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Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame 1

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is simply the best ergonomic chair you could ever buy. First of all, this chair features an innovative and iconic design that looks great and even makes it look great when placed into your home or office. Additionally, this office chair is fully adjustable in order to ensure optimum comfort and personalize your sit while working.

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The other amazing feature found on this chair is that it comes in 3 different sizes and this implies that you will actually get a chair that best conforms to your body thus ensuring total comfort. Likewise, the Aeron Chair is also available in a wide range of colors, weaves and frame finishes to choose-from and this implies that you won’t have to compromise on style when it comes to purchasing this office-chair. On the other hand, this chair is designed with a high-tech mesh fabric which makes it look great and feel comfortable while sitting compared to other conventional office-chairs. All in all, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller was designed to relive back and neck pain while sitting for longer hours and i would actually recommend to people experiencing such problems.


  • This chair offers superior comfort because it capable of adapting naturally and precisely so as to fit people of sizes and postures while working for long hours in a sitting position.
  • The Aeron Chair will keep you feeling cool and comfortable while working no matter the season. This is due to the patented, mesh, fabric-material on the Aeron Chair which helps to distribute pressure evenly over a wider area.
  • This office-chair can work for almost everyone because it comes in 3-different sizes hence someone will be capable of choosing size that conforms best to the body. Additionally, this chair is available in a wide-range of colors and finishes so that the user can always take chair design or style of their choice.


  • The Aeron Chair is actually very expensive compared to regular office chairs and the fact is that most people may not actually afford it for personal usage. Apart from the high price, I think the Aeron Chair is ok and you won’t find other issues while using it.


Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame 2



Features overview:

  • A supportive, breathable Pellicle-suspension: unlike traditional fabric and foam, Aeron’s mesh seating-surface can actually conform to the body shape while evenly distributing weight in order to eliminate any pressure points. This breathable pellicle suspension even lets air pass through easily for cool comfort especially under hot conditions.
  • Kinemat Tilt mechanism: This built-in dynamic mechanism allows the body to pivot naturally while sitting and also ensures proper support from forward to reclining postures.
  • Tilt-Tension adjustment: this mechanism actually allows the user to control the resistance felt while leaning back in the chair thus ensuring total comfort that is key when it comes to working for long hours when seated.
  • Pneumatic Lift: The seat-height adjustment of the Aeron Chair uses compressed air to raise the seat height from a lower level of 16-in. to a higher level of up to 20.5-in.
  • Lumbar Pad: it is an ergonomic device that can be adjusted vertically through a 4.5-inch height range while sitting. Additionally, the lumbar pad depth is also adjustable to a desired level in order to ensure extra comfort.
  • PostureFit: the Posturefit is a highly-adjustable, ergonomic device which offers gentle support to the pelvis and can actually be adjusted in and out for stronger and firmer lumbar-support. In fact, the Posturefit features 3-elements which include; a butterfly-pad which is the central element of the device because it supports the pelvis by allowing it to sustain a forward-rotation thus keeping it from rolling backwards into the space between the lower-back and the chair, the wishbone-frame and adjustment-knob work together in order to control the degree of support the user requires. Additionally, the wishbone-frame even holds the butterfly-pad in place and its shape complements the lines of the Aeron-chair hence enhancing its overall design.
  • Adjustable Arms: the Aeron Office-Chair features adjustable armrests that can pivot inward to up to 17.5-degrees for keying and outward to up to 15-degrees for mouse-usage. Likewise, the arm-height adjusts independently within a 4-inch vertical range in order to ensure total arm comfort while working.
  • Tilt Limiter: The mechanism enables the user to control and limit the tilt range while sitting in order to achieve utmost comfort even when working for longer hours.
  • Forward Tilt: this quality office chair even has a forward-tilt which helps to positions the seat angle 5-degrees forward thus offering a posture favored by most computer-users. This is a unique feature and that is why it’s found on high-quality office-chairs like the Aeron Chair.
  • It is available in 3-different sizes: the Aeron office-chair comes in 3 different sizes (A, B, C). This means that the user can actually take home an office-chair that best conforms with his/her body shape and size. On top of that, this chair is also available in a wide range of colors and frame finishes giving the user a chance to choose from what looks best him or her.
  • 12-year Warranty: most Aeron office-chairs are provided with a 12-year Herman Miller warranty. This warranty is actually proves that Aeron chairs live up to the highest standards in the office-chair industry. In fact, if for some reason this chair fails to live up to its standard, then Herman Miller will ship and repair it for you at no cost.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame 3

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The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is a high quality office-chair that is fully adjustable and ergonomic in order to ensure total sitting comfort while working. First of all, this chair features a high-tech, mesh fabric called the pellicle and this makes it very unique compared to any conventional office-chair.  This pellicle has a quality material which can distribute pressure evenly over a wide area thus resulting into a cool and comfortable sitting experience no matter the working environment or season. Additionally, this chair is also adjustable whereby it feature adjustable-elements like; Pneumatic-lift, kinematic-tilt, tilt-tension adjustment and even adjustable armrests in order to facilitate for optimum comfort sitting comfort. On top of that, the Posturefit mechanism on this chair is highly adjustable, ergonomic and will even offer gentle support to the pelvis. This Posturefit can also be adjusted in and out for strong and firm lumber support while the tilt-limiter enables you to control and limit the tilt-range when sitting.

On the other hand, this office-chair comes in 3-different sizes and in a wide range of colors and frame finishes so that someone can take a style and size that works best for him or her. In conclusion, the Aeron is a high-end office-chair that will help to relieve your back and neck problems because it can naturally adjust to sizes and postures so as to ensure optimum comfort.  In fact, it even features a wonderful design coupled with high build-quality hence you should expect it to last for quite a long period of time.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame 4

Who does it benefit?

  • Good for people with back and neck pain: the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is a perfect office-chair for someone experiencing back and neck problems because it’s highly adjustable hence it can spontaneously support your sitting posture even when shifting or changing positions.
  • Works for people looking for a quality and comfortable chair: the Aeron office-chair is actually of high-quality and every comfortable because it features high-tech, mesh fabric which distributes pressure evenly resulting in a cool and comfortable sitting environment. Additionally, the seat and backrest of this chair can naturally adjust to your body shape, size and postures thus ensuring maximum comfort when working.


What Else Do You Need?

  • An Engineered Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron-Chair: in order to achieve total comfort while sitting as you work, then acquire this headrest because it will help to hold your head in case you feel like placing it somewhere when you are tired of hanging it in space. This headrest will greatly reduce on neck pains which usually occur due to lack of head-support while working.


  • A chair cleaning-brush: since this office-chair has a mesh material, you will need to get a good cleaning-brush in order to remove any dust or to clean it thoroughly. Using a cleaning-brush is actually more efficient because it will damage the mesh material of this Aeron office-chair.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Highly Adjustable Graphite Frame 1

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