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There are very many brands of epilators on the market lately and of different types, many of which perform really well but of course there are some that you will find being sold yet they do not work as advertised. So this leads to the big question, how can one know that this is the right epilator? It is a bit confusing especially if it is your first time to buy this kind of product, there are certain things that must be put into consideration before you choose an epilator. Now I know you must be asking yourself what these things are, well there is no need to ask all those questions anymore because I have provided a really good guideline that will help you choose the best of the best epilator.

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  • What kind of epilation do you prefer (dry or wet): the first epilators to be produced used to only be dry epilators because they work better on dry skin however with all this new technology coming up even wet epilators have been made. If your skin is extremely sensitive, it advisable to choose an epilator that can be used in both wet and dry environments because wet epilation causes less harm to sensitive skin compared to dry epilation.
  • The type of epilator:they are basically three types of epilators and each type has a different pattern of hair removal therefore you have to know which type works best. Rotating disc epilators, here the epilator’s discs open and close to capture hair, another type is the spring type epilators that operate more like the rotating disc epilators but the only difference is that are coiled together and apart. The third type is the tweezers type, this is the latest and best type. It is less painful and captures more hair depending on the number of tweezers it has. By looking these epilator types you may not tell the difference but you have to be keen enough to choose the best one.
  • Tweezers: different epilators have different number of tweezers. Epilators that have more epilators cover a larger area, capture more hair so you will spend less time epilating but they hurt more compared to epilators that have fewer tweezers. Therefore the more the tweezers the more the pain.
  • Think about the pain: like I described before, if the epilator has very many tweezers the pain increases reason being during the epilation process hair is being plucked from inside the skin so I cannot lie that you will not feel any pain. The pain also varies depending on the part you are epilating, some parts are more painful than others.
  • Which body parts can the epilator work on: in most cases epilators are used for hair removal on the legs and arms however if it has different head attachments then much better because this way you will be able to use it on even other parts such as the face, bikini area and under arms. An epilator that works on different
  • The shape of the epilator:an epilator that is small in size with curvy shape and ergonomically designed is always the best since it will be easy for you to hold, control and maneuver to different parts of the body. Curvy epilators comfortably adapt to all those curved and hard to reach areas on the body that may seem problematic to reach.
  • Speed setting: the old model epilators had only one speed setting which does not favor first time users but currently epilators are made with 2 speed setting. One that is soft or slow and another that is very fast giving you the chance to choose what speed you prefer. On that note I conclude that epilators that have 2 speed setting are the best.
  • Corded or cordless use: some epilatorare corded, this means that they only perform when plugged in such can only be used for dry epilation. Other epilators are cordless so they are rechargeable and use batteries, according to me the best shavers are rechargeable cordless shavers because they can be used for both wet and dry epilation, can be used in the shower and at the same time save you the cost of buying batteries every now and then.
  • In built light: epilators with an in built light are the best since the light enables you spot any of those really short hairs that may be left behind. Any up to date must have this option.
  • The cost of the epilator: there is an epilator for every budget so first of think about how much you are willing to spend before buying an epilator. If you are spending a lot then let it be for a reason, it should have all the necessary attachments. The choice of how much you will spend on an epilator is completely personal, it is only you who knows what is in your pocket.
  • Quiet or loud: some epilators remain quiet without making any sound while others make a very loud and disturbing noise that will irritate people around. But if you feel like the sound does not bother you then whether the epilator makes a buzzing sound or not does not really matter.
  • Make research about the epilator: read about the epilator you want to buy before you actually go ahead and buy it. These different types of epilators have been reviewed by people who have used them before on different websites, so getting what they have to said about the epilator will help you judge if the epilator works well or not. Take your time since it is your money that you are about to spend.
  • Preparation of the skin: the new epilators are engineered with a massaging function that helps to soothe your skin before the painful procedure. This is not a must but if you have a really sensitive skin and you feel scared of the pain then this is an important added feature that you should look out for.
  • Replacement parts: I understand that you can always purchase replacement parts from many stores on the internet but buying an epilator that comes with its own replacement parts will be much more convenient so you will not have to waste more time looking for where to get spare parts.

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