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Most people today do not know that epilation is a more effective way of hair removal for mostly women compared to shaving or waxing. This is the main reason as to why i decided to feature the BRAUN SE-7921SPA Epilator because it will gently remove hair at its roots rather than at the surface like the way shaving does.

This epilator is even capable of removing much shorter hair than waxing does so this means that you will not have to wait until your hair becomes visible in order to remove it. in fact, after epilation your legs will stay smooth for up-to four weeks and even your hair will grow back at different rates thus meaning that you will have typically less hair to remove each time you epilate.

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In conclusion, the Braun Se7921spa Epilator is the best 2-in-1 epilation and exfoliation system anyone could ever purchase. This is all because it Offers 2-advanced treatments for twice the performance and it will even bring you efficient epilation with visible skin refinement. This epilator was also designed for use in the bathroom or shower in order to provide you with extra comfort coupled with a more soothing experience while saving both time and your skin.


  • The Braun Silk Epil 7291 can be completely immersed into water and this is really a nice feature for an epilator because one will be able to remove hair when in the shower or bathroom hence reducing on the discomfort that is usually produced by all epilators.
  • This epilator also offers a more advanced and smoother epilation compared to other epilators on the market today hence this makes it one of the best epilators that one should definitely tryout.


  • One of the major weaknesses about this Braun epilator is that it can only be used in a cordless mode thus it won’t be able to work when plugged into a power supply. This limits the usability of this epilator a little whereby if you forget to charge it, you will definitely have to wait for it to charge up before you can begin the hair removal process and this can really be a problem in case you are in a hurry.
  • The other thing you won’t like about this epilator is that it does not come with a trimming head that is essential when it comes to grooming hair that is longer without completely pulling it out. This trimmer is very useful especially around the bikini area and that is why it’s very unfortunate that this epilator was not equipped with such an important feature.

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Features overview:

  • The Braun epilator Performs in both wet and dry conditions: this epilator is always ready to use whether you are in the bathroom under wet conditions for extra comfort and a soothing experience or under dry conditions for added versatility and convenience. This feature really makes the epilator very convenient to use in any given condition hence making it really a perfect tool for those new to epilating.
  • It features close-grip technology: with this type of technology, the epilator will be able to remove the shortest hairs on your body including those that are as short as a grain of sand. This implies that the epilator will leave the body with completely no hair and very smooth compared to shavers or waxing. This in fact helps to prevent body hair from growing back at a faster rate hence making this epilator a good choice for those with over-growing hair.
  • The epilator has high-frequency massage rollers: the massage system added to this epilator helps to actively stimulate your skin before hair is removed inorder to ensure that one experiences an extra-gentle epilating experience. This system actually helps to make the epilating process less painful thus making the epilator a perfect tool for those who fear experiencing pain during the hair removal process.
  • It comes with a pivoting, epilating head: the epilator’s head pivots in a similar way an electric shaver does whereby it is flexible enough to smoothly adapt to all the body’s natural contours hence removing hair without causing any cuts or abrasions. This head also makes it very simple to remove any hairs in hard to reach areas on the body while ensuring that no hairs are left behind.
  • This epilator features a smart light: the amazing smart-light on this epilator reveals even the finest hairs on your body for extra-thorough hair removal thus ensuring that no stray hairs are left behind as you epilate. This is a very unique feature and it’s actually found in high-end hair removal tools and this is why one should actually consider this epilator when looking for an epilating tool.
  • It’s equipped with a high-density brush: this epilator also comes with high-density brush head that contains about 10,000 fine-bristles that gently help in removing any dead skin cells in-between the epilation sessions. In fact, this brush even helps in stimulating the regeneration of the skin surface because the old layer is always brushed off. This brush also features an ergonomic epilating angle which makes it highly suitable for use on any body part.
  • The epilator is designed with Pulsonic exfoliation technology: the epilator features a Pulsonic exfoliation system that produces over 3,000 massaging micro vibrations per minute and this actually helps to exfoliate the skin 4-times more effectively than a manual scrub. All in all, this system will make the exfoliation process much quicker and effective compared to any other exfoliating method.

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921spa 1 2

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Product Quality:

  • The Braun Se7921spa is a high quality epilator that is designed nicely and it is even capable of performing well under both wet and dry conditions whereby it can be used in the showers or used on dry skin but this actually depends on the needs of the user. This Braun epilator offers a variety of features that make it become one of the best epilating tools available and among these is the close grip technology that helps to remove even the finest hairs from your body with perfection, high-frequency massage rollers which help in stimulating and soothing the skin for a gentle epilation process any many other nice features.
  • This epilator was also designed to adapt to any curves of the body because it is fitted with a pivoting head that can smoothly adapt to all the body contours. on the other hand, this pivoting head is even complimented with an ergonomic angle hence providing extra comfort while removing any hairs even in the most difficult areas.  For a thorough epilation process, the smart-light that is attached at the back of the epilator greatly helps the user to see the finest strands of hair that may be present so that no hairs are left behind.
  • The new Braun Epilator is also fitted with a Pulsonic Exfoliation Technology that produces 3,000 massaging micro vibrations per-minute hence offering an exfoliation experience that is 4-times better than manual scrubbing. In fact, it’s even has ahigh-density brush with 10,000 bristles that really helps in the epilation and exfoliation process by sweeping away any dead skin cells. All in all, the innovation within this Braun epilator has set a benchmark for all the products to come. This is because the Epilator is capable of removing hair as short as a grain of sand and also its active stimulants of the skin serve a purpose of an extra-gentle epilation.

Braun Silk Epil Female Epilator Se7921spa 1 Count

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Who Does It Benefit?

  • For women who want to have a smooth and soft skin: this epilator is really an ideal solution for ladies who wish to have a smoother and soft skin without hassling a lot. This is because it can do both epilating and exfoliating thus making the entire hair removal process very effective, easy and quick. On the other hand, this epilator looks beautiful yet very gentle on the skin and it even its battery is lasts for quite a long time hence you may even carry it in a handbag when going for a trip.

What I need

  • An epilation cream: this cream helps to relive irritation associated with epilation by applying it all over the body before and after epilation for best results. The cream will even help to leave the skin feeling soft while slowing the regrowth rate of unwanted hair.

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