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As the world advances in technology, most people are going in for office jobs which require sitting for longer hours. This is why you should acquire an Embody office chair by Herman Miller at your office-desk in order to achieve both comfort and status.

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This Embody Chair by Herman Miller  was actually built to solve previously unsolved problems like; lack of physical harmony between people and technology whereby most people spend too much time interacting with various devices while moving only fingers  and this makes someone stiff and tired because our bodies  were made to move. So, the Embody Chair by Herman Miller was developed to ensure pressure distribution, natural alignment and back-support for healthy movement while sitting as you work. All in all, this office-chair actually redefines ergonomics and that’s why it will ensure that anyone enjoys a comfortable working experience while seated.


  • The Embody Chair will help to eliminate any back problems because it a spine-support at the back that contours with your back in order to ensure optimum seating comfort. In fact, this chair is effortlessly supportive, adjustable and even moves with your body naturally.
  • This chair is of high build quality whereby it feels more sturdy and solid compared to most office chairs including the Aeron office-chairs. In fact, you will never feel horrible on this chair no matter how far back you lean or in case you turn the tension up high-enough.
  • Lastly, this office-chair features an awesome design coupled with amazing ergonomics. Additionally, its armrests are fully adjustable, it has good fabric that feels durable and it eve promotes effortless movement.



  • The mesh fabric on this office-chair can really feel uncomfortable when wearing shorts. However, this material of higher quality and feels soft to touch compared to fabrics found on other office-chairs.
  • The Embody Chair is a bit more difficult to clean or keep clean that the Aeron office-chair overtime because of its fabric texture. Additionally the smaller plastic structures at the back of the seat can actually trap a lot of dust overtime yet it’s very difficult to clean them.
  • This office-chair is very expensive and just a few people can afford it. In fact, you can actually acquire 2-Aeron chairs for the price of the Embody Chair by Herman Miller yet you can still achieve almost the same comfort with the Aeron chairs.
  • Lastly, there is a lot more plastic on the embody chair than on the Aeron-chair. In fact, you try to avoid placing your legs up against the chair or shifting the body on the sides because you may hit yourself on the hard plastic edges.


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Features overview:

  • Pixilated Support: You will actually feel Embody’s Pixilated-support immediately after sitting down. This pixilated—support offers you with a sense that makes you feel like as if you’re floating yet you will be perfectly balanced. This support uses dynamic matrix of pixels and that’s why the Embody’s seat and back surfaces can automatically conform to the body’s micro-movements thus distributing the weight evenly while seated. All-in-all, this pixilated support will help to reduce pressure and encourage movement which are both key elements to maintaining healthy blood-circulation and focus while working.
  • Backfit Adjustment: Embody’s back is actually designed like your own back whereby it features a central spine and flexible ribs. The Backfit adjustment will allow you to position the backrest in-line with your spine’s natural-curve so that you can achieve a neutral and balanced posture. Additionally, the backrest adapts to your movements by simply adjusting automatically to your shifting-positions. This implies that support will remain constant whether you lean forward or recline as you’re seated.
  • Layered seat: The Embody office-chair seat is comprised of 4 different support layers whereby each layer has its own set of material properties and created with different manufacturing processes. these layers include; a series of plastic bands at the back which provide suspension, a sheet of coils for extra-support, system hexagonal rings that shift with your weight and a layer of mesh that allows for air-circulation thus keeping you feeling cool and comfortable while seated.
  • An ergonomic shape and design: Every part of the Embody office-chair was actually designed to offer a very specific, healthful purpose beginning from the backrest, seat, armrests and to the base-wheels. In fact, this chair is ergonomic in every way and that’s why it will offer you with comfortable sitting experience.
  • Dynamic surface pressure: the dynamic surface-pressure on this chair’s seat and back helps to provide more comfort, liveliness and other health-positive benefits compared to office-chairs with non-dynamic surface pressure. This is actually a new technology that will make you feel very comfortable even when sitting for longer hours.
  • Environmentally friendly materials: The Embody office-chair is made from non-toxic and sustainable materials which make the entire chair 95-percent recyclable. Additionally, the Embody chair is also heavy and sturdy compared to other office chairs because it has a graphite frame and base coupled with high-quality fabric material.
  • Great appearance: the Embody by Herman Miller is an extremely beautiful office-chair and this can clearly be seen by looking at each individual edge, joint and connector. Additionally, the black-balance Fabric on a graphite frame and base also makes this office-chair look very elegant and trendy compared to other office chairs on the market.
  • Fully adjustable: This office-chair is fully adjustable whereby it features 7 different knobs, buttons and levers that can be used to adjust the sitting position, the amount of recline, the tension of the recline, the seat depth, the back curvature, adjusting the armrest positioning and adjusting the height of the seat.

Embody Chair by Herman Miller Review

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The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is of extreme build quality and beauty compared to most office chairs on the market. This office chair is also fully adjustable whereby it features 7 different knobs, buttons and levers that can be used to adjust the sitting position in order to experience optimum comfort. Additionally, the Embody Chair has a comfortable seat that is made up of 4-layers which are designed to ensure support and airflow keeping you feeling comfortable and cool while seated. This chair even has a pixilated support that uses a dynamic matrix of pixels to ensure that the seat and back surfaces automatically conform to the body’s micro-movements while distributing weight evenly as your sitting. Likewise, the Backfit adjustment on this chair allows the user to position the backrest in line with the spine’s natural curve in order to get a neutral and balanced posture.

On the other hand, the Embody Chair feels really heavy and sturdy because it’s made of high-quality fabric coupled with graphite frame and base.  In fact, this chair is made from non-toxic and sustainable materials which make it 95-percent recyclable. In conclusion, this is very beautiful office-chair with innovative features whereby it will be capable of reducing stress, help in blood-circulation, lower the heart-rate and even improve your sitting posture while working for long hours.

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Who does it benefit?

  • Good for people with back problems: the Embody Chair by Herman Miller is a perfect choice for those experiencing back issues because it features a spine-support at the back which can actually conform with your back while sitting. In fact, this spine-support will stretch and lean along with your back as you work ensuring an awesome sitting experience.
  • It works for people looking for a super comfortable office-chair: the Embody Chair is actually very comfortable because it’s fully adjustable starting from the backrest, armrests and to the seat itself. Additionally, its fabric is very durable and even feels soft on the body while sitting compared to some office-chairs on the market.



What Else Do You Need?

  • Herman Miller Translucent, Clear, Hard-Floor and Hardwood Caster-Wheels for Embody office-chairs: you can actually acquire these base-wheels in case you are going to use your chair on a rough floor because these wheels are actually very durable and they even look great.
  • Clorox Regular Liquid-soap: this is actually liquid soap that can be used to clean your office chair in order to keep it in good condition. This liquid-soap is also gentle on the chair’s fabric compared to other most liquid-cleaners

Embody Chair by Herman Miller - 4

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