How To Use A Food Processor

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A food processor is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can ever have because it can be used for very many cooking tasks. Because of the easy way it prepares different foods, you will end up falling completely in love with your food processor, it can chop, slice, blend fruits among many others. There is nothing that difficult about using a food processor however there are both right and wrong ways of going about the whole process. Sometimes you have the right recipe but if you do not know how best to use your food processor you will absolutely not get the results you are expecting, here are some ways in which you can properly use your food processor.

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  • Properly assemble the food processor: if you just ordered for your food processor , you will not receive it as a whole to make shipping easier so you first of all have you to assemble the machine. Carefully follow all the directions given in your machine’s manual while putting it together and ensure that all parts are tightly attached because even with one small fault the machine will fail to work or perform poorly.
  • Make sure that your food processor is clean: the very first and most important thing you should do is to clean your machine, to avoid any inconveniences it is best to clean your food processor every after use so that the next time you want to use it, you will find it very clean.
  • Any large items should be cut into smaller pieces: you do not want your machine to get any damage or cause any danger to its motor because this is what putting large items in the blender will do. Cut any all the large items into smaller to make it easier to blend them in the machine.
  • Put ingredients into the food processor’s container: open the lid and place whatever you want into the container and tightly close. The lid is not tight enough, food will leak out so be very cautious about that.
  • Start the processor: when you start the processor do not walk away and leave it running, it is better for you to stay nearby such that you can make irregular pauses to prevent the motor from heating too much.
  • Take food from the processor: as soon as your food is as ready as you want it to be then there is no reason for you to leave it in the machine, immediately take it out.


  • Making purees, soups and sauces: this is the commonest reason as to why people invest in food processors, this because food processors are very good at blending all ingredients. You can also use it to make all your favorite juices spreads for break as well as snack dips, the processor
  • Meat grinding: you cannot put meat as a whole into the processor unless you actually want it to get spoilt, you need to cut the meat into smaller portions first before putting it in the processor. You can also try freezing and when its edges have become hard enough you can then coarsely grind it in the processor. From ground meat you can make meat spreads and burger patties.
  • Making home-made mayonnaise and ketchup: everything tastes better with ketch up or mayonnaise so there is surely no reason as to why you keep spending money every now and then buying them when you can make your own at home. Both mayonnaise and ketchup can easily be made with ingredients well known to you, with a food processor you have the chance to make your own fresh and preservative free mayonnaise and ketchup.
  • Grinding nuts: you love to add nuts to your ice cream and salads, then simply grind them in your food processor and make your ice cream and salads taste much better. Nuts chopped or ground by your hands will not come out fine.
  • Mincing cheese: shredding cheese with your own hands will take a lot of time however the food processor does it in the least possible time to give the best results.
  • Making creamy and healthy ice cream: you are not sure of what ingredients are added to the ice cream you buy from the parlor but why should your stress over that when you can make your ice cream at home. You can make a really nice frothy chocolate ice cream in the food processor without adding unhealthy sugar.
  • Chopping butter: whenever you want to use already chopped in any recipe, feel free to cut your butter into floor using the food processor and it does the job really nicely.
  • Nicely chopping vegetable for salads: I personally do not like to eat vegetable salads with some veggies not nicely cut. Therefore have the vegetables chopped in the food processor to have the best ever vegetable salad.
  • Making curry paste and homemade pesto: When you have a food processor at home you can make your own personalized and healthy pesto and also make curry paste to make your meals taste much better. With this machine you can be the best cook ever.


  • If you want to clean your food processor in a dish washer check the machine’s manual or contact its manufacturer to confirm if it is safe to be washed in a dish washer, if that is not the case hand wash to avoid any damages.
  • Use the required blades for that particular activity that you want to do, most food processors comes with different blades the dull blades and sharp blades therefore make sure that to use the sharp blades for cutting or chopping and the dull blades for grinding but not the other way round.
  • Do not throw very large food pieces into the food processor, the food processor might as well grind them but you will be weakening its motor. First cut large items into smaller pieces before putting them in the machine.
  • Take the manual directions very seriously to learn more on how best to use the food processor and all the features it comes with.

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