16 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs 2020

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Best Office ChairI have analyzed thousands of ergonomic office chairs online and I managed to compile a detailed list of top 10 office chairs on the market.

In this post, I will cover specs and pros of each chair. Some might cost you an arm and a leg but I have also included some affordable brands.

Customer ratings and satisfaction are quoted from verified stores but these rating will change over time, so you can click on the ”product link” on each product to verify current rating”   I have featured 16 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs from which you can choose from.







HEALTH FACTS: On average, we spend more than 5 hours sitting and the main cause of back pain is sitting on a poorly designed office chair for long. According to science, sitting for longer hours can reduce on your life span. It affects the blood flow system in your body and sometimes it results into heart attacks. If you sit for more than 8 hours a day without standing or walking, chances of getting a blood clot or heart attack are high. Purchasing any of these ergonomic chairs does not guarantee that you won’t have health issues is you sit for long. These chairs are comfortable and they save you from getting lower / upper back pain. But you need to get off that chair and work while standing, you can as well move around the office to improve on your blood floor.





Since not all office chairs found on the market can offer you with the right back support – you need to learn a few basics on how to spot the right office chair for your back. Sitting for a long time on a poorly designed chair can put pressure on the spine and later result into serious back pain. On this list I have features many choices which fit your needs. However, let us go through some steps on how to buy the right chair for your office.


  • Price:- The price of office chairs differs from model to model and it is determined by a number of factors including; material, shape / design and features found on that chair. For example, a chair with a Lumbar back support cushion and adjustable arms is priced differently from a regular office chair. A good example on this list is ”Aeron Chair by Herman Miller” – this premium model comes at a big price  – its high tech mesh fabric does not work like conventional office chairs that is to why its price is quite big. On the other hand, you can get a chair with a good pivoting lumbar and leather finishing at about 250 / 300. A good example is ”Serta 44186 Back in Motion Health and Wellness Mid-Back Office Chair” – it features a BIM active lumbar which pivots to your movements thus putting no pressure on your spine & lower back . Other notable features that might determine the price of an office chair include; adjustable hands, Ergonomic positioned seat, Adjustable, Rear tilt lock and strength of the frame.


  • Comfort & Ergonomics:- Remember that you spend more than 5 hours sitting in-front of that computer. If you want to perform well; a comfortable ergonomic chair is necessity to you. This type of chair will hold your back and neck firmly without causing any discomfort. After deciding on how much money you will spend on a high quality office chair – look for a model which is comfortable to maximize your performance. A few months back I invest in a medium priced chair of about $150, it served me well during the first weeks but as time went – I started feeling some lower back pain I couldn’t use the chair any more…..I say this because majority of you will opt for a medium priced chair and ignore the comfort issue. Look for a model with an ergonomic shape, it will hold your back very well and support the lower back as desired. A model like ”Ergohuman ME7ERG-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel chair ” has a neck support feature which prevents neck pain. If the hands are adjustable, you will find it very easy to use any office table (be it short / long)





  1. Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller:

Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Polished Aluminum Frame - Leather Arms

This list is dominated by Aeron ergonomic office chairs, In my opinion they’re the best office chairs on the market; competing very well with top brands like Serta, Boss and Haworth. This Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is the best ergonomic office chair for back pain.

Sitting for longer hours can result into serious back pain.  You have to use well crafted chair to support your back well. When sitting on a chair, your back is suppose to be straight, avoid bending when typing / using a computer. This Aeron chair will hold your back firmly so you will not feel tired even when you sit for longer hours. I highly recommend this chair to managers, programmers / coders, secretaries, writers / bloggers, gamers and all those people with back pain issues. Its price tag is a little bit high but you can still get something similar to this from Herman Miller’s store.


This chair has scored a customer rating of 9.9 (99% customer satisfaction) It almost got 5 star rating but there is always someone with issues. As of now the product has a 28% discount so you can grab it when the price is still low.


  • Different colors (Blue-black Tuxedo / Carbon classic/ Carbon Wave / Cobalt Classic / Grey-Black Tuxedo / Lead Classic). You can choose from any of these colors and spice up the looks of your office.
  • Features a posture fit and leather arms which are comfortable (Great value for money)
  • Well crafted ergonomic shape to support your lower back hence preventing lower back pain. If you sit for long like me, I highly recommend this chair to you. It will save you lots of cash in the long run and it will also increase on your productivity. But it does not come with a headrest though you can buy a separate headrest and attach it on the chair.
  • 12 year warranty (this confirms the durability of the chair – even the manufacturer is sure of what they’re selling.)
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 24 x 24 inches (It can fit in any small office)
  • Synthetic Material.
  • Large (supports both small and big people)
  • Polished Aluminum frame (this gives it a shinny & smooth look)

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2. Lively Task Chair – 4D Arms-Lumbar-Forward (By Haworth)

Lively Task Chair by Haworth

Just like its name, it is a lively task chair, not flashy but elegant and masculine. If you’re looking for a very strong office chair, this is the best recommendation I have for you. This chair can tilt back and forth but it comes with a back lock which you can use to secure the chair in one position. It was designed by Steve Nemeth and Haworth Design studio. It is an ideal chair for hardworking people, forward-thinking offices and small business startups.


This Lively chair has a distinct design and it’s (price tag) suits your wallet. Change the environment of your home office with this durable ergonomic chair. As of now, it has has scored a customer rating of 10/10 (100% customer satisfaction). I’m impressed by this rating; it clearly shows how wonderful this chair is. At a glance, the chair looks strong and durable and its price is somehow affordable. If you spend too much time on a computer, you will love this chair because it supports your back and arms very well preventing ”lower / upper back pain. It is adjustable, so you can set it to a desired height.


  • Ergonomic design (to secure & protect your back from any healthy issues)
  • 4D Arms
  • Tilt & Back lock
  • Tension Back Fabric
  • Adjustable seat
  • Soft Casters
  • Optional height adjustable lumbar
  • Standard-equipped tension back

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3. Gesture Chair by Steelcase – Wrapped Back

Gesture Chair by Steelcase - Wrapped Back - Platinum Metallic Frame

We have already looked at Aeron Executive chair featured In position 1, it out ranks majority of office chairs on the market but this Gesture Chair by Steelcase with a wrapped back is a state of the art. Trust me, I have trouble choosing between Executive Aeron Chair and this Gesture Chair by Steelcase. It has a platinum metallic frame which makes it strong and durable. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys riding in the office while on my chair and this is the reason why I brake them all the time, but if I get my hands on this Gesture office chair, I will be that guy everyone will love / hate for being mobile and cool. There is no better way I can review this well crafted chair, but it’s the best ergonomic office chair for you and me.  According to Steel-case, they carried out research on 2000 people in 11 countries to study how we sit and the effects of different postures. Results from this research inspired Steel-case to create the world’s no.1 ergonomic office chair. Once you own this chair, your office environment will change and also the way you do your work will change.


It is very rare to find a product with a 10/10 rating (100% customer satisfaction), but this chair has scored that rating and I fully agree with the stats. I have to say the truth; ”I don’t own this chair because its price tag is way above my monthly income” but this is a chair I would die for or do anything to have. The economy has shifted from the industrial age where people used to work for longer hours while standing on production lines, this is a century of information technology & computers. At least 3/5 people spend more than 5 hours seated in-front of a computer. If you use a poorly designed office chair, you will suffer from back & neck pain and this will reduce on your production hence affect your income. So, the best way of doing more and earn more is to invest in a premium ergonomic office chair like this one.


  • Wrapped back (this secures your back very well)
  • Platinum Metallic Frame (very strong and nice looking)
  • Seagull Accents
  • Platinum Metallic base (it can support any weight)
  • Standard Carpet casters
  • Connect graphite fabric
  • Adjustable arms
  • Adjustable frame (both short and tall people can use this chair)

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4. Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair 

Office Master OM5 Black Frame Ergonomic Modern Stylish Office Chair with Adjustable Arms

In position 3 we have office master OM5 black frame ergonomic modern stylish office chair, it has adjustable arms which will improve your working experience. At a glance it looks more like an ordinary chair but that curvy ergonomic back will support your body (back) very well. This is the kind of chair you would put at your office workstation. It does not consume too much space yet it performs just like other premium manager chairs featured above.


As ordinary as this chair might look, it has managed to score a 10/10 rating (100% customer satisfaction). Its price is quite affordable compared to Aeron chairs and other related premium office chairs. When you order for this chair, you will get a lifetime warranty. Now that is a great deal, at first I thought that Aeron Chairs had the best warranty of 12 years, but if Office master offers you with a lifetime warranty, I see no reason why you don’t get this chair. The manufacturer of this chair is 100% sure of its quality and durability that is to why they give you a Lifetime warranty. In addition to its weight, this is a self weighing chair, it can respond to a wide range of body weight and size without doing any manual adjustment.



  • Self weighing
  • Adjustable back height ( saves you from both lower & upper back pains)
  • Adjustable T-Arms
  • Ergonomic seat cushion

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5. SAYL Chair by Herman Miller (Affordable & highly rated) 

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller - Basic - White-Fog Arms and Cherry Seat

Forget about those ordinary office chairs you have been using in the past, this SAYL office chair will revolutionize your workplace and it will change the way you do things. Its design is unique and beautiful; it is an ergonomic chair with style. For sure I don’t like working on Monday’s but if I have this kind of chair at work, it will be the only thing to take me to work every Monday. It seems to be very comfortable; the back has a nested frame which allows in air so your back will always be aerated even on hot days. If you’re searching for a GOOD & AFFORDABLE ergonomic office chair , this is the best chair I can recommend to you. Others with the same shape can cost you 900, so this is a good deal. Tech guys in Silicon Valley with fresh startups, you should have one of these chairs in your office because you need to work for longer hours and a good ergonomic chair has a great role to play in tech business development. I will also get one for my self at the end of this year.


I’m sure you will get shocked by this product’s customer rate on Amazon, its 10/10 (100% customer satisfaction).  I just love the design and concept of this chair. It is designed by a well known San Francisco designer Yves Behar. This innovative chair features 2 state-of-the-art features which make it unique and worth your money. These include; ArcSpan and the Y-Tower. The Arcspan shaped the back of the chair and anchors the suspension fabric to support your back with ease. Yet the Y-tower works as the backbone of the chair, it stretches the fabric and provides you with good support. This design was inspired by the Golden Gate suspension bridge. It can load and support any body weight. It uses less material yet it offers the best results.


  • Unframed chair ( it changes the way office chairs look)
  • Ergonomic design which supports your back hence preventing back pain and related issues.
  • Dimension (Height: 34.25-38.75″ Width: 24.5″ Depth: 24.5″)
  • Fixed Arms


  • I recommend this chair to people with both upper & lower back pain.
  • People who work for long hours (18hrs a day)
  • Old people
  • People with small offices
  • People who take comfort as part of work
  • Stylish people with taste for good things
  • Website developers & designers
  • People searching for an alternative for Aeron Chair
  • People fascinated by Herman Miller chairs
  • Editors
  • Writers
  • Gamers


‘’This is a 10/10 perfect chair, it is designed to perform and offer you with comfort .

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  1. DX Racer OH/FD01/GN Office Chair: (Best PC Gaming Ergonomic Computer Chair) 

DX Racer OH-FD01-GN Office Chair Recliner Esport WCG IEM ESL Dreamhack PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair DXRACER Rocker

When it comes to choosing an office chair, you should opt for a chair which describes your character. I don’t why people say that we have to struggle for a better future.  If you love sports cars like I do, you will fall in love with this Esport office chair. DX Racer gaming office chair will bring a new gaming life in your office and if you enjoy playing Video games during your free time, this is the best gaming chair on the market.



This is a true racing seat; it will modernize your home office and at the same time improve on your working experience. DXRacer’s chair is a perfect answer for men looking for luxury; I don’t expect women to opt for this chair unless when they love sports cars. I give this chair a 9.8 / 10 (98% customer satisfaction).If you sit for more than 8 hours, you will need this type of chair because it has high-density cold cure foam fillings which make the chair very comfortable. It has an adjustable lumbar support cushion which ensures that your back is well secured and protected from injuries caused by sitting for longer hours. You can as well tilt this sports chair up-to 170 degrees, this will give you the pleasure to sit / rest in any way you want.



  • Ergonomic design
  • Headrest for preventing neck pain and a lumbar cushion.
  • Race car seat breathable fabric material.
  • Soft adjustable armrest to protect your shoulders and wrist.
  • Strong and durable duty base.
  • High straight back (to secure your back)
  • Flexible (170-degree angle adjuster) – you can move your body in any way you want.
  • Adjustable height gas-spring
  • Tilt mechanism with lock System

NOTE: – You will get a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 2 year warranty on parts.

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  1. Setu Chair by Herman Miller 

Setu Chair by Herman Miller - With Arms - Alloy Base - Graphite Frame - 5 Star base with standard carpet casters

Setu wins position 7 on our list of the best office chairs, it features a very simple design but its arms can’t be adjusted. To me it looks more like my ordinary office chair though its shape is somehow polished and ergonomic. According to its shape, I doubt if it can stretch to the back like the other top 3 chairs, but its stiff design makes it the best computer desk office chair. Experts advise us to sit straight when typing and to tilt our neck slightly. Judging from the way this share was designed, your back will be pushed straight (to the front) preventing the spine from bending hence reducing / preventing unnecessary back pain.



Setu Chair by Herman Miller has an alloy base and a graphite frame which makes it strong and durable. Its structure and design can accommodate people of all weights; however it does not seem to be a good chair for short people because its arms are fixed in one position. Considering the simplicity of this ergonomic chair, I will give it a 9.5 / 10 rating (95% customer satisfaction)



  • Ergonomic design to support your back. It will prevent lower & upper back pains.
  • Alloy Base which is durable and strong. This chair can last for many years
  • Graphite frame
  • Standard carpet casters
  • Kinematic SpineTM which provides you with a perfect flex & strength
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 29 inches ;
  • Weight:- 27 pounds
  • Adjustable

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  1. SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat

SPACE seating professional manager’s chair is the best selling ergonomic office chair . It is an affordable office chair with a simple ergonomic design. 97% of office chairs featured on this list cost more than 200 dollars and not everyone can afford that huge price. Office star has crafted this chair for small basic offices and young startups with fixed budgets. It is a cool home office desk chair but you can’t sit for more than 8 hours on this chair, its back is short though ergonomic. It can work as a managers / visitors chair. If you have high back pain, I suggest you get a high back chair because this type of chair will worsen the situation. The main reason why I featured it on this list is because of its affordability and ergonomic shape.



However short it might look, this chair has great support for the lower back and it is very easy to adjust. It will save your knees and lower back from pain yet at the same time it fits in a very small office. Due to its design, comfort and durability, SPACE seating professional leather office chair has scored a customer rating of  9.4 / 10 ( 94% customer rating). On the other hand, some customers say that the arm rest moves often than expected which is a bit disturbing but other than that, this chair rocks.


  • Adjustable arms
  • Eco leather seat
  • Ergonomic
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Tilt control & Tilt tension
  • Soft PU Pads on the arms
  • Heavy duty nylon base

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  1. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair – Alternative for Aeron Chair) 

Steelcase Leap Navy Fabric Chair

I have noticed something unique about this chair’s seat. It is curvy, so your butt will be intact, you will feel like you’re sitting on a message chair and the back is also curved, it holds your back very well hence preventing any back pain issues. Your spine will be well supported and the arms are adjustable so you can raise them to suit your working conditions. For sure this office chair rocks; It comes in various colors and these include; black, burgundy, camel, gray and navy blue. Steelcase’s is no.1 selling ergonomic chair on Amazon and I think it can compete very well with Aeron Chairs. So if you have been looking for an alternative of Aeron Chair, look no further than this.


At the moment, Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair has scored a customer rating of 9.3 / 10  (93% Customer Satisfaction). This chair can accommodate all sorts of people; it has a standard size so you don’t have to look for a large / small size. This is an all-in-one ergonomic office chair. No need of adjusting your body to fit in the chair. Steelcase Leap back office chair uses LiveBack technology which enables the chair to leap back and forth without interrupting your sitting posture. You can move your body in any way you want, the chair will always follow your movements hence put no restrictions on how you sit / work.



  • Lower back firmness:- You can easily set the amount of firmness to help maintain your lower spine’s movement & natural curve. Using this feature, will help you prevent lower back pain.
  • Adjustable seat depth: This enables you to adjust the chair to fit the length of your legs and body shape. In this case, your leg & torso length will be independent and well balanced.
  • Variable back stop:- You can use this feature to set the recline angle for your back. The chair has 5 positions from which you can choose from. I suggest you test them all until you get the right angle.
  • Upper back force:- If you have issues with your upper back, this feature will enable you set the amount of push back that you want.
  • Flexible seat Edge:- This is what made me fall for this chair, the seat does not look like those ordinary office chair seats that you’re used too. That is to why I recommend it as an alternative for Aeron Chairs. The seat automatically flexes to relieve pressure on the back of your legs. Now I know why my legs hurt when I sit for long. The type of chair I have does not have this feature.
  • Natural Glide system
  • Adjustable Lumbar
  • Thermal comfort
  • LiveBack
  • Adjustable Arms

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  1. Serta 43506 Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair

Serta 43506 Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair Brown

When you talk about an office chair, this is the type of chair that comes into someone’s mind. True, it is an office chair but it is classified as a managerial & executive chair. It is the kind of chair you should have in a business office. It’s completed with soft brown leather which adds value to its looks. It can support up-to 350 lbs so majority of my readers will have a chance to use it in their offices. The arm is made out of classic bentwood so you can’t adjust the arm as it is with the other models featured on this list. On the other hand, I doubt if I can sit in this chair during summer / hot days. Leather heats up very fast so chances of sweating at the back during a hot day are high.

SERTA is an excellent executive chair for only tall & big guys. If you’re short, you might consider ”SPACE Seating Professional chair’’ featured in position 8



The chair its self is great though some parts crack with time. It comes at a very good price and this makes it the best ergonomic office chair under 300. So far it has scored a 9.2/10 rating (92% customer rating). This indicates that the chair performs really well. It is very comfortable and nice for your office. You can use it at your workplace or home office.  SERTA seems to be the best company to make these executive chairs because I have checked out their product line and majority of their executive chairs look nice and durable. I have also discovered new models of this chair with adjustable arms; Namely Serta 44187 & Serta 44186.

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  1. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame - with PostureFit - Carbon Classic

In position 11 I have feature Aeron Chair again, it’s not that I’m fascinated about this model, but I base on customer ratings and reviews. These chairs have been used by different people who post their experience with a product on Amazon; at least this helps me to filter the best office chair for you. This is a genuine Herman Miller ergonomic chair, it is highly adjustable and user friendly. I’m sure there is no other office chair which works as harder as this chair to relieve your back and neck from pain. If your job requires you to type or sit in-front of a computer for a longer period (more than 5 hours), then this Aeron Chair by Herman Miller chair is the best for you. I can rate it as the best ergonomic computer chair out there on the market. I’m a full time blogger and I sit for over 8 hours but using a chair which supports my back & neck helps, it pushes me to work for longer hours and deliver the best. So if you have been inefficient in the past few weeks / months, think of replacing that old office chair with this well designed chair and see what happens.



So far this highly adjustable graphite frame chair has scored a customer rating of 9.1/10 (91% customer satisfaction). It does not have leather arms like the executive Aeron chair featured in position 1; its arms are like that of an ordinary office chair.  The price tag of this model is a little bit small compared to its counterpart in position



  • Genuine Highly Adjustable Aeron
  • Posture Fit back support
  • Best ergonomic design (to support your back – makes it a good computer chair)
  • Forward Tilt
  • Tilt Limiter
  • Adjustable Padded Arms (this makes it a cool office chair for short people, you don’t have to worry about your height any more – this chair will sort you out)
  • High tech mesh fabric (gives it a high quality look & feel. It does not work like conventional office chairs on the market)
  • 12 – Year factory warranty. ( I have nothing else to add on this)

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  1. Ergohuman ME7ERG-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel chair

Ergohuman ME7ERG-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel chair

This Ergohuman office chair finds its self in position 12. Remember this list features only the best office chairs, so the position of a chair on this list is determined by customer ratings on Amazon. Some of these chairs will remain in the same position but I will keep on updating this list to see who has gone down / up during the year. You can get this Ergohuman office chair in different colors and these include; Black, blue, Burgundy, Copper, Green, and Grey. Choose a color basing on the colors in your office. For-example, if you have a plain white painted office, a Burgundy chair will work but make sure you match it with complimenting products.



Before tackling product rate and customer satisfaction, I want to point out one essential feature on this chair and that is a headrest. Most office chairs featured on this list don’t come with an attached headrest; so you have to invest more money to get that single headrest unit. Aeron chairs have this headrest unit but you have to buy it separate yet Aeron Chairs cost and arm and a leg. Ergo human mesh chair features a mesh seat at the back which improves air circulation at the back. During hot days, your back will not heat up or sweat because it will be getting enough air. This chair has a customer rate of 9.1/10 (91% customer satisfaction).



  • High back
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Chrome base with nylon casters
  • Adjustable arms
  • Fully adjustable base
  • Tilt lock
  • Back angle


  1. Embody Chair by Herman Miller

Embody Chair by Herman Miller - Fully Adjustable Arms - Black Balance Fabric on Graphite Frame and Base

I would say that this is an innovation of the decade but it can’t out compete SAYL Chair by Herman Miller. But it also has a very unique style and some outstanding features. This is an expensive office chair, but you will get what you pay for, at least its worth its price tag. This chair was designed by Herman Miller and it falls in the category of the popular Aeron chairs. It is well sized (Large) so anyone can fit in this chair. It has adjustable arms which makes it the best ergonomic chair for short people with short hands. At least your hands will not be below the desk, you can adjust the arms of this chair and also adjust its height and sit comfortably like tall people. If you have a home office and you have always had issues with office chairs which make your back hurt, opt for this Embody Chair by Herman Miller. You will get a 12 – year Herman Millar warranty, so if the chairs does not perform as expected or it gets any damage during these 12 years, you return it back and get a replacement.



This Embody chair has scored a rating of 8.8 / 10 ( 88% customer satisfaction), majority of its users give it an average rate but its overall rating is not bad, this is good value for money. It is effortlessly supportive, it is not too firm / soft, but you can adjust it to any height of your choice and the arms can as well be adjusted. Your back will be well supported and this will prevent back pain issues, however, if you already have back pain problems, this chair will not fix them but it will reduce on further pain.



  • Ergonomic curves
  • Fully Adjustable Arms
  • Graphite Frame and base which makes it durable and able to support any body weight.
  • Fabric and soft finish
  • Arm pads are tough
  • Weight and dimension (52 pounds – Product Dimension = 28 x 28 x 24.5 inches )

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  1. Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller - Basic - Graphite Frame - Alpine

Judging from the shape of this chair, it can be a good alternative for Aeron Chair. In terms of shape, both chairs share the same ergonomic shape. The lower seat is shaped in the same manner like Aeron chair. The arms feature a soft pad like that on a Aeron chair. I see no difference between these two models. I know they are supplied by Herman Miller and that could be the reason why they look alike. Mirra has a central spine construction which offers the chair with great support. The back of this chair is frame-less but the spine construction will ensure that you get the right back support.  If you’re interested in protecting the environment, you should buy this chair because 42% of the chair’s material was derived from recycled products. So the more Mirra Chairs you buy, the safer the world becomes.



  • Fixed arms
  • No Lumbar support
  • Pneumatic Lift
  • Standard Tilt

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  1. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

This is a low budget executive office chair – So if you have a very small budget and your back gives you issues every time you sit, this is the best recommendation for you. It is also ergonomic, so you don’t have to worry about back support. The soft leather and padded arms make it very comfortable to use even for more than 8 hours. The back of the chair is too soft, your back will be messaged throughout the day and you will enjoy what you’re work. It is an ordinary chair but it has some essential features which you might have interest in and these include:

  • Lumbar support
  • Pneumatic seat,
  • Height adjustment,
  • Upholstered black leather,
  • Waterfall seat design which prevents leg fatigue,
  • Upright locking position,
  • Adjustable tilt tension control.


Its weight capacity is 250 pounds, if you’re about that weight, please opt for a stronger model. If the black leather gets  dirty, clean it with mild soap and water.

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  1. Zody Chair by Haworth 

Zody Chair by Haworth - Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms - Black Seat and Back with Lumbar - Black Base


I will conclude this review of the best office chairs in 2018 with this Zody chair. It is a very simple office chair. Its arms are stationed in one position just like other ordinary office chairs, but its shape and ergonomic high back will redefine how you sit and work. The back has a nested fabric which allows air circulation. Zody will be the first chair to be authorized by the American Physical Therapy Association, so you better grab it when the price is still low. It is highly adjustable so you can choose the right height for yourself. It has the following features: Black seat & back with Lumbar, Casters for hard floors/ carpets, Forward Tilt. Back stop, Pneumatic Lift.

Many users vote it as the best office chair ever; it is very comfortable and durable. The arm rest pivot easily so you can move them in and out hence supporting any seating posture.

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This marks the end of this detailed review on the ”Best Office Ergonomic Chair ”. Bookmark this post for future reference. Hope It was a helpful post.

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