How To Dry Hair Faster Without Using A Blow Dryer

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If there is any stylist that will not warn you about the damage blow drying does to your then you should know that is not a good hair stylist, anyone will clearly tell you that over use of the blow dryer can cause hair dryness, split ends at it makes hair weak and break. Do not be fooled by the myth of when a blow dryer is used on low heat setting it does not harm your hair, both on low and high heat setting, over use of the blow dryer is not good for your hair. But what are the other ways in which you can dry your hair? Since you cannot move out of the house to go to any event with your hair dripping so to minimize your use of the blow, here are some really cools ways in which you can make hair dry quickly without the blow dryer.

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  • Start by conditioning your hair: some people may not look at this as a helpful in which you can make your hair dry faster but not until you try it out, you will not know how condition helps your hair to dry faster. There is a lot that conditioner does to your hair like making it smooth, keeping it moisturized, adding shine and keeping it looking healthy. However besides all that, conditioner also prevents your hair from absorbing too much water, which is basically why people with curly hair that is so prone frizz are always advised to apply leave in conditioner before air drying.
  • Squeeze out any excess water: drying your hair does not when you are out of the shower on the contrary you will have to right before your step out by mildly squeezing water from your hair. Also make it a point not to get your too wet or else you will have a very big drying job to get done with, begin by washing your hair before the rest of your body and try as hard as possible not to splash any more water on to the hair after rinsing it.
  • Finger comb to separate hair: when your hair is all packed together, it takes longer to dry however when strands are all separate from one, hair can easily get dry. Your fingers to a good job at separating those strands so put them to task but be very gentle and do not rush it through because wet hair is very fragile.
  • Tilt your head back and shake out the water: spare just a few minutes after showering just to shake water out of your hair this will leave just little water that will not take long to dry out. Simply use your fingers to shake out the excess water, tilting your head back keeps hair off the scalp but not so well so you will need to use your fingers to separate hair from the roots for it to dry faster.
  • Pat hair with an absorbent clean and dry towel:not just any towel can be used to dry your hair because some towels are made from very strong fiber that will end up making your hair frizzy and cause it to break. The best towel to use is one made of microfiber and it should be able to dissolve most of the water, also take note of how clean the towel is, if the towel is dirty it will make your hair dirty and have a bad smell. Now follow the steps below to dry hair with a towel;
  • Divide your hair up into sections, just like I said earlier when hair is in smaller sections it takes less time to dry.
  • Start with one section of hair hold hair in one corner of the towel and squeeze gently. When hair remains just damp you can drop that section and move to the next section. Do the same until all the sections are done and your whole head is just damp.
  • You can repeat the procedure a second or third time until you feel that you hair is not that wet anymo
  • Every new section should be worked on with a dry part of the towel
  • Avoid rigging or rubbing your hair in a towel that fabric is rough already and when you rub your hair fragile wet hair in it, it is definitely going to break.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth or shirt: unlike a towel that sometimes hurts your hair because of its material, cotton shirt can dissolve the water in your hair without causing it any damage and gets rid of frizz. You however still have to be gentle on your hair, you just have to blot not rub.
  • Concentrate more on the roots: even when you have very thick hair, you will notice that the ends always dry faster compared to the roots therefore most of your attention should be paid to the roots instead of the ends. Find a smaller towel that can get to those roots easily and pat the hair to remove as much water as you possibly can. Take your time while working on the roots, you can over several times, separate hair at the roots with your fingers to let maximum air flow through so that your hair can dry much faster. A lot of moisture will concentrate at the roots so you need to bend your head forward for the roots of your to also dry quickly.
  • Make use of a wide toothed comb:take note that youshould only and only use a wide toothed not a comb on your hair to avoid hurting your hair, if you risk and use a hair brush you will definitely make your hair frizzy, cause split ends and it will eventually break. Comb through the hair with a lot of calmness to leave hair very loose, you can also use your fingers to separate hair more so that hair can dry much faster. Apply styling product to your hair before combing through so that your hair your hair has a nice and healthy appearance when it dries.
  • Leave your hair to air dry: many people refer to this as leaving your hair to dry naturally, after washing your hair your just have to blot out most of the water and then leave your hair to dry by the air. You will need enough time if you are drying your hair in this way and as you dry, you will have to use your fingers to part the strands.

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