How To Choose An Electric Shaver

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The act shaving has been in existence for quite a long period of time regardless of the tools that were being used to shave. In the first centuries of shaving, men used sharp and knives and later on they advanced to using safety-razors and disposable double-blad3e razors. Electric shavers were later introduced by a man called “Jacob Schick” and this really changed the way men shave up to date. In fact, today there a several electric-shaver types and brands available on the market and the only problem will be finding the right electric-shaver. Additionally, electric shavers are not that cheap like safety or disposable razors and they are also a little expensive to maintain when it comes to replacing shaving-heads. However, selecting the right electric-shaver will mainly depend on your skin-type and facial-hair growth but it’s even recommended to give yourself some time to adjust to a new shaving method like from a razor-blade to an electric-shaver or from a foil-shaver to a rotary-shaver and vice versa. Likewise, if you had selected the wrong model of electric-shaver, then you may return it in order to receive a shaver that works best on your skin. Below are some of the steps or tips that you can help you when choosing an electric-shaver and i think they will be of great use to any man:

  1. Consider the type of electric-shaver you want to purchase: men’s electric-shavers actually come as foil or rotary shavers and each type actually has it merits and demerits but i will explain these 2-types in detail below:
  • Foil electric-shavers: this type of electric-shaver features cutters that rotate behind a perforated screen as you shave. Foil shavers are actually designed glide smoothly over the facial-contours and on average; they may beat rotary-shavers in terms of providing a closer shave.
  • Rotary electric-shavers: these shavers are usually designed with two, three or four floating shaving-heads that have cutters which spin behind a fine grid. Rotary shavers also give a close shave because they glide gently over the facial-contours. Additionally, these shavers are designed to be quieter and easier to clean than any foil-shaver.


  1. Know the battery charging-time: a rechargeable electric-shaver may take anywhere between 1 to 12 hours to get fully charged in order to use it cordless. So it would be best to purchase an electric-shaver that takes less time to get fully charged but sustains its charge for a longer period of time. Additionally, some electric-shaver models allow for a 5-minute, emergency charge which is very crucial in case you are in a hurry and you want to get a quick shave.
  1. Take note of the shaver’s display-indicators: when choosing an electric-shaver, first check whether it has a cleaning or battery-status indicator because this will help to show you when to clean the shaver or warn you the battery is low and needs to be recharged.
  1. Know whether the shaver can be used corded, cordless or supports both: some models of electric-shavers will let shave while plugged into power outlet (corded-mode) while other can only be used cordless and won’t allow to be used while plugged into a power outlet. However, there some shaver models that support both corded and cordless usage and I think you try to purchase such electric-shavers in case you don’t want to be inconvenienced.
  1. Ease of cleaning: when choosing an electric-shaver, it always best to know whether it can be cleaned easily. Some electric-shavers can simply be cleaned with a cleaning-brush or rinsed under running-tap water in the faucet while some electric-shaver models come with cleaning-system that uses a sanitizing liquid to thoroughly clean the shaving-heads. All in all, it will depend on you to select the type of electric-shaver in terms of cleaning.
  1. Consider a long-hair trimmer: before choosing or buying an electric-shaver, always check for a pop-up trimmer or long-hair trimmer because this is a very important tool when it comes to trimming long-hairs and styling sideburns and beards. In case you notice that the shaver does not have a built-in, pop-up trimmer, then don’t buy it and try to look for model which has this pop-up trimmer.
  1. Know if the shaver dry-shaving, wet-shaving or both: some shavers are actually designed to support only dry-shaving while others are built to support wet-shaving when having a shower. However, there also many electric-shaver models that are designed to support both dry and wet shaving hence it would be best for you to select such a shaver because it’s very versatile and convenient to use under any given conditions.
  1. Consider the charging voltage compatibility: try to buy an electric-shaver with an automatic voltage converter because you will able to use it internationally. Such a shaver is very convenient to travel with when going anywhere around the world because you be capable of charging them in order to continue enjoying a comfortable and refreshing shave.


  1. Decide whether you are getting a replaceable-battery shaver or rechargeable electric-shaver: it’s very important to first decide whether you are buying a replaceable-battery shaver or a rechargeable-battery shaver so that you don’t get confused or waste a lot of time when purchasing a shaver. In case you want to buy a shaver for occasional and convenience purposes, then buy a replaceable-battery shaver because it’s specially designed for such work. But if you are looking for an everyday shaver that is cost effective in the long-run, then buy a rechargeable battery electric-shaver.
  1. Consider the price of the shaver: electric-shavers have different price tags and actually these price differences come about as result of additional features or overall finish and quality of the shaver. In fact, cheaper electric-shaver may not have some useful features like a charge display-indicator or a cleaning station and tend to take shorter running-times and if they are rechargeable, they may take long charging-times and short shaving-times. It’s for this reason that you should try to consider the shaver’s features before you take a look at its good price and you must even know that expensive electric-shaver are in most cases the best shavers.
  1. Know the electric-shaver brand you want: the best electric-shavers on the market today have brand names familiar to most customers and these include: Braun, Panasonic, Philips, Remington and Wahl. However, although electric-shavers may come from different brands or manufacturers, you will notice that they feature the same technologies and will offer someone with the same quality shave. Additionally, shaver models like the Philips-Norelco can often share common parts like the cutting-system and this means that they will offer the same shave. however, if you decide on the electric-shaver brand to buy and you actually switching from manual-razor to that shaver or switching from a rotary to foil shaver and vice versa, then its advised to give yourself at least 3-weeks to get used to the new electric-shaver your have purchased.

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