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Gesture Chair by Steelcase Review

The Gesture Chair by Steelcase is a new, great office chair that will offer an ideal seating experience for any office-worker today. The Steelcase gesture-chair was actually designed to support people who work in more unconventional postures while using portable devices like: tablets, smart-phones and laptops for longer periods.

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In fact this office-chair’s design was influenced by the natural motions of the human body and that why it’s equipped with a flexible LiveBack technology and a 360-degree arm-movement which allows it to move along with your body while providing extra support and comfort. All in all, the Gesture Chair by Steelcase is the first office-chair designed to support the way you interact with today’s technologies hence improving your overall body-health even when sitting for long periods of time.


  • The Gesture Chair by Steelcase is actually very comfortable because it features a very soft and flexible seat which enables the user to sit in various postures without any obstruction or discomfort. In fact, with such a seat you will able to sit for a long period of time without experiencing back pain.
  • This office chair offers various adjustment options which are easy and quick to use. This implies that it is capable of taking into account different body-types and sitting-postures hence fulfilling each individuals needs.
  • The Gesture office-Chair has 360° armrests that move just like the human-arm thus offering extra arm-support in any position. In fact, your arms and shoulders will stay supported regardless of the device being used thus ensuring that you get the most amazing sitting experience.


  • The Gesture Chair by Steelcase is very expensive compared to other ergonomic chairs on the market and this means that it can be afforded by only people willing to spend more on office-chair. In fact, someone can actually get an office chair with same or more features than the Gesture Chair at a reasonable price.
  • Lastly, this office-chair lacks an adjustable lumbar support which is required when it comes to keeping your back in a good condition. However, it is designed with a 3D live technology which allows the users back to conform to almost any posture while sitting.

Gesture Chair by Steelcase Review



Features overview:

  • 4D armrests: this office-chair actually features unique 4D armrests that are capable of supporting a much wider range of arm positions compared to any traditional office-chair arms. In fact, these armrests feature a one-touch release which allows them to adjust in a 360° motion just like the human-arm. This implies that the users arms and shoulders will remain well-supported when texting on a Smartphone, typing on a keyboard or swiping on a tablet.
  • 3D LiveBack technology: the 3D LiveBack technology equipped into the Gesture Chair by Steelcase allows the back to move and conform to nearly any sitting posture. This implies that your back will be fully supported while sitting in this office-chair hence eliminating any back or neck issues related to long-hours of sitting when working.
  • Core equalizer system: the unique core equalizer system on the Steelcase Gesture chair can automatically adjust with the angle of the seat and back in order to offer an optimum-level of lumbar support when reclined or upright. In other words, the core equalizer system provides continuous and persistent back-support while working.
  • Variable back stop: it also features a variable back-stop which can be adjusted to provide a more or less recline range when seated. However, the major purpose of this back-stop is to secure the chair’s seat to fixed reclining angle you swing in this chair while working.
  • Adjustable tilt tension: the Steelcase Gesture-chair features a unique adjustable tilt-tension with unparalleled degree of flexibility that allows this office-chair to support the body in nearly any posture. In fact, the tilting angle between seat and back is approximately 98º to 116º which is actually a good for your back-health.
  • An adjustable seat: this chair comes with fully adjustable seat with a passive front-seat edge that flexes to minimize pressure against the thighs and knee joint while sitting. Additionally, this seat is also flexible at the perimeter in order to allow the users to sit in a wide-range of postures without obstruction.
  • It’s made of quality materials: the Gesture Chair is made from only quality materials whereby it features a platinum back-frame, base and cylinder. Additionally, it has a Seagull back-wrap and seat-perimeter coupled with a cogent-connect graphite upholstery. All these materials are very durable and are meant to last for a lifetime.
  • Durable casters: this quality office chair comes equipped with standard hard caster-wheels for carpets. Likewise, these casters are very flexible and can easily rotate or move to different directions while sitting in this office-chair. Additionally, the caster-wheels can also work perfectly when placing this office-chair on top of carpet which is a good thing.
  • It is recyclable: this Steelcase chair is also 92% recyclable by weight but this may depend on the chair options selected. In fact, this chair is even made of up-to 30% recycled content and this makes it perfect chair for the environment.
  • Heavy-duty office-chair: it is also a heavy-duty chair that has been Weight-tested to support up to 300-lbs. This implies that the Gesture Chair by Steelcase is capable of supporting both thin and large people thus creating a wide range of users.
  • Environmentally friendly: the Gesture office-chair is manufactured using powder-coated paints, water-based adhesives and VOC-free manufacturing processes whereby all these are friendly to the environment. On top of that, the Gesture office-chair even contains reusable parts that help to reduce on waste.

Gesture Chair by Steelcase Review

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Product Quality:

The Gesture Chair by Steelcase is amongst the best quality office-chairs on the market today because it equipped with numerous useful features coupled with an unparallel degree of flexibility which enables it to support the user in almost every posture. the chair actually features a 3D LiveBack technology that enable the users back to contour with this chair’s backrest coupled with a core equalizer system which moves along with your body while conforming to the back as you move or recline while sitting in this chair. on the other hand, the unique 4D armrests placed onto this office-chair support a wide-range of arm positions than any other standard office-chair on the market and this mainly because of the one-touch release function which allows these 4D arms to adjust in a 360-degree motion just like the human arms.

On top of that, the adjustable tilt-tension enables the user to tilt to desired angle while the variable back stop system will help you to secure the desired tilting level while sitting in this office-chair. Likewise, the flexible front-seat edge on this chair helps to eliminate the development of any stress on your thighs and knees when seated for maximum comfort. In conclusion, the Steelcase Gesture Chair was actually built to meet all the needs of a modern office due to its exceptional range of motion designed to support different workers regardless of what type of device they are using.


Who does it benefit?

  • Works well for people with neck and back pains: the Gesture Chair by Steelcase is recommended to those with neck and back pains because its back and seat move as a synchronized system in order to provide continuous and persistent support while working. Additionally, this chair even features a 3D Liveback technology which allows the back to move and conform to nearly every posture when sitting thus eliminating the occurrence of back and neck issues while working.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Extended Gaming Mouse Mat or Pad: in case you are using a light-sensor mouse yet you have a shining work-desk, then try to purchase a mouse pad because it will help to keep your mouse in a good condition for long period of time. Additionally, the mouse-pad even helps to prevent reflections which not good and these occur when using a shiny table like glass-table or high-gloss table.
  • Deluxe Edge Desk-Protector: in case your work-desk has sharp edges or if its beginning to get destroyed on the edges, then buy an edge desk-protector in order to protect yourself from getting harmed and to keep the desk edges in good condition for a long period of time.

Gesture Chair by Steelcase Review 1

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