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Ninja Master Prep QB900B Review 2

The Ninja master prep is a multi-talented blender that allows you put your palm power to use as it uses its whole variety of gorgeous features to crush ice with a lot of ease in just a few seconds, make really creamy smoothies from fruits got straight out of the freezer and evenly chop ingredients to give you excellent and constant results. This blender comes with a 2 cup chopper bowl measuring 16 ounces as well as a 6 cup pitcher that is excellent for frozen blending.

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The Ninja master prep will easily accomplish all those really tough tasks that regular blenders cannot easily handle like blending frozen staff and ice crushing. While using the ninja master prep blender you can easily switch from the 48 ounce pitcher to the 16 ounce chopper bowl reason being its power pod is interchangeable, that is how advanced this processor is. This blender has lots of attachments that you will love with no doubt, in this I am talking about the storage lids, splash guards yet all these parts are dish washer safe which makes cleaning very easy.


  • The ninja master prep is very fast and at making smoothies, milk shakes and other beverages because it has a very power motor and blades that crush ice in the blink of an eye and blend frozen fruits with great ease.
  • It has very many attachments that are all dish washer safe which makes clean up less tiring as you do not have to spend too much effort cleaning the various parts.
  • It chop ingredients at a very fast speed, if you happen to be the busy type you will surely love every bit of this blender because it can takes just second to have all ingredients evenly chopped.
  • It has a really large pitcher, its pitcher measure 48 ounces which is means it has 6 cup capacity. It also comes with storage lids that keep all items fresh.
  • It has frozen blending feature, as many other blenders cannot blend frozen fruits, this QB900B blender finds no difficulty in making smoothies from frozen fruits.
  • It has a wide and sturdy base that will offer continued stability all through your blending time.


  • It makes too much noise compared to other blenders, almost all blender will make a whizzing noise especially if you are using the high speed setting but since the Ninja master prep is made from plastic it is makes much louder noise.
  • It has too many parts which means that there is a whole lot of mess to clean up after using the blender.
  • It only offers one speed setting, so you have limited control over the blender. This makes the blender less advantageous compared to other blender with 4-8 speed settings.
  • It requires too much space on the counter because of its wide base and too many parts.


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Features overview:

  • Quad and stacked blade technology:the QB900B master prep has the ability to perform much better than a regular blender and this is mainly because of its advanced blade technology that can easily go over tasks that blenders cannot easily get done. The master prep is engineered with patented blade technology that crushes ice in less than a minute, perfectly and evenly cuts fresh ingredients and makes the most perfect smoothies from freezer frozen fruits.
  • Frozen blending:unlike other blenders and food process, the master prep is designed with a frozen feature, with this feature you can get fruits straight from the freezer and still achieve the most perfect blending. There is definitely no need for you to waste waiting for fruits to cool off before blending the way it is done with other appliances.
  • Large 48 ounce pitcher and 16 ounce chopper bowl:the master prep has a very a really large pitcher that makes up to 6 cups of whatever you may have prepared. In the pitcher you can make perfect smoothies from any frozen fruits of your choice. It does not only stop at that, it also has a 2 cup capacity chopper bowl in which fresh vegetables can be chopped, you can as well blend, dice, mince and puree.
  • 2 cup processor:it also has two cup processors or jars in which you can use to blend, mince, puree, dice and chop. This is why the master prep is called a multi-task appliance because it can accomplish a really wide variety of tasks.
  • Substitutable 400 watt power pod:your kitchen will become more interesting with this versatile blender, it is engineered with an interchangeable and ergonomic powerful power pod. On the pod is a large pulsing button that will do what you conduct it to do with just one touch so you can have full control of your blender and have reliable results every time. Furthermore, in just a second you can switch from the 48 ounce pitcher to the 16 ounce chopper bowl depending on what you want to prepare.
  • Anti-spill splash guard and easy flip spout:pouring smoothies from the master prep has also become easier due to the spout that can easily be flipped open. It also has an anti-spill guard that prevents staff from spilling over the counter to leave a mess that you will have to clean up later.
  • No slip base:this base helps to provide continued stability throughout you session with the master prep. It is very firm and wide enough so thee prep will not slip and wobble around as you blend.
  • Faultless and even chopping: the QB900B uses its stacked and sharp blades to precisely and evenly chop ingredients for more consistent and excellent results. It can chop anything you want without any difficulty.
  • Dish washer safe parts: each and every part of the master is very easy to clean up so much as it has lots of attachments, they will not take up too much time for you to clean since they are all dish washable.
  • Storage lids: whatever you prepare from the Ninja master prep remains uncontaminated and fresh as it has storage lids that ensure nothing gets into contact with your creations.

Ninja Master Prep QB900B Review 2

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Product quality:

With a 48 ounce pitcher and 16 ounce chopper bowl, the Ninja master prep will accomplish a really wide variety of tasks for you. All those tasks that other blenders cannot perform will take just second for this super cool blender. It features quad and stacked blades that crush ice with in a time frame of seconds and blend frozen fruits to provide you with the most perfect smoothie. You will also fall in love with its easy to use and interchangeable 400 watt power pod that allows you to switch from the 6 cup pitcher to the 2 cup chopper bowl. Serving is easier and neater with QB900B due to its easy flip spout which does not spill creations all over the counter to increase your cleaning task. With dish washer safe parts, all the different parts of the processor are very to clean but more importantly it keeps all foods and creations fresh since it comes with tight storage lids.

Who does it benefit?

  • Much recommended for busy people: for those of that cannot go a day without a smoothie yet you are always tied up by your duties well now you can have your smile back because the Ninja master prep is very fast. In a just a minute your smoothie will be ready therefore you can meet up all your duties and still not give up your favorite drink.


What else do you need?

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Ninja Master Prep QB900B Review - 1

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