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The NordicTrack C 7.5 is an elliptical-machine that will provide you with a total-body workout without applying too-much pressure or impact onto your knees. In fact, this elliptical-machine features an in-built incline-ramp which enables the user to target specific muscle-groups so as to achieve an effective workout routine while the adjustable incline just at the touch of a button helps make your workout more challenging in order to achieve the best results. On top of that, you can even attach your tablet or any other entertainment device onto this machines console so that you can be able to enjoy your favorite music, shows and movies while having a workout. All in all, you will be able customize your exercising routine when using the NordicTrack C 7.5 front-drive elliptical machine.

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What We Like:

  1. A 5 inch Backlit Display: Keeping track of your training statistics is very easy when using the NordicTrack C 7.5 and this mainly because it features a 5-inch backlit display that displays all the information needed while working-out. In fact, as your training with custom iFit workouts, this backlit console will automatically display the time, distance, heart-rate, speed and calories-burned so that you can be able to know your workout improvement.
  1. Its iFit enabled with Google-Maps Training Routes: the NordicTrack C 7.5 is also iFit-enabled and this actually a new technology integrated into most NordicTrack machines in order to help the user get more out of his/her training. Additionally, you can even use a smart-device to sign into your iFit-account in order to access Google-Maps training routes, automatic statistics tracking, daily-workouts and a lot more.
  1. Power-Adjustable Stride: The C 7.5 elliptical-machine is equipped with an adjustable stride which enables the user to find a length that best suits or matches their natural-body movement. In fact, most elliptical-machines strides can only be adjusted manually but for the C 7.5 elliptical-machine the stride is power-adjustable and this is big advantage when compared with its competitors.
  1. Tablet Shelf: this elliptical-machine features an integrated tablet-shelf which enables you to attach your tablet or any other device onto the console so that you can be able to enjoy your favorite shows, music and movies while having a workout. In fact, this tablet-shelf is very stable because it’s securely attached on this workout machine and this means that you tablet will be kept safely as you work out on the elliptical-machine.
  1. 26 Workout Apps: you will also be able to get a professional training when using the NordicTrack C 7.5 elliptical because it’s equipped with over 26 pre-loaded workout-programs that have been designed by a certified personal trainer. In fact, each workout-app will automatically adjust the machine’s incline and resistance so that the user can reach certain fitness goals. However, you can also access additional workout-programs tailored to meet your fitness-goals through your created iFit-account.
  1. An Intermix Acoustic Sound-System: The C 7.5 elliptical-machine features an integrated sound-system which can be connect to any standard headphone-jack, iPod or any other MP3-device and then projects high-quality sound through the inbuilt dual 2-inch speakers. This will actually keep you entertained as you workout so that you can meet your target or fitness-goals easily.
  1. Heart-Rate Monitor: The NordicTrack C 7.5 also comes with dual CardioGrip-sensors which are built into the handlebars and these actually ensure that you stay within the target heart-rate zone in order to meet your fitness-goals. In fact, these integrated pulse-grip sensors will send an accurate heart-rate reading to the machine’s console when having a workout.
  1. A 0-to-20° incline: with a touch of a button, you will be able to increase on your incline anywhere between 0-20 degrees in order to burn-up more calories and even target specific muscles within your body. In fact, you will be able to tone and target your quads, calves and gluts in case you increase on the inclining-degree when having a workout. On the other hand, when training on a Google-Maps route, iFit will be capable of automatically adjusting your incline in order to simulate a more natural terrain.
  1. 22 Digital Resistance Levels: this elliptical-machine features integrated OneTouch™ controls that allow the user to adjust his/her resistance just at the touch of a button so that he/she doesn’t have to scroll through several options. In fact, the user will be able to intensify his/her workout routine by simply cruising through these 22 resistance-levels.
  1. An Autobreeze Workout-Fan: you will be able to stay cool and comfortable when using the NordicTrack C 7.5 because it’s equipped with an Autobreeze fan which automatically adjusts its speed in order to match your workout intensity.
  1. ONETOUCH™ Controls: the elliptical-machine even features OneTouch-controls which enable the user to easily change workout-settings without scrolling through various-options. In fact, with these controls you will be able to adjust your workout speed and incline with just a touch of a button.
  1. Transportation wheels: you can quickly move your elliptical-machine from room-to-room while using its built-in, front-mounted transport-wheels. In fact, if you have kids or pets around your home, then you should consider moving this elliptical machine to safer place after usage in order to ensure optimum safety within your home.
  1. Cushioned large-size pedals: this elliptical-machine is designed with over-sized and cushioned pedals which are just perfect for any foot size. In fact, these over-sized-pedals provide the user with cushioned-comfort throughout his/her entire workout thus placing less stress onto his joints and muscles.
  1. An accessory holder: the NordicTrack C 7.5 features a conveniently integrated accessory-holder which helps to hold water-bottle, cell-phones and other items as you workout on this elliptical-machine. So, this means that you will able to keep your water bottle nearby in order stay hydrated as you workout.
  1. Great user-weight capacity: it even accommodates a user weight-capacity of 325-pounds and this is just enough weight to accommodate most people within your home in case you’re buying it for home-use. However, this elliptical-machine may not work for people over 325-pounds and this isn’t good at all.
  1. An effective flywheel: the NordicTrack C 7.5 elliptical-machine is designed with a 20-pound effective flywheel which ensures that you enjoy a consistent and smooth resistance while working-out. Additionally, every NordicTrack exercise elliptical-machine uses SMR™-technology (silent magnetic resistance) which facilitates for a smooth and quiet experience when having a workout.


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What We Don’t Like:

  • Smaller display-monitor: this elliptical-machine actually has a smaller display-monitor which is only 5-inches wide and this actually not a good especially for people who are used to working-out on elliptical machines with bigger screens.
  • It does not facilitate for wireless heart-rate monitoring: this NordicTrack C 7.5 elliptical-machine doesn’t have an option of wireless heart-rate monitoring and this means that you only have to rely on its in-built sensors integrated onto the handle-bars in order to read your heart-rate.

Our Verdict:

The NordicTrack C 7.5 is one of the most affordable front-drive elliptical-machine on the market which is equipped with some of the best features. In fact, some of these features include an audio-port for entertainment, iFit-technology, 26 workout-programs, a tablet-holder and a lot more. All these make the NordicTrack C 7.5 perfect for beginners and those who wish to workout at home with extra convenience.

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