needs: Today, there are different types of electric-shavers designed to trim hair on different parts of the body. For example, electric-shavers are meant for trimming facial and body hair, hair-clippers are designed to trim beards and head-hair, Body-groomers are designed to trim pubic-hair, back-hair, legs and arms hair while nose-trimmers are designed to trim nose-hair and ear-trimmers are for trimming hairs in the ears.

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