Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit Review

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Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit Review

The Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro is an amazing 24-Piece Haircut Kit that is just perfect for total body grooming. This shaver was designed to deliver optimum cutting power and it also comes with several unique features.

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In fact, this shaver can handle very thick hairs with a 25-percent more cutting action compared to other brands on market. It is a professional haircut kit that comes with clippers with comfort-grip technology that uses cushions and ergonomic principles in order to make it easy for you to hold the shaver at different angles hence enabling you to shave different areas of the body. This shaver also looks awesome because it has a Dura-chrome finish that creates a unique silver style and it is also extremely strong and durable. On the other hand, this Wahl 79524-2501 comes with 13-guide combs of different sizes along with an eyebrow-trimmer, ear-trimmer and left/right ear tapers. All in all, you may either create your own styling or even set-up a barber’s shop for your friends and family with the Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit.


  • The Wahl Chrome Pro makes grooming at home very easy because it’s equipped with several guides and accessories that are meant to fulfill all your grooming needs. This implies that it was designed to be used by everyone who wishes to trim hairs on the body at his or her own convenience.
  • This body-groomer is very easy to use because it comes with an instruction book which offers an how to use the cutting comb guides inorder to achieve best results. On the other hand, this shaving tool is even easy to clean and it also comes with a sturdy carry case that is used to store it when it’s not being used.
  • Thirdly, this hair trimmer or clipper has a decent weight and it feels durable and solid when held the hands while shaving. It also features a powerful motor that provides maximum power inorder to achieve a close and quick shave.


  • The weakness about this hair trimmer is that it can be noisy at times and most people are actually irritated by noise. However, its blades can be adjusted inorder to reduce the noise but sometimes it may not be that effective.
  • The other thing you won’t like about this hair trimmer is that it requires regular cleaning and oiling after use inorder to keep it well-lubricated so that it can operate at an optimum rate.

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit Review

Features overview:

  • A power-drive cutting system: the Wahl Chrome Pro contains electromagnetic motors that generate a super-powerful, 7,200 blade strokes per-minute which is the highest of any motor of its kind hence providing someone with an incredibly smooth cutting. With this Power-divetechnology; the Wahl Chrome-Pro will be able to deliver 35-percent more power for a smoother and quick shave.


  • Dura-chrome finish: this hair-trimmer comes with a Dura-Chrome finish which is extremely strong thus making the trimmer very durable while giving it an extra, unique silver style. In fact, this chrome finish will help to prevent this hair trimmer from becoming rusty thus keeping it looking new at all times.


  • Comfort-Grip clipper: it also features Comfort-grip technology that actually uses cushions and ergonomic principles which make it extremely easy for someone to hold this hair trimmer at different angles hence helping you to accomplish difficult shaving jobs.


  • It comes with 13 guide-combs: this hair trimmer is equipped smooth-glide, numbered guide-combs that make trimming body hairs painless. This is because they are designed with a rounded, tapered ends that ensure a smooth transition into the hair while shaving. In fact, these Smooth-guide combs will not scratch or scrape your scalp. These combs exist in various sizes along with an eyebrow trimmer, ear trimmer and ear tapers.


  • A taper control system: This Wahl trimmer and clipper is equipped with a Taper-Lever that can be used together with or without a guide-comb. This taper-lever allows you to achieve a precise adjustment to your desired length of cut. This is also very helpful when you want to achieve a tapered look for necklines, fades or blending between sections.


  • Sharp high-carbon steel blades: The clipper has strong blades that are made of high-carbon steel. These are also self-sharpening blades and this means that they can stay sharp for a longer period of time. These precision-ground and fire-hardened blades also ensure optimum cutting efficiency with long-lasting sharpness. On the other hand, these blades have a chromium steel top that resists corrosion to ensure years of smooth operation. The blades bottom is made of high-carbon steel with microscopic pores which release oil when the trimmer is operating for light self-lubrication.


  • It features an ergonomic design: this shaving tool actually offers a soft-touch grip and an ergonomic shape that offers someone with extra comfort and control while shaving body hairs. On the other hand, the premium Dura-Chrome finish on this trimmer also makes it look stylish always.

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit Review

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Product Quality:

The Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro is 24-Piece, pro-quality haircut Kit with more power to remove even the thickest hairs on your body. This body-groomer is built with self-sharpening high-carbon blades that actually stay sharp longer for easy maintenance and also comes with a wide variety of accessories that help to cater for the needs of different customers. This trimmer comes with a sturdy plastic storage and carrying case, 9 hair guide-combs with different lengths, an eyebrow comb-guide, and an ear trim guide together with an assortment of clips, combs, capes, scissors, cleaning brush and lubricating oil.

In terms of performance, this hair trimmer offers a perfect quick and clean shave with very little snugging or pulling as it slices through hair. However, this trimmer is at times noisy but this can be sorted by adjusting the screw on the side because this adjusts the distance the blades travel. This trimmer is very light and also easy to use but it’s recommended to read the manuals that come with it in order to minimize on making mistakes. All in all, this is a pro-quality hair trimmer was not only designed  for home use but also for sports men and even people who require full body grooming.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Best option for men who groom their bodies: the Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro was designed to help anyone groom and style their bodies at home. this is because it comes with about 24 accessories which include; trimmer, barber-comb, clipper guide combs, scissors, blade guards and many others which all work hand in hand to satisfy your shaving needs.


  • Good hair-trimmer for those with thick hair: this hair trimmer is designed to deliver maximum cutting power whereby it can trim thick hairs with 35-percent more cutting action than other hair-trimmers. This is complimented with self-sharpening, high-carbon blades that are very sharp and cut through any type of hair while shaving.


Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

What Else Do You Need?

  • Blade oil: when it comes to maintaining the blades of this hair trimmer and clipper, you need apply some oil to lubricate them so that they can work at an optimum rate while shaving. This oil also helps to reduce on the friction which occurs within the cutting blades while shaving but try to make sure that you get high-quality blade oil.

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