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Safety-razor have existed for quite a long period of time whereby they around when were still using bronze blades and other traditional tools to shave off hairs. However, these days there are several shaving options including the most advanced electric-shavers. But he only problem is to discover the shaver type that works best for your skin and this can be a safety-razor or an electric shaver. This is why I’m going to list for you the advantages and disadvantages of each of these shaving-tools so that you can decide on what works best for skin of shaving-style.



Braun CoolTec-CT4s Shaver

An electric-shaver is an automated shaving tool that uses electric or battery power to rotate the shaving-blades in order to trim any hairs on the body. Electric-shavers actually exist in 2 different types which include; rotary electric-shaver which use circular shaped shaving-heads placed at the top and foil electric-shaver that use horizontally aligned circular shaving-heads that help to capture body-hairs while shaving. Electric-shavers have been in existence for just a few decades but they have proven to be more efficient and effective compared to manual razor.


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  • They offer a quick shave: electric-shavers are actually faster in terms of trimming hairs compared to manual razors. This is mainly because they use a advanced shaving-system that gently rolls over the skin forcing hairs to stand-up for quick and easy cutting. This means that you won’t have to over the same area while shaving.
  • They are convenient and portable: electric-shavers can actually be used anywhere as long as you have access to an electric-source. Additionally, although they are heavier and bulky compared to safety-razors, they are still very portable and convenient to carry and in fact most electric-shavers feature a built-in battery that enables them to store some charge for shaving without even charging.
  • Electric-shavers don’t require extra grooming items: electric-shavers actually don’t require someone to get special grooming items like; shaving-cream, badger-brush, soap or even water for someone to enjoy a close and comfortable shave. This means that an electric-shaver can offer you with a close and comfortable dry-shave which a safety may not achieve. However, some electric-shaver support wet/dry shaving and this implies that you can use them under both wet and dry conditions depending on what you prefer.
  • They are more versatile: electric-shavers are actually more versatile than safety-razors whereby electric-shavers can be used to accurately shave beards, facial-hairs, mustaches and sideburns. This is because electric-shavers come with several comb attachments and a pot-trimmer for grooming and detailing beards and sideburns.
  • Minimize on the occurrence of skin-irritations: electric-shavers are capable of reducing on the occurrence of skin-irritations like; nicks, cuts and ingrown-hairs while shaving. This is because these shavers are designed to ensure optimum comfort on the skin while trimming hairs.



  • They don’t provide a very close shave: electric-shavers don’t shave closely as safety-razors and this means that you should not expect to get a super-smooth shave from an electric-shaver. In fact, if you have heavy or thicker facial-hair then expect to taking frequent strokes while shaving and this is not good.
  • Using an electric-shaver requires taking some practice: using an electric-shaver will require someone to take some practice especially for men new to electric-shavers. This is because if you use an electric-shaver poorly you may end-up irritating your skin.
  • Most electric-shavers support only dry-shaving: although some new models of electric-shavers allow wet-shaving, most old models of electric-shavers don’t and they will be used under dry conditions hence limiting the users shaving options.
  • They are loud: most electric-shavers are loud while shaving and this is because they contain motors which make noise as you trim facial-hairs. In fact, this noise can be irritating for most people especially those used to safety-razors which don’t make noise when shaving.
  • They require electricity or battery-power to operate: electric-shavers require rechargeable batteries or an electrical-outlet in order to operate. In fact, if the power-source gets drained in the middle of the shave, the electric-shaver stop suddenly and this is quite inconveniencing.
  • Electric-shavers need extra attention in terms of maintenance: these shavers actually require more attention it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the shaving-heads compared to manual razors.
  • Expensive: the initial-purchase and maintenance of an electric-shaver is usually more expensive compared to other shaving tools. However, a high-quality and long lasting electric-shaver can actually save someone a lot of money of their lifetime.



Edwin Jagger De87bl Faux Ivory Double Edge Safety Razor

These have existed for more than a century and they considered by most men as the best shaving tools. Safety-razors fall under manual shaving-tools and this implies that they don’t need any electrical power to operate like electric-shavers. Additionally, safety-razors are also referred to as double-edge razors and this mainly because they standard double-edge razor-blades for shaving.


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  • Offer a closer shave: safety-razors can offer the closest shave and for a longer period of time than any other shaving-tool. This is possible because safety-razor use double-edge blades which are extremely sharp for optimal shaving.
  • Easy to use: a safety-razor is very easy to use but only after doing some practice on how to use it. In fact, they are often the first shaving-tool a man relies on especially those who want to achieve a close shave.
  • Cheap to acquire: safety-razors are very cheap shaving-tools and they are even readily available on the market. Additionally, the blades used in these manual-razors are also very cheap and available. However, finding a safety-razor with a reliable handle is difficult and if you happen to get one, it will be a bit pricy. Additionally, the blade replacement cost adds-up over time, safety-razors are usually the cheapest and most effective option available for men.
  • Easy blade changing: since safety-razors use double-edge blades, you will need to replace them after achieving a several shaves. The good thing is that the blades are very easy to remove and replace.
  • Safety-razors are portable: these manual-razors very portable and this makes them convenient travel with and they are also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Good shavers for men with sensitive skin: safety-razors are good shaving-tools for guys with delicate skin and are prone to ingrown hairs since they don’t entirely expose the blade onto the skin while shaving.



  • They take a long shaving-time: safety-razors often take longer while shaving because the whole grooming process requires application of shaving-products like creams or gels and an aftershave.
  • It hard to learn the shaving technique: to use a safety-razor, you actually need to do some practice and most men find a hard time getting used to the shaving techniques used while shaving with a safety-razor.
  • Recurring maintenance costs: safety-razors use double-edge blades which tend to become dull quickly and require to be replaced every 4 to 5 shaves but they are not that expensive.
  • Not versatile: safety-razors tend to be less versatile since you can only use them when wet-shaving with water in order to achieve close and comfortable shave. This will actually inconvenience someone who wants to get quick dry shave because he continues shaving, he may end-up irritating the skin.
  • Expensive handles: safety-razors tend to have more expensive handles which is not a good thing for their users. Additionally, these handles are a bit scarce on the market and you need to do some good research to get a good handle.
  • Not good for men with thick hairs: a safety-razor features a small shaving-head and this implies it may not provide a very close shave for men with thick or heavy facial-hairs.

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