Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Review – Polished Aluminum Frame

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Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Review

The Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller happens to be one of the most popular office chairs on the market and this mainly because of its unparalleled ergonomic comfort and support. In fact, this office-chair features many ergonomic functions that will ensure optimum comfort yet it does not contain any traditional foam or fabrics like most office-chairs.

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Additionally, the Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is designed to instantly adapt to all the motions through daily while seated by facilitating for healthy comfort and balanced-body support. This chair is even easy to use because it’s equipped with user-friendly adjustment controls coupled with an innovative suspension thus letting this office chair to move effortlessly as the body moves. All in all, the Executive Aeron Chair will change everyone’s attitude towards office-chairs and this is mainly due to its revolutionary look and advanced ergonomics.


  • This office chair is very comfortable whereby it has leather arm-rests coupled with a form-fitting pellicle suspension that can virtually adapt to any body shape and size. In fact, you will be able to work for longer hours while sitting in this office-chair but you will never about back-pains or other complications like in the legs and neck.
  • The Executive Aeron Chair will help to keep your body cool while working because it features a unique breathable pellicle suspension that was specially designed to keep your body feeling cool and comfortable.
  • Lastly, this office-chair looks nice, elegant, causal and its even equipped with high-tech. in fact this is a beautiful and distinctive chair that will work perfectly when placed into your home office or anywhere else. Additionally, this chair come in a variety of colors coupled with a range of finish options in order to satisfy the user’s needs.



  • The only drawback that you may get with the Executive Aeron Chair is that it’s very expensive whereby some people may not actually afford it. However, although it’s very expensive, it’s completely worth it because it ensures total comfort.


Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Review



Features overview:

  • It’s ergonomic: this office chair is ergonomically shaped whereby it features a Posturefit that avoids back-pain coupled with pellicle suspension that conforms to the body for optimum comfort.
  • PostureFit mechanism: The amazing PostureFit mechanism equipped into this office-chair helps to support or ensure that the pelvis tilts naturally forward so that your spine stays aligned and this will greatly help to avoid back pains which are associated with long hours of sitting.
  • Pellicle suspension: The Executive Aeron features a Pellicle-suspension that conforms to the body shape and size thus reducing on pressure points and even offers unparalleled support or comfort.
  • Breathable Pellicle suspension: This unique Pellicle-suspension is breathable whereby it’s capable of dissipating the body-heat that builds-up while working hence keeping you feeling cool and comfortable. This feature will work perfectly for people who over sweat while working.
  • Patented Kinemat tilt-mechanism: The patented Kinemat tilt-mechanism lets the Aeron office-chair move effortlessly with your whole body like as if the body is telling the chair what to do. In fact, this mechanism will let your shoulders, neck, hips, knees and ankles pivot effortlessly while sitting even for longer hours.
  • Wide and contoured back section: This Executive Aeron Office-Chair is designed with a high, wide and contoured back section that helps to take pressure off the lower spine hence facilitating for the most comfortable sitting experience.
  • Leather arms: this office-chair features leather Armrests which actually slope slightly down in the back to facilitate for the most natural and comfortable support. With such comfortable armrests, you will be able to work for long hours without experiencing any pain in the arm joints.
  • A waterfall front-edge: The waterfall front-edge of the seat on this office-chair helps to take pressure off your thighs so that blood can keep circulating smoothly thus making you stay alert and focused while working even for long-hours.
  • An innovative suspension: the Executive Aeron Chair is designed with an innovative suspension with nine easy-to-use adjustment controls hence letting this office-chair do what is just right for the way you work.
  • It looks great: The Aeron chair actually looks beautiful and distinctive whereby it will fit perfectly into your home or workplace office. In fact, this office chair is elegant, casual and even features high-tech that makes it feel very comfortable. Additionally, it comes in a range of colors and finish options.
  • Environmentally friendly: this office chair is environmentally friendly because more than half of it is recyclable material and it’s probably 94-percent recyclable. Additionally, this office-chair does not contain traditional fabric or foam but it’s surprisingly very comfortable and ergonomic.
  • It comes in various sizes and colors: The Aeron office-Chair is actually available in 3 different sizes and this implies that there is always a chair to fit just about anyone. Likewise, they are even available in different colors hence you can always select a color that looks best for you.

Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - 1

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The Executive Aeron Chair is a high-quality and most popular office chair ever made. This mainly because the Executive Aeron Chair is the first to replace upholstery material with a breathable, form-fitting, pellicle suspension which can actually adapt to almost every-body while keeping the user cool and focused even after long-hours of working. In fact, this chair has advanced ergonomics whereby its designed with  Posturefit mechanism that will support the way your pelvis tilts in order to keep the spine well-aligned hence avoiding any back-pain. On top of that, the pellicle suspension will also conform to the body shape thus reducing on pressure points while ensuring unparallel support. The patented Kinemat tilt mechanism enables this office-chair to move effortlessly with the whole body and this actually ensures that the neck, shoulders, hip, ankles and knees pivot naturally while sitting.

On the other hand, the Executive Aeron Chair features an innovative suspension with nine easy-to-use adjustment controls that enable the user to set this chair to a desired level for optimum comfort. Additionally, the high, wide and contoured back-section of this office chair helps to eliminate pressure off the lower spine to ensure longer hours of comfortable working while seated. The leather armrests on this chair are also designed in such a way that they slope slightly down to the back in order to ensure natural and comfortable support while the waterfall front-edge on the actual seat helps to eliminate pressure from the thighs so that blood can continue circulating hence keeping you alert and focused. In conclusion, this office chair is environmentally-friendly whereby almost half it is recycled material and its even 94% recyclable. These office-chairs are even available in 3-different sizes in order to fit just about anyone and they even come in various colors and polish-finishes.

Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Review -1

Who does it benefit?

  • Good for people with back problems: this amazing office-chair is just a perfect choice for people with back-pain problems because it’s designed with a Posturefit mechanism which supports the way your pelvis tilts and also ensures that the spine stays aligned in position thus avoiding any back pains which tend to be very common amongst old people.


  • Works well for people who work for longer hours: the Executive Aeron Chair will work for you in case you work longer hour daily because it’s equipped with some of the best technologies that will ensure that someone achieves utmost comfort while sitting for long periods of time. some of these technologies include; a Posturefit mechanism that supports the back, a breathable pellicle suspension that eliminates body-heat which builds up when working, a patented Kinematic tilt-mechanism which lets the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles pivot naturally, a high-wide-contoured back that eliminates pressure from the lower spine and leather armrests which slope slightly down to the back to ensure utmost comfort and natural-support.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Herman Miller Hard-Floor Hardwood Caster Wheels: these office-chair wheels come in a set of 5-Casters and will fit perfectly on any standard office-chair. But these wheels are meant to be used on hard or uneven floor because they are very strong and durable compared to any other office-chair wheels on the market.
  • An Engineered Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair: in case you feel uncomfortable with your head hanging in space while working and you wish to put it at rest at some point while sitting in your office-chair, then purchase this engineered headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Office-Chair and attach it to the back-top section your chair. This headrest is also ergonomically designed and will ensure utmost comfort while resting on it.

Executive Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Review

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