Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Review

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Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit 3

The Wahl color pro is a home hair cutting piece that comes as a complete kit with different attachments and accessories that enhance the hair cutting process. It is capable of carrying out professional haircuts which are of quality at a reduced cost as compared to moving out to the barber’s corner.

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It is a clipper that offers a comfortable grip once in one’s hands for easy handling and it is adjustable for easy control so as to meet the requirements of different hair lengths of the user. Some of the accessories that come along with it are; the blade guard which is there for guarding the blade against any sort of damage that may compromise the shaver’s level of performance.

There are several colored combs that come with this kit and these are there to correspond to the color coded keys that guide one to have the right settings when shaving. There are various combs that clean, do some styling, that of the barber, blade oil for the blade and also the user manual or the instructions for the user to follow.


  • The Wahl color pro is a durable good shaving piece that will save many from the costs of being shaved by the barber. One can cut his own hair thus reducing on the periodical costs incurred each time they have to visit a barber for a haircut. It is well built with color coded guards that easily help someone to remember the length of their hair for each time they cut off their hair.
  • This shaver can be used at home to do the hair cutting for all family members since it has all accessories that one would look out for to have a complete haircut. It comes as a complete kit with all the accessories that would help a user.
  • Since it comes as a complete kit and there is also a storage case that is very protective of the shaver form damage, one can easily travel with the whole kit without any hardship and still have everything in place. This type can go for several years without breaking down depending on one’s usage and handling and it does not require any sharpening since this is done automatically.


  • This shaver actually does not seem to have issues so far apart from the presence of a little noise that comes along every time one is using the shaver though it is bearable with time.
  • The Wahl trimmer is a bit bulky and feels heavy when in the hands this implies that men who are used to holding lighter and well-designed shavers may feel uncomfortable while using this trimmer to shave or trim hair.

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit 4

Features overview:

  • The high-carbon steel blades: The Wahl color pro comes with these high carbon steel blades that are long lasting and self-sharpening. They are self-sharpening in capability so as to sustain one for a longer period of time while shaving. One does not have to take them for sharpening even for years and they will still be working well.
  • The color coded keys: There are color coded keys that are there to correspond to the right comb color so as for one to set the right setting during the shaving moment. There is a color match between the cods and the combs which in turn helps one to save time while trying to locate the right setting that suite the comb to be used.
  • The color coded guide combs: The color coded guide combs are there to help one easily remember one’s best hair length for every time they have to cut hair. These combs therefore assist one to be able to define where to end as they cut the hair without having to go beyond the limits of their favorite hair length and this gives them a cheap guide that keeps them n track when shaving their hair.
  • Soft touch handle: The shaver has got a touch that has got a soft grip in one’s hands. This shaver’s design makes it firm and fun since one will be sure of not dropping itand gives the user more control over the whole piece since one does not have to worry about having it slip out their hands when cutting off their hair.

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit 2

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Product Quality:

  • The quality of this shaver is far much better than the most of the shavers on the market even in cost issues since it costs less than one would spend the whole year just going to have a haircut done by the barber. The high-carbon steel blades on this trimmer are also capable of Self-sharpening and this means that they will stay sharp for quite a long period of time which saves one from issues and costs that may have been incurred while replacing or sharpening the shaver blades.
  • The shaver has got a soft touch in ones hands and a grip that gives comfort and control to the person in charge which in turn gives the user easy ways of handling it thus a getting proper haircut. The kit also comes with several accessories that assist one in making a complete cut. Some of them arethe colored comb guides which are meant for length settings, and the barber comb that combs as one takes a shave, the blade oil that is passed onto the blades especially when a new shave is going to take effect, the scissors and others.
  • There is also a provision for one to adjust the kit’s tape and respond to the correct hair length. This adjustment helps one to easily mark where he would like to use for the hair every time he takes a haircut. There are even instructions that come from within the kit and these are for user guidance to especially the new users of the shaver and those opting to cut their own hair for the first time.


Who Does It Benefit?

  • This excellent model of shaver is good for family or home usage since it can give the same professional haircut that one would have to look out for from the barbers. The kit can save the family from long term costs that would actually be incurred for every time they move to a saloon.
  • This kit is beneficial to anyone who would like to have an ideal hair cut or even use it for the general body grooming. This kit also benefits one who like to take to take the entire kit to some other place like when travelling since it has got a 6 inch storage case that is easy to handle.


What I need

  • Blade oil like the 3310-230 Wahl blade Oil: this is quality oil that can be applied into the shaver blades for added maintenance. The Wahl color pro shaver requires some blade oil that will periodically be applied onto the blades of the shaver. This oil helps the shaver’s blades to be self-sharpening, durable or long lasting so as to last for as far as the user can use it.

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit 3

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