How To Maintain Your Blender

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How often you use the blender is not an issue of concern when it comes to maintenance. For your blender to last long and perform as nicely as it did the first time used it, you must do some simple maintenance for it every after a while. With proper maintenance a blender that is meant to last for about three years can last even longer than that and without maintenance it may last even less than half the time it is designed to last. Instead of spending money on the costs of taking your blender for servicing every now and then or even buying a whole new blender so try out my simple ways of what you should do in order for your blender to last as much as its durability allows it to.

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  • Properly assemble all parts of the blender before use: it is very likely that when the blender has not been assembled perfectly it will not work or will work but not as well as it is supposed to. In other instances if some of the blender’s parts are not tightly attached they might jump off the machine causing damage to both you and the machine.
  • Make it easy for the blades to blend: what I mean by this is that, each time you are going to blend very large pieces of food, do not put the blender to test by putting the pieces as large as they are but cut them into smaller pieces so that the blades of your blades easily do their job.
  • The blender has its intentional purpose so use it for that: I know that when advertisers are marketing their blender they will say that blender can blend a whole lot of things however that does not mean that they can blend everything. Only use the blender for fruits, specified foods and vegetables but not whatever you feel like putting in there, you will end up with no blender at all.
  • Be patient with your blender:do not act like you just borrowed the blender from a neighbor and have to take it back by packing the blender to full capacity, if you spent your dimes on that machine then treat it like it is yours. Avoid packing the blender with large quantities at ago, if you have too many things to blend then take your time and put in small amounts every other time, you must leave some space in the jar for ingredients to mix freely and nicely. After all you can use the machine as many times as you want to.
  • Ensure that the speed setting you are using is appropriate for what you are blending: the blender offers you the chance to choose a speed setting that you prefer but this does not mean that you should choose anyhow. What you are blending will greatly determine which particular speed setting you should go in for.
  • Take advantage of liquids to add moisture: if you want to have the smoothest results and prevent the mixture from running out the blades then it is always best to keep adding liquid to your mixture. Blending very hard and dry mixtures all the time makes the blades lose their quality and shape in the long run.

The blender should be cleaned after every single use: cleaning the blender is not just good for the blender’s performance quality but also for your health. Therefore you are supposed to clean the blender immediately after using it.

  • Always wash the jar with warm water and soap to make it spotlessly clean.
  • Also wash the blades in soapy warm water, rinse them well and use a dish towel to completely dry them.
  • You are not allowed to even think about soaking the base of the blender, just wipe it clean with a clean damp cloth.
  • To remove any hard or tough stains from the jar, you can alternatively use lemon or baking soda. Sometimes even using vinegar will help to make the cleaning process easier. Pour the solution of lemon, baking soda or vinegar into the jar and run the blender for a few minutes.

Dry the blender completely before using it: after cleaning the blender, use a clean and dry dish towel to entirely wipe the blender off any liquid. This is an electric appliance so the moment you use it while its wet, there will be electric shock which causes serious damage to the blender.

  • Do not ignore damages: if the jar or pitcher happens to have a crack or break then you will have to buy a new one. It is advisable to blend if the machine has a cracked jar.
  • Check if the blades work well: if the blender is properly plugged into power and you are sure that if you have chosen the right speed setting but still the blades do not rotate well then it means that there is a problem with the blender’s switch or motor so take the blender to a repair shop to have it serviced.
  • Do not use metallic objects to scrap food from the blender: if your blender doesn’t have its own plastic or wooden spatula then please find something that is not as rough as metal because it will crack the blender.
  • Mind about the blender’s motor: running the blender for long intervals can cause the machine to weaken faster, you are therefore advised to use it for short intervals this way the motor will not be easily damaged.
  • Do not wait too long before cleaning the blender: as soon are through with serving whatever you made in your blender, clean the blender immediately as it will be even easier to clean.
  • Store the blender well: after properly cleaning the blender, wait for a few minutes for it to dry well and thereafter put the machine away where it can’t easily fall, most likely in the cabinet.

In conclusion, with the few and simple maintenance tips that I have provided above, you will realize how easy and cost-efficient maintaining and taking care of your blender is. There is definitely no reason for you to buy a new blender year after year if you can make I last much longer with proper maintenance.

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