Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor Review

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The Micro-Touch safety-razor is a modern version of a timeless classic razor and in fact it has been crafted with extra precision to offer you with a smooth and precise clean shave.

Microtouch One Razor Classic Safety RazorThis amazing safety razor uses double-sided razor blades that are placed easily into its weighted head hence this means that you will be assured of getting the best shave of your life and in fact this razor is really safe to use. If you prefer wet shaving you will find this razor very friendly because it works even better in wet conditions, but much as I praise It, I don’t recommend dry shaving with a safety razor, that could be disastrous.


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  •  PRO:  Just like any other safety razor, Micro Touch will give you a close shave. It comes with 12 precision blades to save you money during your first time shaving with it and at the same time it comes with a chrome stand, so you don’t have to worry where to keep it after use


  • CON:  This Micro touch Classic safety-razor may not be the best shaving tool for elderly people with wrinkled skin types because it has very sharp blades which might leave nicks and cuts if used on a very sensitive skin, but I guess this weakness applies to all safety razors.




  • It’s made of solid brass: Microtouch is crafted from a solid brass material that really makes it feel very durable and solid when held into the hands when shaving. With such a material this razor will be able to resist any conditions hence it will be able to last for a longer period of time.
  • Chrome plated: on top of the solid brass material, there is chrome plating that gives this razor a shiny and luxurious look and feel. The chrome helps to protect this razor from harsh conditions like when it’s exposed to water and shaving chemicals while shaving.
  • Easy blade changing: Microtouch opens with just a simple twist of the head and the handle, this will create room for the blade and all you have to do is to screw back the handle. This simple disassembling process makes it easy to clean the razor when clogged by hair after shaving.
  • This Micro-Touch safety razor has a weighted base coupled with a removable and curved shaving head that helps to hold and keep the blade centered while resting against a safety-bar. This will help to expose the tiny straight-edge to the skin when shaving hence limiting on the levels of getting skin irritations even when shaving wet.
  • It facilitates for only one double-edged blade: Microtouch classic razor is not like any other razors on the market that use multiple blades, it uses single blade that is also placed easily into its head. Surprisingly, this single blade delivers a clean and smooth shave with precision in case you use the razor at the right shaving angle, it can even perform better than most double edge razors.
  • It comes well packaged: the Micro-Touch One classic razor comes well packaged with a razor-stand and 12 refill-blades. I like the idea of giving us free blades on each new purchase, not only does it make you steak to their razors, but it also saves you money during those first days of shaving. I know blades cost less that $15, but most packs have 5 blades and Microtouch gives you 12 free razor blades to start with

 Microtouch One Razor Classic Safety Razor

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  • The Micro Touch safety-razor is made from solid brass and it features chrome plating on top which makes it look very nice and also durable.
  • This razor is well-made and it also opens very easily and closes very well for blade replacement without any blade wobbling.
  • Its handle is of a standard length, this means that it offers a good weight or heft while shaving but the handle may seem to be extremely short for men with bigger hands and this is not a good thing.
  • It has a weighty base which improves your shaving experience especially when you have a thick beard. You don’t have to use too much effort while shaving, because the weight of the razor is inserted directly on the beards, so you will make a few passes and that thick beard will be no more.


  • Men with short hands: – Due to its short handle, men / ladies with short hands will love its grip. It will fit very well and do its shaving job effectively without making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Novice users may also tryout this razor but it’s advisable to practice how to use it well before you start shaving. However, while shaving with this safety razor, don’t use too much force, because it has some weight on it and the main purpose of this weight is to reduce on the pressure used by men while shaving..

Microtouch One Razor Classic Safety Razor

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  • The safety razor seems to offer a slightly better shave on flat surfaces like on the cheek section but it’s not that good when it comes to shaving around the chin and lip areas.
  • Its double-edge single blade system is very cost effective than multiple-blades and in fact you will achieve a very close and smooth shave even though it has single blade system. The handle on this safety-razor is a bit short but i wish it could be longer for better balance.
  • It offers no adjustment to the head and you will have to open its head by simply twisting the bottom which opens-up so that you can fix in the blade. Once the blade is in place, you will close the razors head and no other adjustment will be made. However, it takes a lot of practice to use this razor well, but once you get to know how to use it, you will get an incredibly clean and close shave.In fact, you should always hold this razor at the tip of the handle at a 45-degree angle and always shave with the grain of the beard in order to get a clean and smooth shave.

What I need

  • 1Badger brush: all men need to buy this brush because it will help them lather up their faces before shaving. Remember to always get a brush that is of quality if you wish to use it for a longer period of time.
  • 1Brush holder: this will help to hold your brush after using it and will even help to drain any excess water from the brush after washing it hence keeping it free from any bacteria that usually develop due to wet conditions.
  • 1Shaving soap or cream: this is necessity when it comes to wet shaving in case you wish to achieve a close and less irritating shave. There are many brands of shaving creams on the market but it’s always good to go for one that is of high quality.

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