Zody Chair by Haworth: Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms Review

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Zody Chair by Haworth- Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms - Review

The Zody Chair by Haworth is a highly adjustable office-chair with great looks and can even fit into any office atmosphere. The Zody chair is highly customizable because it features a wide range of adjustments and even has a great lumbar support which offers extra comfort especially along the lower-back. Additionally, the chair’s seat-pan features fabric that is quite sturdy and nicely-textured compared to most office-chairs on the market.

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On the other hand, the Zody office-chair is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified and is made of up to 50-percent recycled materials hence making it a perfect chair for the environment. In conclusion, all the features on this office-chair make it feel stable and comfortable hence making it a perfect choice for people who seat for longer hours daily while working.



  • The Zody Chair by Haworth can fit a wide variety of body shapes or types whether you are female or male. This means that it offers the user optimum comfort no-matter their size or body shape. In fact, this is great office-chair for heavy use while ensuring total comfort for long periods of time.
  • This chair is user friendly whereby is very easy to use compared to most office-chairs. Additionally, it has very accessible adjustment-controls that enable the user to make adjustments easily.
  • This office-chair features an awesome design which makes it look great and perfect for any office environment. In fact, looks attractive but it is not at the top because they are some chairs that look more attractive than the Zody.
  • Lastly, it features a unique lumbar-support with a rib-like structure whereby this will offer your back with optimum support and comfort even when sitting for longer hours. Additionally, it even features a very comfortable seat-pad that will enable the user to sit for longer hours when working.


  • The Zody office-chair can easily be knocked out of position because it features highly adjustable arms. This makes it feel uncomfortable while seated because you have to be careful so that you don’t knock the armrests which is quite inconveniencing.
  • This office-chair features caster-wheels that are almost friction-less and this causes the chair to roll around a lot if placed on a smooth, hard surface. This will make some people feel uncomfortable while working.
  • This office-chair features a very thick seat-pad which is not breathable but feels comfortable. This means that the use may end-up sweating while working under hot-conditions.
  • The Zody office-chair controls feel cheap and flimsy compared to those of other high-end office-chairs. In fact, the overall construction of the Zody office-chair seems just average but not of high-quality.


Zody Chair by Haworth- Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms - Review



Features overview:

  • Lumbar Support: this office-chair features a unique and excellent lumbar-support. Additionally, the mesh back-rest is designed to ensure so different levels of tension while sitting. The tension helps the entire spine when seated in the Zody chair. On top of that, the different sections of the mesh back-rest allow the back to rest more comfortably so that you don’t get very tired when sitting.
  • Lumbar support system: the Zody office-chair also features a precise lumbar-support system which is included on all Haworth models. This PAL lumbar-system features a pelvic support-pad which is positioned low at the back of this chair. The support-pad on the Zody office-chair helps the lumbar section to stay in its natural curve. Additionally, the tension in the support-pad can accommodate various needs in terms of back-support.
  • 4-D Armrests: This office chair features ergonomic, 4D-armrests which are height-adjustable in order to ensure optimum comfort while sitting. In fact, these armrests can be adjusted in 4-dimensions which include; Up/down, Forward/rearward, Side to side and In/out. These armrests are really great whereby you will not even experience any shoulder or arm strain issues when using them. The armrest adjustments can even accommodate both males and females who require various arm lengths when sitting. Likewise, it’s recommended to experiment with the various armrest adjustments in order to find a setting that is comfortable for your arms.
  • Forward Tilt function: This is another great feature of the Zody office-chair and it is important for women who find the back portion of the chair to be away from their back when sitting in an upright-position. The forward-tilt also corrects the elbow-height in relation to the work-desk so that you cab be able to sit higher in the Zody-chair. In fact, this feature makes the Zody office-chair ideal for a large-office where you need optimum-comfort in order to sit for long periods while in one position. Likewise, the forward-tilt is accessible by a simple lever under the office-chair.


  • Passive Torsional Flex: The Zody office-chair has some flex to it because it’s equipped with a passive torsion flex. This means that the backrest of the chair will flex with you back in case you want to reach something in-front or over the desk. Additionally, in case you lean to one side on the chair’s backrest, the upper back-section will flex with you.
  • Tilt Tension Crank: This Zody chair features a tilt tension crank that easy to use and it will enable the user to tilt the chair to desired sitting-angle while working. However, some office-chairs have this tension crank placed under the chair by the pedestal which makes it hard to reach but for the Zody-chair, the tilt-tension crank is placed in easy-to-reach position for quick and easy usage.
  • It is made with durable materials: The Zody office-chair is made with steel, aluminum and hard-plastic materials which are very strong and durable. In fact, this office-chair is 98-percent recyclable and this makes it environmentally friendly.
  • Great dimensions and size: This chair has a great size and dimensions whereby it is deep enough and has enough width to accommodate any body shape and size while ensuring excellent comfort when sitting.
  • Ergonomic shape and design: this office-chair features a popular international design that makes it look very attractive and feel comfortable than most chairs on the market. In fact, Zody is the only task-chair authorized by the American Physical Therapy Association and the first chair to be certified Cradle to Cradle Gold.
  • Eco-friendly office Chair: The Zody chair is an eco-friendly office-chair for a number of reasons. First of all, this office-chair is certified and it uses low-emission materials in order reduce pollutants in the air hence improving the quality of the air. This chair is made up of 51-percent recycled material and its 98-percent recyclable. In fact, the Zody chair was assembled with 100-percent use of wind-power.

Zody Chair by Haworth- Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms - Review 1

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Product Quality:

The Zody Chair by Haworth is a high-quality office-chair that is equipped with great features coupled with an ergonomic shape and design. First of all, this chair features an excellent lumbar support which works with the mesh backrest to provide different levels of tension while sitting and this ensures optimum support of the entire spine hence eliminating any back problems. The chair also comes with 4D armrests which are height adjustable and can also be adjusted in 4-dimensions to ensure extra arm-comfort while the forward tilt feature can correct the gap between the backrest and the users back and even helps to correct the elbow-height in relation to work-desk.

On the other hand, this office-chair features a passive Torsional-flex which adds some flex to it whereby the backrest of the chair will flex with you in case you are reaching-out for something. Likewise, the tilt-tension crank found on this chair makes it easy for user to adjust the sitting angle while the hard-floor casters ensure optimum mobility while sitting on this office-chair. Additionally, the Zody chair comes with a lifetime warranty on labor and parts while the seat-mechanism and casters come with a 10-year warranty but try to purchase this office-chair from a certified seller in order to receive this warranty. All in all, there is no office-chair that is 100-percent perfect but the Zody chair comes close to perfect.

Zody Chair by Haworth- Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms - Review

Who does it benefit?

  • Benefits for people searching for a multi-purpose office-chair: the Zody chair is equipped with several features whereby it can be used to accomplish different tasks at your home, boardroom and in an executive office. In fact, this chair looks very attractive, it’s long-lasting and even provides optimum back-support.

What Else Do You Need?

  • KATU BG506-38 Office Chair Caster-Wheels: these casters are 2-inches long with a Universal-Stem and this means that they will perfectly on any office-chair. These casters will work well while using the office-chair on a carpet on a hard/rough surface.

Zody Chair by Haworth- Highly Adjustable 4-D Arms - Review 1

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