How To Clean A Blender

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Cleaning a blender is one of those simple tasks that you will actually love doing if you clean it immediately after use. The number one tip that almost everyone will give you about cleaning the blender is to wash after blending because the residue from your ingredients will be soft to remove unlike when you keep it for later. The more time you spend before cleaning the blender the tougher residue gets making it really hard to get it out of your machine. Before using the blender you must always check if it is spotlessly clean because a dirty blender will give your smoothie, sauce, beverage or whatever else you made have a weird taste. It is definitely not healthy for you to leave your blender dirty so use my simple ways to make your blender instantly clean and without wasting too much of your time.

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  • Pour away any large food or fruit remainders: after blending there will be some residue that you should first of all pour away or scrap out with a plastic or wooden spatula. When you actually start cleaning the blender it will be much faster if your blender does not have any you can skip this step.
  • Attach the blender properly to its base: put the blender back into its base and make sure that you have attached it tightly the way it is supposed to be. Remember you will have to run the blender and if the jar is not properly attached, the blender may refuse to start.
  • Pour warm water into the blender:use just warm not hot water, it helps to remove all the dirt, any smell and oils from different ingredients. Use a filler cup to pour in water to half way the blender.
  • Add liquid dish washing soap: do not use bar soap in your blender, some particles of the soap may get stuck on the blades. Just one or two drops of dish washing liquid soap added to the water will be enough.
  • Plug the blender into power: with you cleaning ingredients placed right, you can then plug the blender back into power and place the lid. One mistake you should never make is to start the blender without putting the lid back.
  • Run the blender for 30 seconds: use one hand to tightly hold the lid onto your blender, turn the blender’s dial to low speed setting and there after allow the blender to run for half a minute.
  • Stop and check: look at the blender to see if all residue particles have been removed. If you wash the blender immediately after use, the first run will be enough to remove all dirt but if you clean the blender after some time you may have to take a second or third run to thoroughly clean the blender.
  • Pour the liquid and rinse: detach the blender’s jar and pour away that soapy solution in the blender. You can then rinse the jar under running tap water to get rid of any soap and smell.
  • Dry the blender: you can either leave the blender on a dish rack for it to dry on its own in air or you can use a clean dish towel to wipe all the liquid off the machine. Whichever way you choose to do it does not really matter, as long as the blender dries completely.
  • Wipe the base clean: the base of the blender cannot be soaked in water so to wipe off any dust, dampen a dish towel in warm soapy water and wipe the base till it is spotless. Rinse the towel in clean plain water and wipe the base once more to finish.

Cleaning the blender using lemon:

Lemon is also another very helpful ingredient that is very effective in thoroughly cleaning the blender, here is how you can use it.

  • Fill the blender just to half with warm water
  • Add just one drop of dish washing soap and half lemon coarsely chopped into pieces. Peelings from the lemon remove any tough or stubborn residue as the lemon juice gets rid of any nasty smell in your blender.
  • Run the blender just the way you do it when blending but this time on a low setting and just for half a minute.
  • After rinse the blender jar under running tap water and leave to air dry.

Cleaning the blender using vinegar:

Vinegar is another very good ingredient when it comes to cleaning your blender, the good thing with vinegar is that it does not leave any irritating smell behind like soap may do if not cleaned well.

  • Fill the blender with water just to half way the jar.
  • Add drops of vinegar to the water and run the blender for a few seconds most advisably just 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the jar with clean water and leave the blender to dry.

The best cleaning tips.

For safety of the blender, when you are cleaning follow these tips.

  • Always unscrew the jar from the blender before washing to avoid pouring water into the blender’s base. Always wash the jar separately.
  • Do not wait too longer to wash the blender after using it, the residue will become too hard to remove so it is more advisable to wash the jar right after using the blender. Removing the foods and liquids from fruits immediately will make blender thoroughly clean without too much hassle.
  • Do not add too much soap when cleaning the blender, just a drop or two will be enough otherwise getting the smell of soap out of your machine will not be easy.
  • Do not put the blender away for storage before it dries up completely. If the blades do not dry completely they will rust so even if you have wiped off the liquid with a towel wait for a few minutes then you can store the blender there after.
  • Only use plastic or wooden spatula to get any tough dirt out of the blender, and stay away from metallic objects like folks and spoons. They will put cracks on the blender.

In conclusion, cleaning will not even take up more than minutes of your time so why not give it that little attention and clean it up as soon as you are done using it. you will actually love blending a sparkling clean the next time you feel like using it.

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