Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Shaver Review

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Panasonic ES2216PC

The Panasonic ES2216PC is a high quality and multi-purpose electric shaver for ladies whereby it has been equipped with all the technologies required to achieve a smooth and comfortable shave. In fact, this wet and dry shaver is great choice for ladies who would like to shave hard areas like underarms or around the bikini line and it will also be of use to those who like having silky smooth legs.

This shaver will also offer any lady with a close and even shave because it somehow hugs the natural curves on your body as you shave and in case you wish to trim small or large sections on your body that contain hair, this electric-shaver is capable of doing the job and it will leave you with a smooth finish. All in all, this shaver is good electric shaver for ladies and it’s even very affordable yet it offers good shave with less skin-irritation and that’s why i would highly recommend it to ladies with sensitive skins.

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  • This shaver is ergonomically designed and this actually makes it very easy to use in both wet and dry conditions hence it will be capable of offering you with a close and smooth shave. The other good thing about this shaver is that it quiet while using it to shave and it is even inexpensive, compact, convenient and also durable.
  • This shaver also feels smooth and comfortable when using it over the skin while shaving and this is because it is designed with four floating heads and a pivot action shaving-system that gently conforms to the shape of your body thus making the shaver perfect for those with sensitive skin because there will be no skin-irritations during the shaving process.


  • Every electric shaver has a negative side and that’s why even if this shaver seems solidly built it has it weaknesses which include: it will not provide you with a close enough shave like high-end shavers, it requires a lot of time become fully charged yet it does not keep the charge for a long period because it loses its power quickly and it may even pull your hair or even irritate the skin in case you have very thick or coarse hair. However, this shaver is at a low cost compared high-end or men’s electric shavers and to me it’s not a bad shaver though it has some weaknesses.

Panasonic ES2216PC

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Features overview:

  • It supports dry or wet cordless operation: the Panasonic ES2216PC close-curves shaver can be used for both wet and dry shaving. This implies that you can use it in the bathroom with lather for a refreshing, wet-shave experience or use it under dry conditions at your own convenience. On the other hand, the shaver is also fully sealed and water proof and this means that it is fully immiscible into running water for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The shaver has a pivot action shaving system: our bodies have many beautiful curves on them but unfortunately these curves can be difficult to shave with any standard shaver or razor. However, this Panasonic shaver is designed with a pivot action head that conforms to the shape of your legs or any other body parts inorder to provide you with a clean and smooth shave with maximum comfort.
  • It is built with a four head system: this shaver is also equipped with 4 independently floating heads that gently follow all the contours on your legs and underarms in order to achieve a clean and close shave with extra comfort. This system also covers a wider area while shaving and it even ensures that no unwanted hair is left behind as you shave.
  • Contains the sharpest hypoallergenic blades and foils: this electric-shaver has ultra-sharp blades that smoothly and gently slide over the skin as you shave while removing any unwanted hairs and infact these blades cut off hairs close to skin but with optimum comfort. These are also the sharpest blades that have ever been equipped into a ladies shaver and they are made of nickel-free, hypo-allergenic stainless steel that makes them perfect for use on sensitive skin types. On the other hand, all these blades are safely placed behind a guard or foil so that you may shave your skin comfortably without irritating your self.
  • A pop-up trimmer: this Panasonic ES2216PC ladies shaver is also developed with a pop-up trimmer which can perfectly deal with longer and stray hairs. in case you have very thick body hair or when you are going to trim body areas with coarse, long hair like underarms, along the bikini line and any other part, it’s always recommended to first use a pop-up trimmer to cut the longer hair short then use the shaver to trim the rest of the hair and you will achieve the best shaving results.
  • It comes with a bikini attachment: this new Panasonic shaver for ladies also comes with a bikini-attachment that has multiple height adjustments which help you to select the level you want your hair to have while trimming inside the bikini-line. However, you may remove this attachment in case you wish to achieve a completely smooth and clean shave.
  • This shaver contains a rechargeable battery: the shaver has a charging system and battery and this means that you can always charge it whenever you want. This battery also offers about 20-minutes of shaving-time and that’s reasonably, quite a long time. However, the only weakness about this shaver’s charging system is that it takes about 12-hours to fully recharge the battery from zero yet it takes only 20-minutes to get drained while shaving.

Product Quality:

  • The Panasonic ES2216PC shaver for ladies is actually of high quality and it’s equipped a several awesome features that will make any lady to go for it. They include a four blade shaving system which is equipped with nickel-free, hypo-allergenic blades that are very sharp and will trim hairs easily and smoothly without tugging or causing skin irritations like razor-burns. The floating shaving heads on this shaver gently follow the contours on your body for a closer and comfortable shave.
  • This Panasonic shaver also has a wide foil design and this actually helps to cover any body area gently and nicely while the sharp blades under this foil ensure that one gets a close shave even though they have coarse hair. The shaver even has fully sealed body and this implies that it used for wet or dry shaving and you may even totally immerse it in water after using it for easy cleaning. Lastly, this electric-shaver features a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery that lasts for about 20-minutes of cordless shaving after charging it for 12-hours.

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Suitable for ladies with sensitive skins: this Panasonic shaver was designed to be gentle on the skin as you shaver. This actually means that incase you have been suffering from skin irritations after using other electric shavers, then this Panasonic shaver is a perfect choice for you and it will leave you with a close and irritation-free skin.
  • Good for those with thick, coarse hair: this shaver will actually trim off your thick hairs on any part of the body and this is because it is equipped with sharp hypoallergenic blades that can easily and quickly cut through your hair and it also features a pop-up trimmer that will help to remove any long, stray hairs before your begin shaving.

What I need

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  • Panasonic replacement blades and foil: It is always recommended to replace the outer foil for at least once every year and the inner shaving blades for at least once in every two years so as to maintain the shaver’s cutting performance. That’s why you should acquire these spare parts in advance inorder to use them when time comes but you must be careful during the replacement process since you may easily damage the shaver’s head. Try to get replacement parts for this specific shaver so that you don’t get disappointed when making replacements.
  • Face shave powder: this powder is applied gently over the skin before you start shaving because it helps to make the hairs soft and the skin gentle so that you can shave your off hairs smoothly and quickly with maximum comfort. This powder should be applied in reasonable amounts and it should be washed off your face after shaving.

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