How To Whiten Teeth In 2 Weeks (Brush for 2 Minutes)

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Having whiter teeth is not an easy task but everyone actually wishes to have whiter teeth. There are many methods of making your teeth whiter ranging from natural to artificial methods but someone can actually use a method that works best for him or her. Additionally, having whiter teeth can actually give someone an amazing smile and will even make you look hygienic when in the public compared to people creamy teeth. However, below are some of the some of the natural and artificial whitening methods that you can use to get whiter teeth.


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  • Eat some crunchy foods: these foods will help to remove any sugars and chemicals that cause stains and cavities on your teeth. these include; apples which help to keep the doctor and dentist away because they contain malic-acid which is used in whitening products in order to dissolve stains, vegetables like broccoli, cucumber, carrots and celery are also good natural tooth whiteners. All these foods are crunchy and that’s why they get saliva going hence lessening on tooth stains.
  • Rinse the mouth with water after eating: rinsing your mouth after having a meal will help to remove any leftover foods and residue from the teeth hence preventing staining and decay which is the major cause of colored teeth. Use water to clean your mouth is good practice especially when you are away from home and you can’t get toothbrush to clean your teeth after eating.
  • Eat fruits with tooth-whitening abilities: some fruits actually have the ability to whiten teeth naturally and they can act as excellent tooth-whiteners or bleachers. For example, strawberries contain natural whitening agents and this makes them one of the most popular home remedies for tooth whitening or bleaching. In fact, rubbing a strawberry onto your teeth or making a paste out of strawberries will help to whiten your teeth, using lemon by mixing it with salt and then apply this paste onto the teeth using a toothbrush will help to whiten your teeth in just a few days and this because lemon contains ingredients that dissolve the enamel and make it clean but this is also not good because it will you more susceptible to cavities. So it’s recommended to brush teeth with toothpaste immediately after using lemon in order to avoid permanent damage to your teeth. Additionally, try to consume more raisins because they help to induce higher-levels of saliva production thus this constant tooth-washing will gradually rinse away any plaque and other build-ups on your teeth.
  • Consume some cheese: try eating more cheese especially after having a meal because this will help to prevent tooth decay and even promote enamel re-mineralization. Additionally, milk and yogurt help to keep teeth cavity-free and sparkling because they contain minerals like calcium and phosphorous which enhance the development of the tooth enamel. On the other hand, you should also know that strong enamel is connected to whiter teeth because it’s the outermost layer of the teeth and it’s the enamel you will see and it even protects the inner parts of your teeth. So this implies that when the enamel gets stained, the color of your teeth will also change hence the enamel determines your teeth color. all in all, try to consume dairy products because they contain calcium and phosphate which help to build-up the enamel in order to keep your teeth strong and healthy.



  • Brush your teeth: preventing teeth from discoloration is much easier than removing stains and this is why you should try to brush your teeth regularly in order to get rid of any developing stains that may lead to discoloration. Brushing actually plays a big role in keeping your teeth clean and white. So if you fail to keep up with brushing your teeth, then this will allow for staining and tooth-decay which are the major cause of teeth discoloration.
  • Floss your teeth: flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth when it comes to keeping them white and clean. There are always stains between your teeth and this can actually lead to tooth-decay and discoloration thus you need to remove them by flossing. Additionally, flossing also promotes gum health and this means that you should always do it to in order keep your mouth hygienic.
  • Use some baking soda: baking soda actually happens to be one of the best, artificial tooth whiteners whereby it cleans and whitens teeth at once. In fact, baking-soda has been used as a bleaching and whitening product for centuries even before the introduction of toothpaste. To use baking-soda, simply prepare a paste by combining baking-soda, water and a small portion of salt then brush your teeth normally for about 1-minute. Rinse out your mouth well in order to remove any baking-soda. However, only use baking-soda to clean teeth for twice a week because baking-soda is abrasive and can easily erode the enamel if used on a regular basis.
  • Try using some hydrogen peroxide: this is actually a powerful bleaching agent that will help to whiten your teeth. This chemical-substance features a composition of H2O2 which is very close to water and it’s actually used as an antiseptic, disinfectant and oxidizer hence it very versatile and useful. Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the ingredients found in toothpastes, disinfectants and mouthwashes. Additionally, you can make a solution of hydrogen-peroxide and water then use it as a mouthwash to clean and whiten your teeth. In fact, hydrogen-peroxide is declared safe to use as a teeth whitener by ADA.
  • Chew some sugar-free gum containing xylitol: chew gum that does not contain artificial-sugars but one that contains xylitol which is a natural sweetener that can prevent plaque. In fact, plaque feeds on artificial sugars but it won’t be able to feed or digest xylitol. Xylitol can also neutralize the ph-levels in the mouth and even increases saliva production. However, as saliva washes away food and debris, it can even carry bacteria within your mouth hence you need to brush for at least 2-times daily and even consider low-sugar intakes.

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