Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review

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Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review 3

The Steelcase Leap Fabric chair is a highly ergonomic office-chair that adjusts to fit your body while adding style and substance to your office. In fact, you don’t have to adjust your body in order to fit into this chair because it’s equipped with a Liveback technology which enables its back to contour in order to mimic and support the movement of your spine.

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Additionally, the leap chair also features several simple and intuitive adjustments that will ensure that you fit comfortably into it for the whole day. Likewise, the leap chair is made from metal with premium-quality fabric that makes it look very stylish and durable. In fact, this chair’s frame and fabric are available in multiple finishes and this means that someone will be able to a chair that best suits his or her office decor. All in all, the leap fabric office-chair from Steelcase is ergonomically designed which makes it perfect for office use and it can even be cleaned easily with a dry-cloth in order to maintain its original appearance for several years.


  • The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is very comfortable because its backrest conforms perfectly to your back compared to any other office-chair on the market. This means that you will feel very comfortable and relaxed while sitting in this office-chair for longer hours.
  • This chair also has several easy-to-use adjustment settings whereby you don’t even have to bend-over or get-up in order to make any of these adjustments.
  • This office-chair features some of the best armrests you can ever find on an office-chair. This means that it will keep your arms in a good position while working thus ensuring optimum comfort.
  • Lastly, the leap chair features an ergonomic design which makes it perfect for office use and it can also be easily cleaned with a soft dry-cloth so as to maintain its original appearance for decades.


  • There is no lock-in setting on the recline position yet there are 5 recline-limit-stops. The problem with this is that the backrest will always push you forward as you move forward no-matter what setting. However, this can also be viewed as a good feature in case you get used to it.
  • It’s very difficult to find the correct backrest setting on this office-chair and it will actually take you a while get the right setting while sitting.
  • Lastly, this office-chair has numerous adjustments on it and this implies that you have to spend a lot of time looking the actual adjustment setting that you want to use when seated which is quite inconveniencing for some people. Additionally, the leap chair is a bit expensive and it may not be a good choice for someone with a smaller budget.




Features overview:

  • Patented Liveback technology: this feature enables the leap chair’s back to change its shape in order to support the entire spine as someone changes the sitting posture. This will help to reduce hunched postures which stress the spine and spinal ligaments.
  • Thermal comfort: the leap office-chair is upholstered in both its back and seat with special foam. With this feature, the Leap chair can offer excellent breathability and this even helps to effectively control the balance of heat and moisture so you that you can stay comfortable while working in this chair.
  • Adjustable arms: this office-chair ergonomic armrests that can adjust in four directions (height, width, depth and pivot) so that the user can find the natural position to properly align and support wrists, forearms, shoulders and neck. In fact, these adjustable arms greatly help in eliminating kinks in wrists, elbows and neck areas.
  • Adjustable lumber: with an adjustable lumber, this office-chair can actually be positioned to fit comfortably into the curve of your lower back thus ensuring optimum back support which is needed when working for longer hours.
  • Natural Glide System: with this system, as you recline the seat glides forward so that you can recline without leaving your vision and reach-zone hence keeping you visually oriented to your work. In fact, this system even encourages more varied postures hence reducing on the static load on the spine.
  • Flexible seat edge: when someone reclines or leans forward, the edge automatically flexes in order to relieve pressure at the back of the legs thus ensuring total sitting comfort.
  • Adjustable seat depth: this adjustable seat ensures that the chair fits your legs and body-shape while sitting for long-term comfort. In fact, the legs and torso lengths are independent of a person’s overall height and that is why the adjustable seat depth is essential when it comes to ensuring comfort.
  • An upper back force control: this control will enable the user to set the amount of push-back desired while reclining regardless of the body size. With such a control-system, you will be able to receive the right amount of recline support at all times.
  • Variable back stop: the variable back-stop features 5 recline angle positions hence you can always set the recline-angle that supports your body best.
  • Lower-back firmness control: this control enables the user to set a constant amount of firmness while sitting hence helping to maintain the lower spine’s natural curve.
  • It’s made of durable materials: the leap chair is made from powder-coated steel, glass reinforced nylon, polypropylene and 100-percent polyester fabric. In fact the plastic and metal painted parts of this chair make cleaning this chair very easy with a soft, dry cloth.
  • It is recyclable: the leap chair is actually 98-percent by weight but this may also depend on the options selected. Additionally, this chair is made of up to 30-percent recycled content making it environmentally friendly.
  • Well packaged: the leap chair is blanket wrapped for domestic shipment and to reduce packaging waste. This makes this chair very efficient to transport and environmentally friendly.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review

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Product Quality:

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is a high-end, quality office-chair that will add style and substance to your office. First of all, this chair is very durable because it’s made from high-quality metallic elements hence it will be able to last for longer period of time. Secondly, its seat and backrest are made from premium-quality fabric which is very strong and looks stylish compared to most chairs on the market.

on the other hand, the leap chair features several amazing technologies that include;  Liveback which enables this chair’s backrest to change shape in order to support the spine, thermal comfort technology due to the upholstered back and seat coupled with a special foam in order to offer excellent breathability and comfort, an adjustable seat depth which can accommodate different body shapes to ensure long-term comfort, a lower-back firmness control which enables the user to set a constant amount of firmness while maintaining the lower spine natural curve, a natural glide system which encourages more varied postures while reducing on static load against the spine, a flexible seat-edge that enables the seat edge to flex when you recline or lean forward in order to relieve pressure at the back of the legs and an upper back force control that will enable the user to set the amount of push-back as he or she reclines no matter the body-size.

In conclusion, the leap chair also has an ergonomic design which makes it perfect for office use and it was even built for long life. Additionally, this office-chair can easily be cleaned with a soft dry-cloth so as to maintain its original appearance for years and it is also available in multiple frames and fabric finishes thus giving the user an opportunity to choose a chair that best suits his or her office decor.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review 3

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Who does it benefit?

  • Good for people with back issues: the leap office chair will work for people experiencing back pains because its backrest is designed to conform to the natural shape of your back and spine like no other chair does. In fact, someone will be capable of sitting for longer hours with feeling any back pains while using the leap fabric chair.
  • Works for people looking for a chair that is flexible, comfortable and durable: the leap fabric chair is actually very flexible because it features several easy-to-use adjustment settings that make it to feel very comfortable while sitting. Additionally, this chair was built to last for longer because it’s made from premium-quality metal and fabric materials.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review 1

What Else Do You Need?

  • Kensington Sole-mate Comfort Footrest with SmartFit System: in case you really wish to add extra comfort to your sitting environment, then you should try purchasing a Kensington Sole-mate Comfort Footrest with a SmartFit System because it will help to massage your feet while working thus enhancing your working environment.
  • Dobie cleaning pad: this cleaning pad is very essential because it will help you to clean chair’s fabric easily in order to keep it looking neat for years. However, you have to be careful when using this pad to clean the chair because over scrubbing may end-up damaging the chair’s fabric.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair Review 4

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