DEWALT DW0811 Self Leveling 360 Degree Line and Vertical Line Laser Review

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The DEWALT DW0811 is a self Leveling laser that imitates the functionality of a rotary laser. It projects a horizontal 360 degree line which covers up the whole room together with a bright crossing vertical beam for several alignment and leveling projects. This device is not only easy to set up but also very quick to adjust for the reason that it comes with a vertical adjust base whereas the 1/4inch and 5/8inch thread mounts offer you the versatility you need to accomplish all of your projects successfully and in the most enjoyable way possible. Additionally it features the full time mode allowing you to use a detector for extended range while maintaining full brightness and maximum visibility. It prevents the risk of the laser’s most delicate parts getting damage since it is made with a locking pendulum. The DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser offers users outstanding durability all thanks to the IP54 rated resistance to water and dust and the overly sturdy housing. There isn’t anything complex about using this laser and it doesn’t matter what your skill level is.

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What we like;

  • Replicate rotary laser’s functionality; the DEWALT DW0811 has stood of from lasers of the same kind because of its ability to project two beams, the 360 degree horizontal line and the vertical line giving you the versatility you need for different indoor and outdoor tasks. This self leveling laser performs more like a rotary laser so it projects really bright lines for added accuracy.
  • Full time pulse mode; you can use a detector when using the DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser since it is made with the full time pulse mode in order to extend this laser’s range. This mode is also responsible for maintaining full brightness and visibility all over the room. You don’t have to limit your working range like it is with other tools but rather work from a wider range so that you finish up your projects in a shorter period of time.
  • Locking pendulum; you can transport your laser without worrying about its inner parts getting damaged, since it comes with the pendulum lock that is responsible for keeping delicate parts of the tool very safe.
  • Durable design; being one of those really delicate and costly tools you definitely have to consider its durability because it will depict its value for your money. Of course no one wants to spend their money on just any cheaply made device and the DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser will offer exactly what you are looking for. It combines its over molded housing with the IP54 rated water/dust resistance to ensure that the laser lasts a really long period of time.
  • Vertical adjust base; featuring a vertical adjust base it is super easy to get this laser ready for use as well as making fine tune adjustments. The DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser isn’t one of those tools that will frustrate you with overly long starting procedures.
  • Accuracy; even the fact that it works at a really long range of 100ft doesn’t compromise this laser’s accuracy. At 100ft it delivers 5/32inch accuracy enabling you to have the right measurements at all times.
  • Versatility; the DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser offers you the versatility you need to perfectly accomplish many of your leveling and alignment tasks. It allows 1/4inch and 5/8inch thread mounts so it is all up to you to choose whatever you feel is most appropriate for the particular project you are working on.
  • Three year warranty; just like any other high quality product, the DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser is backed up by three year warranty which ensures its durability and exceptional quality even more.

What we don’t like;

  • Doesn’t work well outdoors; the DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser is said to work at a really long working range but we have actually found out that this is actually not the case, the laser is barely visible from outdoors. When used indoors it turns out really great however for outside projects it is simply not thee tool you are looking for. Yes it extends to a longer working range but only maintains great visibility if used indoors, it is simply not the laser you would want to use for your outdoor tasks.
  • Quite hard to see laser lines in bright light; this self leveling laser is super easy to operate however it is best if used when lighting in the room isn’t too bright reason being when there is too much light the laser’s lines will be very faint making your job difficult as you have to strain your eyes all the time. This is one another disadvantage that users have found with this laser.


With an amazing combination of durability and visibility the DEWALT DW0811 self leveling laser continues to stand out among the whole lot of lasers out on the market. The laser projects not only the vertical line laser but also a 360 degree line thus replicating the same functionality of rotary lasers. Since its horizontal line covers up the whole room, this laser allows multiple users to work in the same place at the same time. It is equipped with 5/8inches and 1/4inches threads to give you the versatility you want to have different projects beautifully accomplished. The laser has the capability to self level which makes it a lot easier to use and made with the really tough design it can resist tough site conditions. It has IP54 dust and water resistance along with an over molded housing. This laser can last really long because it has a locking pendulum which keeps fragile parts of the tool very safe along with a full time pulse mode which allows you to extend its working range. Its adjustable vertical base makes the tool so user friendly, you will definitely love trying it out this ease to use yet very versatile laser.


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