Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill Review

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Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill Review

The Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is new great and powerful treadmill that can operate at high-speeds in order to provide the user with a tough workout experience. In fact, with this treadmill you be able to quickly find your rhythm with the help of its responsive motor-drive which re-calibrates with every step-taken or any speed-change. On the other hand, you will can easily meet your fitness-goals when this treadmill because its equipped with ViaFit connectivity that automatically feeds your workout-results into popular fitness and tracking apps while the polar heart-rate monitor will enable you to stay within the target-zone when working-out. Additionally, this treadmill features a well-cushioned maintenance-free tread belt which will enable you to run comfortably while the extended power-incline range will offer you with a more challenging workout and in just a short period of time. Lastly, this treadmill will save you a lot of living-space because it features a foldable-frame which enables you to keep away the treadmill between workouts.

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What We Like:

  1. ViaFit connectivity technology: The Horizon Fitness Elite T9 treadmill is equipped with a ViaFit connectivity-system that sends your home work-out results to fitness apps and tools that you’re already using and then shares these results with the communities where you belong.
  1. Variable Response-Cushioning: this treadmill features a unique 3-zone cushioning system that provides the user with an ideal amount of flex and support in all phases of the stride and this actually facilitates for softer-landings and better Takeoffs when working-out.
  1. Passport-technology: with passport-technology integrated into this treadmill, you will be able to bring an immersive workout-routine to your home-TV with high-definition destination footages which are displayed on the large TV-screen and then synced to the speed and intensity of the workout. However, Passport-Player technology is sold separately and it even comes preloaded with 2 destination-courses which include; Northern-Italy and American-Southwest.
  1. A Johnson Drive-System: this treadmill is equipped with a powerful, quiet, durable and responsive motor that will facilitate for an effective workout-experience. In fact, with this treadmill you will be able to maintain your workout-rhythm with the responsive digital-drive-system which continuously re-calibrates with each foot-fall. Additionally, this treadmill can be used in any room of the house since its drive-motor always runs at low RPMs thus minimizing on noise while ensuring durability.
  1. An Infinity Treadbelt: The Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is equipped with strong, durable and maintenance-free treadbelt that will provide the user with consistent workout-results. In fact, a synthetic hard-wax is integrated directly into the belt-fibers in order to completely eliminate the need for regular-lubrication. Additionally, with the Infinity belt system this treadmill can operate for 21,000-miles before being serviced which is an added advantage compared to other treadmills on the market which may require regular maintenance and oiling.
  1. A FeatherLight Folding design: this treadmill also features a foldable-frame which uses an effortless hydraulic folding-system and this actually facilitates for easy storage between workouts. In fact, this treadmill looks very compact when folded-up and this implies that it will capable of fitting in even the smallest sections within your house thus saving you a lot of space while ensuring optimum-safety.
  1. A 10-inch touch screen display: the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 treadmill features an inbuilt 10-inch touch-screen display which provides the user with the feedback he/she needs while having a workout. In fact, this touch-screen display will help show your workout time, distance-traveled, incline, speed-range, pace, calories-burnt, heart-rate and even features a clock and date function that enables you to plan your workout.
  1. Heart rate monitor: with the Horizon Fitness Elite T9, you can easily monitor your heart-rate or zone while using inbuilt contact-grips or with the included Polar chest-strap and receiver. In fact, this treadmill comes with a free Polar chest-strap so you don’t have to worry about buying a chest-strap in case you decide to purchase the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 treadmill.
  1. 44 workout-programs: this Horizon Fitness Elite T9 treadmill features over 44 workout-programs whereby the user can easily choose from manual-mode or dozens of inbuilt workout-programs that target calorie-burning, interval, distance, performance and step goals. In fact, these workout programs include: manual, 9 calorie-programs, 13 distance-programs, 4 interval-programs, 3 performance-programs, 10 step-programs, 2 virtual-active programs and 2 custom-programs. On the other hand, this treadmill even features a digital Workout tracking-calendar that helps the user to plan his/her workouts in order meet their fitness-goals.
  1. Virtual Active technology: The treadmill also comes integrated with Virtual-Active-technology which plays stunning forward-motion videos that are synced with your workout right from the treadmills-console. In fact, this technology works along with passport in order to enable the user to achieve a more efficient and effective workout that meets his/her fitness-goals.
  1. Wide running-surface area: The Horizon Elite T9 treadmill features a full 60-inch by 20-inch track or treadbelt surface-area that offers the user with ample workout space hence making the treadmill perfect for sprint-runners and tall-people who love walking and jogging over treadmills. Additionally, this track is infused with wax, which makes it durable and maintenance-free even when using it on a daily basis.
  1. Great inclining-range: The Horizon Elite T9 track can be tilted up to 15-percent and this helps the user to achieve a more challenging workout while raising his/her metabolic-rate and even helps to improve on muscle-definition. All in all, you be able to walk uphill while in your living-room when using this treadmill.
  1. High operation-speeds: This treadmill features a top-speed of 12 mph and the lowest-speed is 0.5-mph thus enabling the user to select a speed-range that suits his/her workout-goals. In fact, this treadmill is equipped with a powerful yet quiet 2.75-CHP drive-motor which ensures that the user works out consistently at any selected speed-range in order to meet his/her fitness-goals.
  1. A good user-weight capacity: the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is designed to accommodate a maximum user-weight of 350-lbs and this mainly because it’s equipped with a powerful motor-drive coupled with an Infinity Treadbelt that is capable of providing optimum support for people with weights of up to 350-lbs.
  1. Energy Saver Mode: In case you stop using the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 treadmill but forget to turn it off, then its console will move into an energy-saving mode after 15-minutes and the treadmill itself will stop working. This actually helps to save power and even acts as a great safety-measure for people living in homes with pets and kids who love playing around with everything.
  1. Built-in speakers: The Horizon Elite T9 features an inbuilt speakers and a USB-port for your MP3-player so that you can always enjoy your favorite music while having a workout.
  1. Accessory-holders and workout-fan: the treadmill features a reading-rack and bottle-holder which help to keep the things you need near while having a workout. On the other hand, it even has an inbuilt workout-fan which helps to keep the body cool when having a workout.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s heavy and wide: the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is heavy-duty treadmill and this implies that it feels heavy to lift and move even though it features a foldable-design. Additionally, this treadmill is abit wide and this means that it will take up more space within your home hence this makes it not a great option for people living in homes or apartments with limited space.

Our Verdict:

With all the new-technology and great features packed into the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 treadmill, it very hard to resist buying it. In fact, this treadmill features high top-speeds, an amazing running-track, a full-range of incline-levels, several workout-programs and a foldable-design hence making it one of the best fitness-machines on the market. All in all, the Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is a great mid to high-end treadmill that will offer you with an amazing workout experience.

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