Latex Vs. Memory Foam

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The comparison between latex and memory foam is not an easy one especially because we all have different personal sleep preferences, some may prefer to have latex while others will prefer memory foam but as we dig deep into this comparison we shall be able to tell which of these two is better. latex is used by quite a big number of people due to the fact that is contains natural materials which are very friendly to a person’s health and to the environment too but when it comes to comfort latex may not be the best option for you. On the other hand memory foam is extremely an exceptionally comfortable, pressure relieving and very durable but they also contain too many chemicals which are not safe for your health. This is just a hint on what to expect the real comparison between latex and memory foam is right below:

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  • Memory foam: the durability of memory foam is just slightly above average as it can last between 7 to 12 years reason being when pressure is removed the can return back into their shape. However with its extra softness it is more likely to sag after a certain period of use and hence lose the great comfort and support it provides.
  • Latex: they are different types of latex but on average latex lasts between 8 to 12 years which simply means latex is a little more durable compared to memory foam. Though after some time of use, latex also has a tendency of developing lasting body indentations on the area where a sleeper spends most of their time.


  • Memory foam: both latex and memory foam perform well in this areas though memory foam makes a better decision when it comes to reducing pressure points. As memory foam conforms to the shape of your body, it actually gets rid of pressure around the hips and shoulders.
  • Latex: many users of late have actually praised for its ability to reduce pressure but it does absolutely does not beat memory foam in getting rid of pressure points. Latex simply helps to balance your weight over the mattress but does not contour to the shape of your body like memory foam does.


  • Memory foam: just like it is with pressure relief when it comes to pain relief still both memory foam and latex perform exceptionally. However the number of people that claimed to have been relieved from any pain especially back pain were using memory foam.
  • Latex: in latex the quality of latex causes the variation in the ways that is reduces pain, some latex especially the more expensive one relieve pain better than the cheaper ones.


  • Memory foam: you will only go in for these formulas if you know how highly they cost because they are both equally expensive. But memory foam is slightly cheaper than latex which is why you will find a king size memory foam mattress costing less than the same size of a latex mattress.
  • Latex: latex seems more expensive depending on how thick it will the thicker it becomes the more expensive it becomes. Latex is therefore less affordable compared to memory foam.


  • Memory foam: it is memory foam that contains most of the chemicals and out of the 10 customers that have used memory foam before, you will either one or none of them saying they did not find the smell. As soon as you open your brand new memory foam mattress you will need to air it first before using it to avoid the harmful effect that it can cause.
  • Latex: on the other, latex features synthetic but does not smell as bad as memory foam yes it is very true that it has some smell in the beginning but it is not as bad as that of memory foam and disappears shortly after.


In this case both memory foam and latex have been found not to make any noise like other types. They will only produce some noise when arranged poorly but besides that they are both less noisy.


  • Memory foam: this is solely one of the biggest complaints about memory foam, it has the tendency to trap heat hence making the sleep area extremely hot and uncomfortable. Now can enjoy a night sleep full of sweat.
  • Latex:even for latex there is a percentage of people that claimed it was getting too hot for them. Latex may also heat up sometimes but it is not as bad as memory foam.


  • Memory foam: high density memory foam can be really heavy whereas low density memory foam is just okay. Therefore transporting a memory foam mattress may be a problem much as it will be with latex.
  • Latex: everyone knows that there is no mattress type heavier than latex, in turn latex mattresses are very problematic in moving from one place to another because they are less portable.


A mattress being resilient simply means the rate at which the mattress moves back into its initial position.

  • Memory foam: memory foam takes much longer to return to its initial shape which makes changing position a little difficult also movement of memory foam from one place to another is not that easy because of its slow resilience.
  • Latex: in the other will return to original position in just a few seconds, if you are not looking out for greater molding to your body shape then there is no doubt a latex mattress will be a better decision for you.



  • Memory foam: it continuously adjusts to the shape of your body which reduces pressure points that result into tossing and turning. This is also due to the fact that it nicely balances out your weight over the mattress.
  • Latex: latex’s way of getting rid of tossing and turning is natural, it simply dissolves your weight away from the area of sleep.


  • Memory foam: unlike traditional memory foam, open cell memory foam is more breathable so that it can keep the sleep surface very cool.
  • Latex: it is naturally breathable and perfectly ventilated to allow free flow air through the mattress hence sustaining the coolest temperature ever.

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