Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (Nv356e) Review

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review 1

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) has been designed to specifically make cleaning faster and much easier. With its extra unique, portable and extremely large canisters that accommodates a lot of rubbish to cut down on the times you have to empty the vacuum. Without losing suction, this vacuum cleaner delivers very deep and powerful carpet cleaning as well floor cleaning which makes it ideal for homes with different floor types. It is designed with a light weight for easy maneuverability but the most importantly it has that Anti-allergen complete seal technology which captures up to 99.99% dust into the vacuum so there no possibility of dust escaping back into the air.

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The most difficult areas to clean are those around furniture but with the NV356E it has been made overly simple due to its swivel steering.


  • This shark navigator vacuum has the most excellent suction you will ever come across this mainly because the cyclonic technology that ensures that the vacuum’s filter are never blocked hence sustaining strong suction power all through the cleaning time.
  • Easily cleans different types of floors with the same great performance, cleaning various floor types not until you get this super cool vacuum cleaner that has super deep carpet cleaning to perfectly work on all floor types.
  • It is not tiresome at all mainly because of its lightweight and the fact that its canister can be lifted away when you want to work on stair or in the car.
  • It makes cleaning large areas also very simple due to the long foot cord that gives freedom move all over the place without plugging the cord in and out all the time.
  • It comes at a very fair price yet its performance is similar to vacuum cleaner that are three times its price.


  • There is no on board storage for the attachments yet it comes a variety of them this means that you have to create space not just for the vacuum cleaner but also its attachments which is very inconveniencing.
  • It is no exception when it comes to cleaning areas like the corners where dust mostly accumulates, we thought this one would be an exception from all the rest but unfortunately it is not.
  • It lacks lights which help to illuminate any missed out dust particles for a more thorough vacuuming.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review



Features overview:

  • Portable lift away canister:this shark navigator vacuum cleaner features a very large but portable dust cup that accommodates a huge load of dust and is very easy to empty. Despite its large dust cup, the vacuum still has a very light weight which makes it very easy to carry around to any area of the house and not forgetting cleaning the stairs and in the car.
  • Advanced cyclonic technology:this kind of technology ensures strong suction power whenever you use the vacuum because it parts fine dirt from the air to avert it from blocking the filters. This is why you will use the same suction power from the beginning of your cleaning session to the very end.
  • Never loses suction technology:even when you want to change to another floor type, this vacuum has the ability to sustain the same suction power all through so that not even a single dust particle is left behind.
  • HEPA filtration and anti-allergen complete seal technology: this is what you can call a dynamic combination because it does wonders for your vacuum. This combination traps 99.99% of dust particles and allergens in the machine and seals it in there so that nothing like dust escapes into the air.
  • Extra powerful pet attachments:keeping pets in your home should not be a reason for you to worry about cleaning because this super amazing vacuum cleaner has got you sorted. It has very powerful pet attachments that grab pet hair off surfaces as well as any other dirt that may be stuck in your carpet.
  • One step dry floor cleaning system:when you are working on bare floors, this vacuum cleaner utilizes the machines strong suction power to suck any rubbish that you spot even as the microfiber pad captures all those tiny dust particles you may have skipped.
  • Superior deep carpet cleaning:it does not matter whether you have one of the thickest carpets or rugs or whether you just want to clean bare floor, this shark vacuum cleaner has powerful suction that it maintains even when you change the floor types that you are working on.
  • Very long crevice tool:hard to reach areas like in the corners and around or under furniture are the most problematic areas to clean but with the extra-long crevice tool they will become really easy to get done with.
  • Swivel steering:in addition to the vacuum’s light weight it is also very easy to maneuver around any obstacles with a steering that rotates, this is not just easy cleaning but fun cleaning.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review 2

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Product quality:

Everyone wants to live in a clean and hygienic environment but sometimes it is not that easy to achieve what you want because the vacuum you have makes everything even more difficult than it already is. That is why I greatly recommend the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) vacuum reason being it combines ease of use with and extra powerful suction on all floor types to make cleaning one of the easiest activities you ever had to do. Its no loss of suction technology ensures that each pass you make with vacuum leaves no dust or pet hair behind hence making the cleaning process much faster. It also features a very unique and large capacity canister that accommodates a huge load of dust to cut down on how often you need to empty the vacuum. Even with that huge canister the machine still has a light weight and swivel steering that makes it easy to carry to different areas of the house especially those that seem really hard to vacuum like the stairs, around furniture among others.

When you have this navigator NV356E, it surely does not matter how many types of floors you have in your home since it can excellently get dirt and extremely tiny particles of dust out of any carpet or rug as well as bare floors in the least possible time. now for those of you that have people with allergies in your home, this is the perfect vacuum due to the fact that it is built with Anti-allergen complete seal technology that captures all dust particles into the machines leaving no chance for dust to escape into the air together with HEPA filtration that parts dirt from the air. With the number of positive reviews that this vacuum cleaner has received from customers, we cannot doubt the fact that it is not just a good machine but an excellent one.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review 3

Who does it benefit?

Perfect for homes with various floor types: the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E) vacuum cleaner will make you love having all those floor types in your homes as it cleans all the different types with a lot of ease and without taking too much time. The main reason behind this is that the machine is engineered to provide superior deep carpet cleaning and powerful suction that removes not just the smallest dust particles but also stuck in dirt that seem stubborn to remove. With that the vacuum easily cleans carpets, rugs and even bare floors.

It is also recommended for people with allergies: this shark navigator’s anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filtration give the vacuum cleaner the ability to capture all the dust up to 99.99%, filter dust particles from the air and seal them into the vacuum so that they don’t escape back into the air.

What else do you need?

Shark navigator washable pre-filter kit: these are filters are re-usable and as you all know the cleaner the filters, the better the vacuum will perform so much as these filters are good quality you must wash them after every three months and air dry, maintaining them is that simple. They are designed to perfectly fit the shark navigator NV356E.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Review 1

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