Serta Killner Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Serta Killner Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Serta Killner Gel Memory Foam mattress has been designed to help you have the most beautiful nights ever as it provides a set of advanced and unique features that help to get rid of the five common sleep problems. This mattress has an extra luxurious layer of Serta’s cool action gel memory foam, this foam is the first ever quality memory foam in the whole world as it is permeated with support and a cooling touch.

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More to that is the extremely lavish Serta’s soft pillow foam which is designed specifically to deliver the gentlest cushioning.

It has cool balance technology which promotes a really balanced temperature during your sleep together with comfort last form core that promotes appropriate back support and alignment hence reducing chance of back pain. With the help of cool action gel memory foam all that tossing and turning will be no more and the true sense motion isolation design reduces any impact that you may get from your partner’s movements. The memory foam mattress is designed to offer core support and pressure relieving comfort for the best sleep every single day.

  • It is a light weight mattress yet it offers the most firm support you can ever want from a mattress. Being lightweight makes it easy to move the mattress to whichever room you want to put it without finding any difficulties.
  • It offers the most amazing balance reason its softness makes it easy for the mattress to conform to all body parts and minimizing pressure points. This Killner mattress beats all the rest memory foam mattresses that instead make you feel like you are falling through the surface.
  • It is super comfortable thus its ability to give you the beautiful sleep ever, both the mattress and pillow have memory foam in the upper layers to give you that soft feel when you sleep.
  • The edges of this mattress hold up even when you sit on them which is very different from the old mattresses
  • All sleep problems are dealt with when you have the Killner mattress whether it is lack of support, uncomfortable sleep, rolling off the mattress or irritation from your partner’s movements.
  • It can be used with or without foundation depending on what you prefer as an individual or what makes you more comfortable. This simply means that you can always have your sleep just the way you like it.


  • Despite all the amazing features that this king size mattress has, it extremely expensive. Well some people will not mind paying the price to enjoy the amazing    set of features but there is a big percentage that will not be able to afford the mattress.


Serta Killner Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review



Features overview:

  • Cool action gel memory foam:for the very first time memory foam can now be found of perfect sleepers, this is the first time in the whole world that to have memory foam permeated with micro support gel. With this the mattress is able to provide improved support and minimize the possibility of heat building on the surface of sleep, your sleep is never disrupted when you have the Serta Killner mattress.
  • Serta soft pillow foam:the mattress also has this extremely luxurious layer as a one if its features it therefore provides added and gentle cushioning and follows your body contours.
  • Perfect sleeper:similar to all the other perfect sleeper mattress, this killner mattress is also designed to be just as perfect as all the rest when it comes to overcoming all the five unbearable and really irritating sleep problems. This mattress is designed to specifically to not only make your nights but every time you wish to sleep very special.
  • True sense motion isolation design:with this exceptional design, movements from your partner will be no more reason for you to worry before you jump into bed because reduces on the impact that you will feel from your partner’s movements.
  • Comfort last foam core:People who have suffered from back pain know how hard it is to deal with but even for those that are afraid of going through those hard times of treating back pain this is absolutely the perfect mattress to choose. It is has comfort last foam core that boosts appropriate support for the back and alignment.
  • Adjustable foundation: it has now become possible to have your own personalized sleep, I mean you can have your sleep just the way you want to all thanks to the Killner gel memory foam mattress. This is specifically due to the fact that it can be used either with or without foundation depending on what you and your partner prefer.
  • Cool balance technology:this technology is what makes this mattress one of those you must have in your home no matter how hot or cold temperatures can be around your home. It is this technology that helps to create a balanced sleep temperature hence enabling you to have overly comfortable sleep.
  • Serta’s ultimate edge foam encasement: it is very okay for anyone to sleep nearest to the edges because this mattress is designed to resist sagging and rolling off the mattress over the edges.

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Product quality:

Having beautiful and comfortable sleep is not just good for those busy days at work but much advised for overall functioning of the body therefore if you treasure your sleep then look no further than the Serta Killner gel memory foam mattress. With its cool action gel memory foam, this mattress offer the required support and reduces any chances of heat build over the sleep surface, this the very first time memory foam is infused with micro support gel. The Serta soft pillow foam provides gentle cushioning and contours to the body as its cool balance technology creates the most balanced sleep temperature. You can get into bed without worrying about your partner’s movements since the mattress is made with true sense motion isolation design that greatly cuts down on impact from your partner’s movements.

It further prevents sagging or rolling off the edge with the Serta ultimate edge foam encasement yet it can be used either with or without foundation. The Serta Killner gel memory foam mattress is a perfect sleeper mattress therefore expect all the necessary features to get rid of all the five sleep problems but to make your nights much more fun. Its custom support system is amazingly durable and flexible which explains its ability to provide the most perfect amount of support for each and every part of the body. This is such a high quality mattress that will make you enjoy your sleep no matter which sleep position you love to sleep in.

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Who does it benefit?

  • The best mattress for those who love a soft feel on sleep surface: the top layers of this mattress are designed with memory foam as well as comfort foams and fibers therefore if you love that soft and tender feel for your sleep surface this is mattress will surely work for you.
  • It will also work perfectly for those with back problems: this Killner mattress provides the most appropriate or better yet call it the most balance support while at the same time providing pressure relieving comfort which is very good for people with back problems since one of the remedies for back pain is to sleep on very comfortable and supportive mattress.
  • Suitable for people who live hot temperatures:well very high temperatures will be no reason for you to have sleep interruptions any more as you look for a place that is a bit cool reason being this mattress is designed with cool balance technology that enhances the most balanced sleep temperature.

What else do you need?

  • Serta StabL-Base Foundation: like I said before, this Killner mattress can be used with or without foundation therefore if you feel like sleeping with the foundation is more comfortable and makes you sleep better than the Serta Stabl-base is what you should look out for since it is a perfect match for this mattress in particular.

Serta Killner Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

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