Why Electric Shavers Are Better Than Manual Razors

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Today, most people prefer using electric-razors than manual-razors because electric-razors offer a lot of benefits. In fact, electric-shavers exist in 2 different types which include foil and rotary shaver with each type designed to work on certain hair-types and skin-types. On the other hand, manual-razors also feature different types but the major include; Disposable-razors and Straight-Razors which also have different models. All in all, below are some of the advantages of electric-shavers over manual-razors.


Reasons Why Electric Shavers Are Better Than Manual Razors:

  1. Electric-razors can shave faster: electric-shavers are very convenient and fast when shaving compared to manual-razors. In fact, with an electric shaver all you have to do is turn it on and begin shaving and within minutes you will be done and ready to go for work. However, with manual-razors you will have to shaving-cream, a cleaning-brush and water for aiding the shaving process and manual-razors even consume more shaving time than electric-shavers.


  1. They reduce on skin-irritation: Electric-shavers are known for reducing on skin-irritations like; cuts, burns and ingrown-hairs compared to manual-razors. This is possible because electric-shavers feature a foil that protects the skin from blades while shaving hence offering you with a very comfortable shaving experience. However, the comfort of using an electric-shaver eliminated closer-shaves making manual-razors the best choice to use if you want to achieve a closer shave.


  1. Electric shavers are easier to maintain: Most electric shavers can be rinsed under tap-water for quick and easy cleanup after shaving. Additionally, some electric-shaver models include a charging and cleaning station that automatically cleans and lubricates the blades for you after shaving. However, with manual-razors you will need to be careful when cleaning the blades and even require regular changing of blades which can be expensive in the long run.


  1. They provide you with total-control while shaving: Most men love electric-shavers because they allow them to achieve the exact amount of stubble that they want. In fact, electric-shavers feature different settings that allow people to control the intensity of the shave making electric-shavers a perfect choice for people like maintaining their beards. However, traditional-razors feature only one-setting providing a closer shave. All in all, if you really want to have control over how much hair you’re shaving off, then getting an electric razor is the best option.


  1. Electric-shavers help you save money: with electric-shavers, you won’t have to purchase replacement blades often and it usually takes about 18-to-24 months to replace their blades while with manual-razors you will need to change blades after every shave. Additionally, electric-shavers don’t require grooming products like; shaving-cream, shaving-brush and soap but manual-razors require these products which can actually be costly in the long-run. All in all, the time and money you will save by having an electric razor is a great benefit over manual-razors.


  1. Electric-shavers are more durable than manual-razors: Electric-shavers can actually last for years if looked after very well compared to manual-razors which last for only months or weeks. In fact, electric-shavers don’t require constant replacements because they can last for about 3-to-5 years due to their maximum durability compared to manual-razors.


  1. Electric shavers are more comfortable to use than manual-razors: With electric-shavers, you can comfortably shave anywhere on your body without worrying about the blade hurting it. Additionally, electric-shavers will help you to comfortably shave hard-to-reach spots like behind your knee and under your armpits without worrying about nick and cuts like with manual-razors. All in all, the comfort offered by electric-shavers allows you get more creative with angles and even in the creation of different beard styles without worry.


  1. They are very convenient to use (Versatile): With wet/dry electric-shavers, you can actually consider shaving wet in the shower or shaving dry over the sink or anywhere else while travelling thus making these shavers very convenient to use. Additionally, most electric-shavers are cordless whereby you can charge them and use them later while travelling. However, manual-razors require shaving-products and can only be used for wet-shaving.


  1. They can be used for different hair-removal purposes: Today, there are different electric-razor types that can be for shaving, epilating and a lot more. For example, epilators can be use for removing unwanted body hairs thoroughly, body-groomers can be used for removing hair in different parts of the body while beard-trimmers can be used to trim and style beards.


  1. Electric-shavers offers accurate shaving results: Because electric-shavers are built for precision, they offer optimum accuracy when shaving beards, facial-hair, side-burns and moustaches while ensuring optimum comfort.


  1. Finding the best electric-shaver is easier: Today, there are different brands producing both electric and manual razors but finding a good electric-razor is easier because there are fewer models of electric-shavers compared to manual-razors which feature very many models that can be confusing to the customer.

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