How To Choose A Blow Dryer

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For short, long, medium or shoulder length hair, a blow dryer is just that one styling tool that every woman will need at one point in time, that is of course if you want to have the best looking hair. Blow dryers are not just necessary for drying hair but are also very important for styling the hair, and because there are very many fakes on the market you really need to have some good tips about choosing a blow dryer before you can actually go ahead and invest in one. Hair dryers are overly available due to the multiples of brands and types that are produced every other time so you might not easily know which one to choose. However below are some really important things that you must look out for together with a few other considerations that you should have in mind when choosing the best blow dryer.

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  • Features: blow dryers have different features that make them the best, it is those features the determine how perfect your blow drying results will be and below are the most important features that you need to consider when choosing a blow dryer.
  • Ceramic and titanium are the best choice: nothing can compare to quality of a ceramic or titanium blow dryer, other blow dryers that made of metal or plastic will tend to heat too much hence burning your scalp and dry hair in an uneven way. On the other hand ceramic and titanium blow dryers produce far infrared heat and have many other heating properties that ensure even distribution of heat all over the hair. The heat such blow dryers produce is not that dangerous to your hair yet they leave your hair silky, smooth and without any frizz.
  • Multiple speed and heat settings: a blow dryer with multiple speed and heat settings will let you choose the best heat and speed for the particular hair type that you have. for example for people with fine hair it is much recommended that they use the low heat setting while those with coarse and thick hair do well with the high heat setting, also when it comes to styling you will need to change the speeds depending on the style you want to create. Therefore if the blow dryer does not have such important details then it will definitely not do good job with your hair and styling.
  • Ionic technology: you must always look out for a blow dryer that is infused with ionic technology because it is only the best quality blow dryers that have this kind of technology. This simply means that the blow dryer releases negative ions which seal moisture into the hair and give it that really smooth appearance. They have the ability to get rid of static electric in your hair and prevent hair from becoming frizzy, you will also find that blow dryers with ionic technology take less time when drying hair compared to other blow dryers.
  • Weight of the blow dryer: blow drying is an activity that takes some minutes and requires some effort however you don’t need a blow dryer that is going to make the job even much harder with its weight. You need to always select a blow dryer which is compact, ergonomic and above all light weight, this way you will get to strain yourself less when blow drying more so if you are the type that blow dries hair really often. This type is also very easy to maneuver in areas that seem problematic to get to.
  • Wattage: a blow dryer that has high wattage is more likely to dry your hair much faster compared to one that one that has a low wattage. Higher wattage simply means that you will take less time in the mirror especially you usually have very busy schedules. Any quality blow dryer should have wattage of not below than 1300watts.
  • Dual voltage: voltage is another factor that people tend to ignore when choosing a blow dryer but you need a blow dryer with dual voltage so that you can go absolutely anywhere and it will still work.
  • Tourmaline infused: it is usually in a ceramic or ionic blow dryer that you will also find tourmaline, the main benefit of blow dryers with tourmaline is that they cause very little or no heat damage compared to those that do not have tourmaline. They also dry hair at a much faster rate.
  • Hair type: number on factor that you should always put into consideration when buying a blow dryer is that hair type of hair because not every blow dryer is good for every type of hair type. Blow dryers have different features that make them suitable for a particular hair types for example if you have curly hair you must choose a blow dryer with diffuser attachment so that it can distribute heat without destroying your hair texture. Also to be sure about what you need for your hair, it is best to consult your hair stylist before you can actually choose the blow dryer.
  • Product reviews: customer reviews are also very essential when it comes to choosing a blow dryer, they helps you find out certain things about the blow dryer that a manufacturer will probably never say about the product. Therefore if you really want to make the best choice of a blow dryer you need to put customer reviews into consideration.
  • Price of the blow dryer: there is no way you can choose a product without considering its price because sometimes what you want may be over your budget. With such an appliance it is always best to save up for it so that you don’t go in for just any cheaply made blow dryer, the high end blow dryers will cost you a little more but they will be worth each penny you spent on them. You will pay for choosing a cheap blow dryer with your hair, it is therefore much better to invest in a high quality one in the first place.

In conclusion, much as a blow dryer makes styling and drying hair much simpler, many hair stylists have come up and warned against daily use of the blow dryer. Even when you use the blow dryer on low heat settings, the heat it releases eventually causes damage to your hair if it is used daily.

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