Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Mower Review

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The Yard Machines is a powerful 21-Inch, Self-Propelled, Gas Lawn-Mower that was designed to help keep your lawn in shape and neat at all times. In fact, this lawn-mower is powered by a strong POWERMORE 159cc engine that provides optimum power which is required to get the mowing job done while its front-wheel self-propelled transmission system facilitates for quicker mowing. On the other hand, the lawn-mower features a 2-in-1 cutting-system that makes it capable of being used for side-discharge and mulching while the integrated 8-inch wheels make this lawn-mower ideal for use on flat terrain and on small-to-large size yards. Lastly, this lawn-mower is very compact and ergonomic hence this makes it it very easy to maneuver and to store either in your garage or outdoor-closet.

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What We Like:

  1. POWERMORE 159cc OHV engine: the Yard Machines lawn-mower is equipped with a strong, POWERMORE 159cc overhead-valve engine that provides you with optimum power which is needed to get the mowing done. In fact, this engine is even equipped with an autochoke which eliminates the need for priming or manual choking of the engine hence enabling the user to simply pull the cord to start the lawn-mower inorder to get the mowing-job done quickly and efficiently.


  1. A 21-inch steel deck: the Yard Machines features a premium steel-deck that is equipped with a 21-inch cutting-blade that is capable of trimming a wider surface-area so that you can get the mowing done more efficiently and within time. On the other hand both the steel deck and cutting-blade are powder-coated inorder to protect them from the harsh mowing conditions hence making them rust-resistant. So, with such a durable frame and blade the Yard Machines lawn-mower will be able to last for longer period of time even with regular usage thus saving you a lot of money.


  1. Front wheel drive self-propelled: this lawn-mower also features a front-wheel-drive, self-propelled, single-speed transmission system that facilitates for quicker and efficient mowing. In fact, this front-wheel drive system enables the lawn-mower to make quick turns, easily maneuver through different types of grass and even saves the user a lot of energy since he/she just has to direct the lawn-mower without applying a lot of effort. All in all, the Yard Machines will do the mowing more efficiently and effectively on its own because of the integrated self-propelled system thus saving you a lot of time and energy.


  1. Dual-lever height adjustment: the Yard Machines lawn-mower features a Dual-lever height-adjustment system that offers up to 6 cutting-height positions so that you can be able to achieve a lawn the meets your personal mowing needs. In fact, the cutting-Height ranges from 1.25-inches to 3.75-inches and this implies that this lawn-mower can trim both long and short grass while enabling the user to achieve a desired lawn at all times. Additionally, this dual-lever height adjuster is very is to use and access hence making the Yard Machines lawn-mower user-friendly.


  1. A 2-in-1 cutting-system: this self-propelled lawn-mower also features a 2-in-1 cutting-deck system that allows the user to choose between side-discharge and mulching in order to achieve a cut-finish that best suits his/her personal mowing needs. This cutting-system makes the Yard-Machines lawn-mower very versatile, efficient and even reliable since it can be used to accomplish different tasks thus saving you a lot of money and time.


  1. 8-inch front and rear wheels: the Yard Machines lawn-mower is integrated with 8-inch front-wheels and 8-inch rear-wheels that are designed to work best on flat-terrain and even enable this lawn-mower to easily maneuver throw overgrown grass and weeds while mowing. Additionally, this wheels feature treaded tires which offer optimum traction especially when mowing under wet-conditions or on overgrown grass.


  1. Adjustable handles: the Yard Machines is equipped with an adjustable handle which enables the user to easily make adjustments inorder to meet his/her desired mowing conditions. In fact, this adjustable-handle makes the lawn-mower perfect for use by both tall and short people hence making it a versatile home-use gardening tool.


  1. A compact design: This lawn-mower is light in weight and compact whereby this makes it very easy to maneuver and store either in your garage or outdoor-closet. Additionally, the compact and lightweight design of this lawn-mower makes it compatible for use by all family-members apart from kids and also facilitates for easy transportation of the lawn-mower.


  1. It’s designed for small-to-medium sized yards: This Self-Propelled Lawn-Mower is also designed to perfectly mow small-to-medium sized yards with ease. This implies that it will work perfectly for people owning smaller to medium size yards thus saving them a lot of time and effort. However, if you own a larger yard then you should consider buying a more powerful lawn-mower than the Yard Machines.


What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s not designed to work on large yards: the Yard Machines self-propelled lawn-mower is designed to work perfectly on small-to-medium size yards but it won’t work well on lager yards. This implies that if you have a large-yard that is over an acre then you just have to look for another more powerful lawn-mower to get the mowing job done perfectly.


  • It doesn’t mow well on hilly-areas or sloppy-terrain: the Yard Machines is actually equipped with 8-inch rear and front wheels that only work best on flat terrain. So, this lawn-mower will not work perfectly when mowing hilly-areas because of its flat wheel-platform.


  • It lacks a bushel-bag: this lawn-mower also lacks a bushel-bag and this implies that it can’t be used for bagging grass while mowing hence you will just have to manually collect the grass away from the yard after mowing.

Our Verdict:

In conclusion, the Yard Machines 159cc 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn-Mower was designed to perfectly mow small-to-medium sized yards efficiently and effectively since it’s equipped with a Front-wheel-drive self-propelled single-speed transmission system coupled with a strong POWERMORE 159cc OHV Over-Head-Valve engine with the autochoke inorder to facilitate for easy startup. On top of that, the 2-in-1 cutting system of this lawn-mower will enable you to choose between side discharge and mulching when mowing while the integrated 8-inch front and rear wheels make this lawn-mower perfect for use on flat-terrain.


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