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Students like technology and gadgets because it helps to keep them engaged while learning. In fact, the traditional-methods of education are being replaced by more interactive methods that are influenced by technology in-order to make classroom learning more fun, engaging and interactive. Additionally, today’s students have grown-up with technology and have somehow adapted to using it in-order to make learning easier. So below are some of the technological tools and Apps that have helped students become more engaged in classrooms today?


Technology tools that keep students engaged in the classroom:

  1. Educational podcasts: Reading can get boring for students sometimes and that’s why listening to podcasts is a great alternative when it comes to eliminating boredom when students are studying. In fact, podcasts help to keep students actively engaged and also help to animate classroom discussions thus making learning more interesting.


  1. Online quiz and contests: Online quizzes allows students to post their comments and doubts online using any wireless device and this actually helps to engage shy students who fear to give answer in class. Additionally, there are several quiz-Apps that will help students learn new things even when they are not at home.


  1. Online educational games: Students love video-games and introducing some educational games may help to improve learning among your students. In fact, these games help students to test and apply what they have learned daily and also motivate them to challenge each other outside a classroom environment. In fact, using educational-games is one of the greatest ways of making students eager to learn new things.


  1. Video-conferencing Technologies: With video-conferencing, students from different locations can attend a single lecture through online streaming. Additionally, video-conferences can be set-up using Skype or Google Hangouts and this actually helps to reduce on travel costs and time required to teach students at different locations.


  1. Electronic Whiteboards: These technological-tools are mainly used for group presentations in-order to help enhance learning. In fact, whiteboards can be used for teach different subjects with multiple illustrations in-order to help students understand much better.


  1. Chromebooks and Tablets: Although tablets are popular, Google’s Chromebooks tend to snatch the competition in lower-grade school classrooms. In fact, Chromebooks have a few distinct advantages over iPads and these include; lower-cost, easy to control settings & restrictions, a traditional keyboard for fast typing and note-taking.


Technology Apps that keep students engaged in the classroom:

  1. Flashnotes: This App allows students to upload their lecture notes and sell them to other students who need help or resources. Additionally, the rating-system allows the best note-takers to get more business and the general-pool knowledge expands as students continue sharing their work with each other.


  1. Study Blue: This App allows students to organize their coursework, store notes and flashcards and even share materials with other students using their Smartphones. Additionally, this App also helps students to find other people studying similar subjects while capitalizing on a different set of notes and study guides.


  1. Lore: This is a social-network platform specifically tailored for education. This network allows students and professors to communicate, follow one another and even discuss class work and lectures online.


  1. LEAP Motion: this is software and hardware that allows anyone to draw, write, zoom, play and interact with their computers using fingers or hands. This software is a great technology for disabled students and even makes learning more efficient.


  1. Celly: This is a text-messaging network that allows students to create a network anywhere like in the classroom, field-trip, etc while using their Smartphones. In fact, this App forces students to write their thoughts clearly without fear when in a classroom.


  1. Flipped Classroom: This technology allows teachers to deliver lectures to students in form of videos so that they can watch them while at home. In fact, almost every student carries a mobile-device or laptop today and this actually Technology very easy to use.


  1. Kid Blog: This App provides a safe opportunity for children to start up their own blog connected to the classroom. With this App, teachers can help students design blogs about different subjects and the comments given on blog-work help to motivate the writers. In fact, this App makes it easy for keep children and content secure from the dangers of the internet and it’s specifically designed for younger students.


  1. Glogster EDU: This App allows students to collects pictures, text, videos and custom graphics in-order to create a visually appealing presentation for their projects. Lastly, this technology is very easy use in-order to facilitate for efficient creation of graphical images.


  1. Knewton: This Application monitors student’s activity and uses the output information to give students the best personalized resources based on their level of performance. Additionally, the technology boosts integration amongst different disciplines hence creating a more comprehensive set of resources that interact with one another.


  1. Cold Turkey: This technology is used to mitigate the amount of multitasking students can do on their computers. Additionally, this tool allows teachers to block certain websites so that students can focus on their essential tasks.


  1. Trello: This application allows students to create workflow charts and to organize or streamline their assignments hence making it a great tool for collaboration when doing projects. So, if you have been looking for a tool that can help you organize and create charts easily and quickly then you should consider using Trello on your laptop or Smartphone while at home or school.

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