Braun SE7561-R Silk-epil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator Review

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Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator 1

The Braun SE7561-R Silk-epil 7  Wet and Dry Epilator is just the best epilator designed by Braun. This epilator has been designed to leave you skin super sexy and smooth for over four weeks as it removes even fine and short hair right from the roots, without causing you any kind of pain. For exceptional performance the SE7561 has 40 tweezers describing its really close grip technology enabling the epilator to remove hair to about 0.5mm.

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It does not matter which type of epilation you want to have reason being the SE7561 offers both great performance in both wet and dry conditions. Those who love epilating in the shower, this epilator has you sorted because it is 100% water proof. For maximum comfort during your epilation process, the SE7561 with wet wipes that help to perfectly prepare your skin. What you must know before purchasing the 7681 is that it will be worth each and every penny you are going to spend with its different features.


  • It is designed with an ergonomic shape, this makes the epilator very easy to hold and use on any area that you wish to epilate. It is also very light so you will not get tired from holding it even if you take a long period of time epilating.
  • Removes even the smallest hairs, the epilator has over 40 tweezers that come really close to the skin and remove hair from within so it does not matter which type of hair you have, how short or how fine it may be. This epilator’s close grip technology will ensure that no single hair strand is left behind with every pass that you make.
  • Performs well in both dry and wet situations, some people love to have a dry epilation while others prefer wet epilation so to cater for every one the epilator was designed to offer great performance both in wet and dry situations. It can be used in the shower reason being it is a cordless epilator and is water proof at the same time.


  • It is very painful; the SE7561 is even more painful than waxing according to some of the customers that have used it before. If you are a first time user of the product you better be ready for some pain. This means that if you have a very sensitive skin using the epilator will cause you irritations especially ingrown hairs.
  • Comes at really high price, the epilator costs more than $100 which is not affordable for everyone. Despite the fact that it works well and has a lot of great features, some people are just not ready to spend this kind of money on hair removal yet there are many other products on the market that can do the same thing and come at a much cheaper price.

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Features overview:

  • Pivoting head: the SE7561 can easily adapt to all your body contours especially in areas that are not that like the underarms or bikini area that are at times very problematic to epilate simply because its head is designed with the ability to pivot up to 15 degrees both forward and backward.
  • Close grip technology: the epilator removes even the shortest and finest hair up to 0.5 mm leaving the skin entirely smooth with no hairs at all reason being it is infused with 40 tweezers that come really close to the skin. With this you will be able to enjoy about four weeks of sexiness and smoothness.
  • Wet and dry: the shaver performs perfectly in both wet and dry environments so for those that love to epilate in the shower while taking a warm bath you are surely sorted as well as those that find much easier to epilate when the skin is completely dry. The epilator works according to everyone’s convenience.
  • Cordless use: usually a full epilation will take about 40 minutes which is the exact time this epilator offers performance when it is not plugged in. for those that love epilating in the shower, you will surely love this function.
  • Soft lift tips: these tips direct flat lying hairs into the tweezers by efficiently lifting them up hence removing hairs off on each and every pass.
  • Speed personalization: you can now choose whichever speed suits your needs since the epilator has two speed options. Speed 1 is slow and soft for those that want a very gentle epilation while speed 2 is fast for those who prefer high efficiency epilation.
  • High frequency massage system: this helps to arouse the skin and efficiently calms the plucking feeling that comes from epilation thus making the process less painful.
  • Smart light technology: it brightens the area being epilated so that you do not miss out even a single hair.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator 3

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Product Quality:

Braun has always manufactured some of the best products but this time round we have to admit that the SE7561 is beyond quality, it is apparently the best epilator on the market today due to it’s very unique and exceptional features. The epilator is infused with close grip technology and 40 tweezers that enable it to come as close to skin as possible to remove even the finest and shortest thus giving you up to four weeks of enjoying a smooth and hair free skin. Because Braun knows how much pain you will go through when epilating, they have designed the SE7561 with high frequency massage that helps to stimulate the skin making it ready for the plucking sensation that it is about to go through. The mere fact that most people love shaving in the shower, the epilator is made 100% water proof and can be used while it’s not plugged for about 40 minutes so you do not have to worry about it getting any kind of damage if you use it in the shower

It is further given a smart light which enables you spot even the finest hairs so there is absolutely no way you will leave out even a single hair strand. Those that love the convenience of dry together with those that have very sensitive skins are all sorted as the epilator works perfectly in both dry and wet environments. Its pivoting head adapts nicely to all contours of the body especially those flat areas that seem really problematic to epilate as it moves 15 degrees forward and back ward. To sum it all up, the Braun SE7561 Silk-épil 7 wet and Dry Epilator is made to meet all the need for both first time users of the product and those that love to remove hair by epilation.

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Who does it benefit?

Great product for first timers to epilation: the massage rollers that are designed with the epilator gently soothe the skin making it ready for the process so that you do not feel too much discomfort. It is most likely that first time users will too much discomfort compared to people that are already used to the system.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin: the epilator comes with high quality wet wipes that help to prepare the skin for the rough process it is about to go through. On top of that also has a high frequency massage system that soothes the skin to reduce pain and maximize comfort during the plucking process.

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What Else Do You Need?

  • A shaver head: when you have an epilator it is not necessary to buy a whole new shaver, this will be too much wastage of money. It is better to buy just a shaver head that you can attach and use the epilator as a full-fledged dry shaver.
  • Trimmer cap: some areas are more sensitive than others meaning epilation may not be a good way to remove hair in such areas therefore you can use the trimmer cap to help you out in such areas.
  • Efficiency cap: if you are planning on using the faster speed to epilate then you will surely need the efficiency cap as it helps to ensure really close contact to skin. This way in each you make hair will be removed so you do not have to go over the same area over and over thus reducing chancing of getting irritated.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator Review

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