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Headblade Sport Ultimate Head ShaveThe newly invented Head-blade Sport Ultimate Head Shave with 1 razor is a close shaver that can work well for all those that would like to have their heads shaved thoroughly within a very short time, using less resources and energy to have the shaving completed.

This shaver comes with a triple blade technology that was set to make shaving closer and nest thus a smooth shave on one’s head. It is also easy, fast and fun for the user so as to enjoy every bit of moment that one encounters with the shaver.

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It has got an ergonomic design that enables one to easily handle the shaver with no difficulties involved. The shaver has got a small finger spacing that looks like a hole which is left for the user to fix in his finger and move the shaver over his head so as to have the hair off. This ergonomic design lessens one’s chances of cuts and nicks on the head as the shaving goes on since it is accompanied by small wheels that smoothly move over one’s head as the shaver does its work.This head blade shaver also uses the Gillette plus blade cartridges as the blades and these take time to go blunt since they can go for a longer period with being replaced by new ones.It gives one an option of fixing the sensor blades which provide a much better level of closeness than the single blade or razor that comes intact.



  • It is able to shave one’s head closely enough in order to achieve a reasonable look. It is one shaver that will save one’s time right from the word go since it will take roughly 5 minutes for one to have all the hair off and this is some pretty good time saved.
  • This headblade is easy to use as one just has to push the shaver back and have the hair off within no time. Since shaved heads are the current trend for various people like celebrities that are involved in sports and the screen performers, this type of headblade was built to make their shaving quick and neat within a short time.
  • It has the triple blade technology which when applied gives a thorough close shave on the head that will finish off the hair and no stubble will be felt on the head after the shave is done. When applied. These head blades are compatible to the sensor blades and the atra Gillette blade cartridges.



  • This type of blade does not completely give a close shave when one uses a single blade. It is only after one applies the triple blade that he will achieve the closeness as expected.
  • It can also give some nicks and cuts for the new users who may not have been careful while using this head shaver. One has to take his time after getting this shaver so as to avoid issues of nicks and cuts on the head.

Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shave

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Features overview:

  • Anatra compatible adaptor standard: This headblade is compatible to theatracartridge standard which is a great feature. This easily let’s one switch to the atra blades for example the Gillette atra blade cartridges and these offer a new, clear shaving that improves one’s looks.
  • The sensor compatible adaptor: This feature of the sensor compatible adaptor enables a user be able to adjust the blades incase the single blades run out and are no longer shaving well or as expected. The sensor blades are not included when one is purchasing but they can cheaply be bought. One will have to fix in the sensor excel blades or the sensor compatible blades and use them for shaving. These are very good and will give auser what is known as a closer shave on the head.
  • It featurestriple blades: The headblade shaver comes with an option of triple blades. These are blades that can be fixed in each time the single blade goes out of operation and cannot yield results as expected. Thetriple blades give a thorough close shave on the head without any kind of nicks and cuts on one’s head. They make shaving quick and simple since one does not have to go back and forth so as to make a closer shave with the single blades.
  • Ergonomic design: The headblade is made with an ergonomic design that lets one’s fingers to do the job since one much more control over the head. It comes with two rubber wheels that give one more control since they have the axle with them. This shaver has a black and yellow color design and also a good finger grip spacing that is left for the entrance of the finger that will do the shaving part.

Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shave

Product Quality:

The Headblade Sport Ultimate shaver was made with compatibility advantages like it is compatible to various blades or cartridges which really make it easy for the user to switch from one to another depending on their choice of preference. This head-blade has got the sensor compatible adaptor where the sensor blades can be fixed and it has also got the atra compatible adaptor where one can fix the atra blade cartridges especially the Gillette blades. One can switch and replace the blades with a compatible sensor blade or another atra standard blade depending on what he wants.

The presence of hard rubber wheels on this razor that move over one’s head while shaving is another quality feature that any man will love. These rubber wheels have got a well-developed axle that gives the user all the required control over the whole shaving process.There is also a finger ring on this shaver where one fixes their fingers to obtain control over the shaver. This ringer has a good grip that enables the shaver to move over one’s head as they shave and helps to prevent cuts and nicks when it comes to the edges or the curved areas.

The triple blade technology on this shaver alsogives a user an option of switching from the single blade to using the triple blades. These blades offer a far much better shaving experience as compared to the single blades. They are able to provide a closer shave to the user and one will not feel any stubble on his head after shaving which is not the case with the single blades that require one to make several strokes when shaving so as to try and gain a closer shave.

Who does it benefit?

  • This type of head blade shaver benefits any male who would like to be in charge of the way he looks or shaves his head. For a man to have a fast and easily taken shave, he would have to employ this type of shaver so as to obtain quick results within a short period of time.


What Else Do You Need?

  • A quality shave cream or lotion: For a complete good looking shave, one may opt to go in for a few items likethe headslick shave cream 8 or something like the headblade shave lotion; these are capable of improving on one’s level of smoothness once applied on the head while shaving.

Headblade Sport Ultimate Head Shave

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