Ninja Professional Blender (Nj600) Review

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Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) - Review

Just like what the blender has been called, everything about the ninja professional blender (NJ600) is super professional straight from the features, quality and even more significantly its performance. Standing out from a really large crowd of brands and types of blenders on the market this NJ600 blender features the most powerful motor that utilizes 1000watts to provide really perfect results every time you use it. Along with its chic and sleek design is a variety of parts that are all dish washable to make maintenance of the blender no reason for you to worry.

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For those of you that have large families and always put you family’s needs as first priority then this blender will be your perfect buy since it has a very large pitcher measuring a72 ounces so you can serve you whole family at once. It can blend, puree and crush with in a flash using its ninja total crushing technology, this basically explains why crushing ice and cutting through fruits and vegetable is so easy for the ninja professional blender. Using this exceedingly impressive blender, you can make the most delicious sauces, the tastiest smoothies and dips.


  • The NJ600 makes crushing ice very simple, this is because it uses strong blades, ultimate ice crushing technology and total crushing technology to blast ice into snow which is quite difficult for other blenders.
  • It has exceptional features and performance that makes it very easy for anyone to differentiate it from other low end blenders.
  • The NJ600 has a very large pitcher which allows you to make creations in large quantities without having to make different blending processes.
  • This blender is extremely powerful to the extent that even if you overload with ingredients it will easily crush and blend them yet it does everything in a very short period of time.
  • There is no need for you to disassemble the blender when you are going to clean it up the way it is done with other blenders and its parts are all dish washable.


  • The blades are dangerously sharp, if you think that this is an advantage , you will realize it’s a disadvantage after the blades cut you if you do not clean them carefully.
  • It does not crush ingredients perfectly, it can do the blending in just seconds but leaves some lamps in the smoothies.


Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) - Review



Features overview:

  • 6 blade ninja technology:this is not just to make the ninja professional blender stand out from all the rest but to offer the most perfect performance with each single use. This technology is what allows the blender to chop and mash ingredients with ease and at fast rate so you can have you can have your creations ready as soon as possible
  • Dish washable parts: lid, blades and pitcher are BPA free and can easily be washed since they will not get any kind of harm when cleaned in the dish washer. You can now prepare your foods and beverages without any cleaning issues to worry about.
  • Ultimate ice crushing action:as other blenders take forever to crush just a few cubes, the NJ600 blender takes only seconds to have very many ice cubes crushed down into powdery snow. This is possible because the of the blender’s unique and heavy blades together with a very powerful motor.
  • Extra-large 72 ounce pitcher:there is nothing that feels as good as meeting all your family needs at the same time and this is what the ninja professional blender has been designed to help you with. It has a very large pitcher measuring 72 ounces so you can share whatever you have made with the blander with rest of your family.
  • Total crushing technology:this amazing technology is what makes the NJ600 stand out from many other blenders, this technology provides exceptional expert power and combines together with the blender’s sharp blades to thrash and blast through ice as well as vegetables and fruits in the least amount of time. In just a few minutes you will be able to crush ice into powdery snow and at the same time blend all your preferred ingredients into smoothies and very tasty sauces.
  • 1000 watts professional grade motor:if you have been wondering why the Ninja professional blender can even perform heavy duty blending and process that other blenders failed to, well now you know that is mainly because of its really powerful and professional grade motor.
  • Cord storage:the blender is designed to store its own cord this makes much safer to keep and easy to use as you do not have to move around looking for where you last placed the blender’s cord. This kind of cord also leaves the counter looking neat.
  • 3 speeds and pulse:blending control is all in your hands while you use the NJ600 reason being it has 3 speeds that you can choose and along with the three speed setting is the pulse setting which is more common in many other blenders.
  • Strong and non-slip base: it provides stability when you are using the machine hence helping to keep the machine in place as you blend.

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) - Review 2

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Product quality:

There is definitely no blender that can handle the competition from the Ninja professional blender which is also known as the NJ600. It has not so many features but the few that is designed with make it one of the most effective performing blenders.  It is first of all uniquely designed with total crushing technology that mashed up ice cubes into snow in a just a flash and blends vegetables and fruits to make you the most delicious and perfect creations. With all dish washer safe parts, clean up and maintenance of the blender has greatly been improved and made simple for all the users of this splendid blender. The professional blender also comes with ultimate ice crushing action that blasts ice easily and quickly unlike other blenders. Its 3 speeds and pulse setting offer you more than enough control over your blender. The 1000 power watt professional grade motor built in this blender model caught my attention, it is very strong to withstand heavy processing and blending.

You can as well choose to take advantage of the blender’s sleek design to have make your kitchen more interesting. While using the NJ600, meeting your family’s desires will be sorted because the blender has a 72 ounce pitcher, a pitcher that is this large gives you more than enough room to make an amount of creations that is enough for all family members. This blender is professional just like it has been called so you can be rest assured to have delicious smoothies, tasty dips and sauces every day together with all your family or friends.

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) - Review 1

Who does it benefit?

Excellent blender for larger families: the understanding that I have of how important family is, i have brought to you this blender that prepares a variety of creations in just seconds but in large amounts. If you have a wide family, you can serve each one of the members without having to go through the trouble of making multiple blending processes.

What else do you need?

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  • Ninja Blender Cup:your smoothie or milkshake can now remain very fresh even after you have served it all thanks to the ninja blender cup. It features a seal lid which keeps your drink fresh after sipping on it. The cup is designed to fir all ninja series blenders so it will definitely fit yours.
  • OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter: in just a second this tool can cuts mangoes into two and removes the seed with one single press. It finds no difficulty in cutting through rips mangoes and for easy maintenance it is dish washable.

Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) - Review

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