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There are very few business or should I say companies today that don’t use technology to assist them improve on their productivity, communicate more efficiently and also track goods and customers. That is why most of these successful companies you will find have decided to use technology to assist them with their businesses in all areas. The good thing is that there are very many types of technology that are available and that is why becoming digitized no longer intimidates most business owners.


What is business to business technology?

First of all, a business to business or B2B system is defined as a situation in which one business is able to make a commercial transaction with another business. It can also be described as a commerce transaction that is among businesses. Usually in such a case one business will sell its products or services to another business.

Now on the other hand, a business to business technology refers to a technological service or product that is sold to a business by some other business so as to achieve technological tasks. You will find that not every business has the ability to discover or create their own technologies that is why they will have to purchase that technology from another business or manufacturer of that particular technology. It can also occur when a business is sourcing materials for their process of production like a food manufacturer buying salt and so many more.

When you are in a business to business technology it means that there will be parties’ that are involved that have comparable negotiating power and if they don’t then each of the party will have to involve a professional staff along with a legal counsel in the negotiations of the terms which is not the same with a business to consumer technology.

With that said, now we can go forward with the examples of business to business technology below;

  1. Computers: there is no doubt that for majority of the companies, the most useful and understood technological tool that you will find is the computers as this will assist them easily accomplish the different tasks. They are of different types like the desktop computers that are loaded with office and other productivity software packages that let the workers be able to compose letters, send and receive mail, make analysis on financial information, design sales presentations and analyze financial information. The desktop computers do come with different models like the ones that have a separate monitor and keyboard or the ones with a mobile laptop. Computers are categorized in two major types which are the personal computers better known as PCs that operate while using the Microsoft Windows are the most common and then the Macintosh Computers that use Apple computers and amp operating systems which are preferred by most creative experts. Now Apple is known for making high end computers as well as tablets that can be used for businesses. If you would like a very powerful desktop computer then you can opt for the iMac desktop that also comes with laptops and tablets for instance the ipad and mini ipad. Be aware that Apple computers are constructed with the best soft and hardware that you can use in your small business.
  2. Information technology or IT services: another example of a business to business technology is through the IT services. When you search the internet, you will come across very many IT service companies and the best thing is to work with your IT service company because they will have a better understanding of all your technological needs and better still you will be able to contact them through calls at any time. If you know you stay in the United States then I highly recommend the Greek Squad which is an IT company that will take care of all your needs in regards to Information Technology. Among some of the services that this company is able to provide include things like mobile/printer/device support, Network configuration and so much more. This way you will always obtain a quick and reliable technological support that is required in our business when you need it.
  3. Cloud computing: by now many of you must have heard of this term in your business to business technology but if you haven’t then let me define it for you. Well, cloud computing refers to the process of using a network of remote servers that are hosted on the internet to manage, store and process data instead of a local server or a personal computer. It can also be described as a computing model in which the services that are rendered instantly on the internet. This is very important because it will make simpler the ways in which you can accomplish the specific tasks for your business. There are some resources like software and hardware that will be provided over the internet and they involve cloud storage and cloud databases that can allow you be able to save and retrieve your business information from anywhere and so on.  The disadvantage of cloud computing is that it has led to exposure of threats on security and that is why a company like will ensure that your business is given the most secure cloud computing service to prevent such exposure. Some of the advantages and reasons why you should be using cloud computing in your business include;
  • It’s much more secure, scalable and flexible
  • Cloud is virtual
  • Very affordable
  1. Internet service providers: another form of business to business technology is through the internet services providers. It is through these providers that your business will be able to obtain and reach the targeted markets and also be able to compete along other successful global companies. These internet services providers will provide you with internet that you can use in your business and it is better if you subscribe for broadband internet because most of the internet service providers rate their internet speed through bits per second or bps. But before you rush to use one, make sure that you choose a reliable internet provider that is in your country because they differ from country to country. This way you will use internet unlimited to market your goods and services like on social networks for instance Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Also through this internet, you can use it for your business good through bettering the customer service via your website and any survey polls.
  2. Video conferencing: another great example of a business to business technology is through video conferencing. We have discussed before that communication is a very vital aspect of every business because you have to make communication at all times not only with your employees or suppliers but even with the clients. That is why your business does require an advanced technological tool. So through one like video conferencing, you will be able to carry out a virtual meeting with your different business partners and even employees instantly. There are some examples of very good business conferencing companies like,,, and so on that is able to provide different video conferencing packages to your business.  Now each of these companies regardless which one you choose will be able to provide you with a free trial version of their web conferencing tools after which you will later on have to subscribe to a simple basic plan that can perfectly fit into your small business communication requirements. The advantage with this video conferencing is that you get to properly involve your other business partners and employees in discussions or meetings and feel like you are in the same room even when you are boarders apart.
  3. Networking equipment: regardless of which kind of business you are running, it is very important to have networking equipments. This is because when you endeavor to implement them well, then you are assured of a better flow of communication and information in a business. This will also let the workers be able to easily share documents, retrieve and save data just from a single networked database, share the different office equipments for instance the internet, printers, computers and so on. If you want to save some money then we have chosen for you that is a worldwide leading company in regards to used network equipments like switches, routers and servers that are all from the top brands. For the people that have small businesses, it’s actually a great idea to save some cash and use it to purchase hardware from their cost friendly businesses that sell used but original and quality hardware’s.
  4. Data storage and remote backup: here is just another great example in which you can have a business to business technology. If you run a business, then you know it is not only very wise but also very important to store and backup your data in a place that is very secure. It is no news that computers crash often and you just can afford to save all your business data on just your computer. It is for that reason why many of the businesses are resorting to remote cloud data storage facilities for example and The purpose of these services is that they are able to let you save all your business documents on a very high-tech and secure servers. This way you have the advantage of being able to access the information from any location because the data is locked down in a single station. What I like most about this technology is the fact that all the data is encrypted so that no third parties especially the hackers can get any access to your business information.
  5. Phone services: now the most important reason why you will need a phone is for communication and am not talking about a smart phone but rather business phone systems in this case because the customer department section won’t use that to answer business calls. These business phone systems are able to perform multiple communications tasks that is why this is an example of a business to business technology. Most of these business phone systems are very affordable and they can record business messages when you are not in office. There are some companies like AcessLine that are able to provide this phone service at a very affordable price and they don’t have any long term contracts or any cancellation fees. This way you get the privilege of maintaining your existing number, obtain a lifetime customer support and they also have a complete set of standards feature like call transferring and voicemail. On the other hand, you can also purchase mobile devices for your employees to enable them easily communicate even while they are on the move.
  6. Satellite equipments: this is another form of business to business technology in which you can use the satellite equipments. Now if you would like to obtain the best satellite equipments especially for your small business then you should consider the Solid Signal as an example. This kind of company will be able to provide you with satellite components, accessories, splitters, Rain fade solutions, dish network receivers, RV satellite dishes, multiswitch power suppliers and so much more. This way you will be able to properly develop your business through using these satellite equipments.
  7. Server’s technology: one of the ways of scaling your small business while using technology is through taking advantage of the server technology. But first, be informed that a server is basically a software and hardware that is used to deliver content via the internet. There are some businesses that contain their own customer servers but be warned that it is very costly to maintain and operate your personal data server. That is why it is important if you have limited budget to opt for a remote server. However you should first understand your business technological requirements before you opt for this. If you want to keep your server totally secure then you have to use a password that is very complicated and then also restrict access to the server.


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