Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review - 1

Coming at such an amazing the Dyson Ball Multi-floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner is engineered not to leave a single dust particle while expelling nothing but clean air. It utilizes a combination of Dyson cyclonic technology together with HEPA filter to grab mold, bacteria and microscopic bacteria hence leaving the air you breathe in free of any dust, and this is what makes the vacuum suitable for people with allergies and mold. With a trigger head brush bar, the vacuum removes all the stubborn dirt and pet hair from carpets as the ball technology lets you clean around and about furniture and any other upholstery in your house without putting in a lot of effort.

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Its dust bin seals perfectly well so that dust does not escape and it is removable which makes emptying and cleaning it very easy. Cleaning over the ceiling, stairs and the wall has never been easier because this vacuum has a hose and wand that is long enough to get to those areas that seem very difficult to reach. This model of Dyson vacuums is very similar to the DC39 origin canister that was produced last year.


  • It captures more dirt compared to any other vacuum cleaner because it is designed with the best and most advanced technology that captures even the tiniest bit dust in your home to make it sparkling clean.
  • Having a light weight and ergonomic handle, using the vacuum cleaner is extremely easy as it feels comfortable in your hands through the entire time when you are using it.
  • It does not pollute the air while you are cleaning, its HEPA filtration seals dirt and dust into the vacuum so there is zero chance that it will escape back into the air.
  • It can be used even in large areas with absolutely no interruption this all because of the long cord of 21.7 feet.
  • It comes with all the evidence that proves this is a high quality product, its five year warranty and anti-clog life time filters that cut down on how much you will spend on maintaining the vacuum.
  • It can excellently clean different types of floor and as fast as possible, you can easily change from cleaning the carpet to cleaning delicate rugs and bare floors.


  • Attaching any other tools to the vacuum is a bit problematic however a trigger head that performs excellently you will barely need to change to any other tools.
  • It comes with very few tools which means you will have to spend some extra money on buying a cleaning kit which has all the tools you can use for different situations. Coming at such a price, some more tools should have been included.

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review - 1



Features overview:

  • Patented dyson technology:such unique and advanced technology can only be found in a Dyson vacuum, it is therefore this technology that ensures exceptional performance whenever you use this machine.
  • Radial root cyclone technology:this technology is what enables the vacuum to capture all the dirt and pet hair in your home.It maximizes suction power and increases efficiency in order for all dust particles, allergens and pet hair to be captured. This technology works better than any other technology you have every come across and you can only experience it when you are using the a great vacuum cleaner like the Dyson multi-floor canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Dyson ball technology:instead of fixed wheels that make it hard for you to maneuver around obstacles, the multi-floor vacuum cleaner rides and rotates by itself as you go around and about furniture. All you have to do is turn your wrist for the vacuum to immediately change direction.
  • Push button bin empty:only a touch of a button is enough to dispose dirt off when you are using this Dyson vacuum cleaner, with this emptying the bin is simple and hygienic. You can also see how much dirt and pet hair was grabbed while you were cleaning and know when the bin needs to be emptied since it has a clear dust bin. By the way Dyson vacuum were the very first vacuum cleaner to feature clear dust bins.
  • Trigger head tool:this allows you to switch to different floor types without having to bend down, this tool can be adjusted right at the handle. It features a rotating brush bar which deeply cleans carpet and when you want to change to cleaning bare floor or delicate rugs you simply push the trigger.
  • Reduce noise on performance:you can now vacuum without sacrificing all other activities that you love to do such as watching a movie or listening to music since this vacuum cleaner produces very little noise. The vacuum’s motor is connected to sound dampening mounts, sound insulating materials absorb all sound energy and there is very little noise being produced from the airways.
  • Expels only clean air:for some people vacuuming has become the hardest task they ever had reason being there is always too much dirt and dust that is expelled into the air by the vacuum during the process. However this is mainly because you are using an average vacuum cleaner. If you go in for a high quality vacuum like this one this will no problem for since it has been designed all the dirt and dust into its canister. It also features dyson clones which are very efficient when it comes to capturing pollen, mold and bacteria.

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review - 2

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Product quality:

If you are on a low budget but still want a high quality and high performance vacuum then the Dyson ball multi-floor canister vacuum cleaner is definitely what you are looking for. This is the least priced vacuum from Dyson but its functionality is very similar to many other Dyson vacuums that you have come across. This vacuum cleaner is designed for higher dust removal which clearly explains its radial root cyclone technology, it is with this technology that the vacuum has increased suction power. This multi-floor vacuum cleaner comes with a trigger head tool that allows you clean all types of floors without too much effort because its brush is adjusted right at the handle. This super cool machine is also much recommended for homes with pets because its suction it string enough to remove stuck in dirt and pet hair from within the carpet fibers. With its lightweight and Dyson ball technology, the vacuum is very easy to move around furniture and all other obstacles in the house without losing suction.

When you are vacuuming with the Dyson multi-floor canister vacuum cleaner, you can have absolutely no reason to worry about noise since it has been engineered to produce very little noise reason being its motor is connected to sound dampening mounts therefore less noise escapes. It’s ergonomic handle makes the whole cleaning process very comfortable for as the wand allows you to get to problematic areas like the stairs, curtains and even the ceiling without going through too much trouble. A 21.7 foot cord gives you the freedom to clean around large rooms while HEPA filtration ensures that air is not polluted with dust or dirt when you are using the cleaner.

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review - 3

Who does it benefit?

This is the most appropriate vacuum for those with mold and allergies: this vacuum’s canister seals really perfectly to ensure that not even the smallest dust particle escapes back into the air. It then combines both cyclonic technology and HEPA filtration to ensure that all bacteria, mold and allergens are sucked out of the air to leave behind only clean air for you to breathe in. with this vacuum any one with allergies in your home can use the machine and not worry about anything.

What else do you need?

Genuine dyson full cleaning kit: on any day when you want to do some general cleaning in will highly recommend this Dyson cleaning kit as it is features all the important tools that you will need to make your home spotless clean. This kit is designed to ensure that for every cleaning state you will have the right tool readily available. It consists of a mattress tool, stiff bristle brush, soft dusting brush, and spot remover all of which are made with exceptional quality.

Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review - 2

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