Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Scented Soap Review

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Van Der Hagen Mens Luxury Scented Soap

Men who like shaving wet in a traditional always require a shaving soap or cream during the shaving process. There are many shave soaps on the market today but in this article a specifically talking about the Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shave Soap which is among the best shaving soaps that any man will like.

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This luxury shaving soap is actually produced in one small batch at a time through the Van Der Hagen’s unique kettle process that is a bit complicated but produces best results. on the other hand, this is actually a hypoallergenic shaving soap that contains about 10% glycerin coupled with emollient Shea, cocoa butter and mango whereby all these work together to soften the facial or body hairs hence improving on the razor gliding for a more close and comfortable shave  which leaves the skin smooth and soft. In fact, this shave soap bar is also vegetable based but you should know that it was not tested on animals. In conclusion, this shaving soap is a quality product that will work for any man even though they have a very sensitive skin and it even leaves you with a light, pleasant smell that makes one feel muscular.


  • Lathering up with this shaving soap is quite easy when using a badger brush and mug/bowl. In fact, it will take you less time to generate lather that is enough for multiple shaves while using your badger brush.
  • This shave soap also creates a good lather that is slick and cushions the skin well thus providing any man with a smooth and close shave without causing any skin-irritations. The lather created also lasts long enough for one to complete his shave.
  • Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shave Soap has a delightful scent that a fresh and delicate smell which is muscular. The scent in this shave scent is as a bit similar to end cologne but it’s slightly light and refreshing though it can last for the whole day.


  • Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shave Soap is a good performer but it is usually outclassed by many different shaving-soaps on the market today.

Van Der Hagen Mens Luxury Scented Soap

Features overview:

  • It’s formed using a unique process: this Scented Luxury Shave Soap is produced using Van Der Hagen’s unique kettle process in one small batch at a time and this actually ensures that it comes out well-formulated with optimum quality.
  • Hypo-allergenic soap: the Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shave Soap is skin sensitive whereby it contains over 10% glycerin and other natural ingredients that help to soften and cushion the skin so that the razor can glide comfortably and smoothly without causing any skin-irritations.
  • It is formulated with natural ingredients: this luxury shave soap is developed using natural ingredients like emollient Shea, cocoa butter, mango and others whereby all these help to soften the beard so as to improve the razor gliding in order to achieve comfortable and close shave that leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and irritation-free.
  • The soap contains a soft, fresh fragrance: the Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shaving-Soap has a light and refreshing scent that will make you smell great for the whole day. In fact, this scent has aroma that is smells delicate and fresh but in a muscular way. However, i can only tell you that this soap smells exactly like high-end colognes but its lighter and refreshing.
  • This is a vegetable-based soap: Van Der Hagen is vegetable based soap and this actually implies that it’s made from natural ingredients that help to soften body hairs for the razor to glide smoothly over the skin thus getting a soft and smooth shave without irritating the skin.

Product Quality:

  • The Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shave Soap is a quality product beginning from the way it formulated upto when someone starts to use it. This soap is produced as one small batch at a time through the Van Der Hagen unique process that makes sure that this soap meets its expectations. This luxury soap is glycerin based because it has over 10% glycerin and this means that it will offer one with a nice cushioning over the skin that enables a smooth shave. another quality feature about this soap is that it is made from natural materials like mango, emollient Shea and coco butter whereby these play a huge role when it comes to softening the tough hairs so as to make it easy for the razor to glide over the skin for a comfortable, close and irritation free trim.


  • On the other hand, this soap also lathers up easily and quickly while using a brush and shaving-bowl. In fact, it takes very little time to create enough lather for multiple shaves when using a badger brush and the lather created is slick and provides enough cushioning that is required to achieve a smooth and close shave preferred by most wet-shavers. Lastly, this soap has refreshing and delightful scent that far better than those found in other shaving soaps. This scent is subtle and not too strong whereby it smells fresh and delicate in masculine way. Also this scent is kind of similar to high-end colognes but it smells a bit lighter and refreshing though it can also last for a whole day. As i conclude, i think this vegetable based, luxury shaving soap has all the qualities that you have been looking for and it’s even very affordable.

Van Der Hagen Mens Luxury Scented Soap

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Who Does It Benefit?

  • Great shaving-soap for men with skin-allergies or sensitivity to particular smells: the Van Der Hagen Scented Luxury Shaving-Soap can be a great product for those of you who have skin-allergies or sensitivities to smells. this soap does not cause any issues when applied to the skin and it even has a fantastic smell that is very light and does not linger on the face like with other shaving soaps.


  • It’s a good shaving soap for men new to wet-shaving: this soap is very easy to lather up in a bowl using a shaving brush and it also very easy to load on to the brush as lather-up your skin. This luxury shaving soap will even take someone little time to form enough lather for multiple passes or shaves while using a badger-brush and this lather can also be washed-off the face quickly after shaving it without even causing any dryness because it contains glycerin.

What I need

  • A shave soap bowl: this bowl is used to hold the shaving soap but it can also be to prepare lather. But try to purchase a bowl with lid in order to protect the shaving soap from any dirt or bacteria that may develop on it while you are storing it.
  • quality badger-brush: buy a high-quality badger brush with strong and durable bristles because this actually help alot when it comes to preparing lather or when lathering up your skin. Also try to get a badger brush that is known to offer good moisture, water retention if you wish to create a rich and creamy lather. You can actually buy the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury, badger-brush because it’s of high-quality.

Van Der Hagen Mens Luxury Scented Soap

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