How To Buy A Baby Video Monitor

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Yes it is true that every parent ought to have a baby video monitor because these little devices are designed to transfer some video images and sound from the room that your baby is in to you so you can always keep perfect track of that little angel of yours. Baby video monitors are very helpful especially if you sleep in a room different from that your baby so they alert you when the baby need anything whether it is to feed, be comforted, or when they just wake up in the middle of the night. On that therefore there are number of things that you must put into consideration when buying a baby video monitor. As you get into the market to look for a baby video monitor, here are some of the most important things that will help you determine if you are actually buying the best video monitor.

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  • Audio or video monitor: video baby monitors tend to be more expensive but that is because they offer much more than baby than baby monitors that are only audio. With a video monitor you get the chance to not just hear but also watch your baby sleep, you can zoom and watch videos at night with the night viewing setting. On the other hand, audio monitors take up limited space and cost less but you only hear when your baby is awake or needs something so it is up to you. if you want to watch your baby buy a video monitor but if sound is all you need then an audio monitor will work for you.
  • Size: the smaller the monitor the easier it is for you to carry it to any room in your house, larger baby monitors become really difficult to carry from one place to another.
  • Range:range greatly determines how perfectly you will monitor you baby therefore before buying a monitor consider how long its range is depending on the size of your house, the distance between different rooms and how many obstructions are in between there. Also think about the fact that audio monitors have been found to have longer range compared to video monitors both indoors and outdoors.
  • Number of transmitters: some monitors are designed with more than just one transmitter for example a monitor with three different transmitters keeps you updated on what is going on in three different rooms or better yet they could all be scanning one room. Some people will find these better baby video monitors, the draw back with transmitters that have multiple transmitters is that they are most likely to interfere with each other’s signal.
  • Type of the monitor:they are two types of monitors which are analogue and digital baby monitors. The way analog monitors transmit data is similar to how data is transmitted through the radio which means that anyone around can listen to what you are hearing however in digital monitors are more advanced giving them the ability to turn sound into data so you only you can listen to whatever is coming from your baby’s room.
  • Frequency: baby video monitors that have higher frequency have longer range so they can track and scan your room much better therefore always look out for a monitor with frequency of about 900megahertz. But if you can get one with higher frequency then even much better reason being they are not easily interrupted by cordless phones that have the same frequency.
  • Battery life and low battery indicator: baby video monitors that hold charge for longer hours are much convenient since you do not have to charge the battery every now and then so you could also put battery life into consideration. Another really important factor about battery is the low battery indicator, baby video monitors that indicate when battery is low or when you need to replace the battery are more reliable.
  • Sound activated light: sometimes when there is a lot of noise you might not be able to hear the baby monitor when it makes any sound notification however if it light along with the sound there is absolutely no way you will miss out on your little child’s call.
  • Number of receivers:sometimes you will want to keep one receiver permanently in your room yet at the same time do not want to miss out on what is happening in your baby’s room when you leave your room therefore buying a bay video monitor with more than one receiver is much better. You can either buy one that comes with more than one receiver or buy one that allows you to attach another receiver so that when you keep one in your room you have another one to walk around with.
  • Warranty or return policy: these are very sensible devices therefore before buying one ensure that you will be able to return it in case it does not perform as well as you expect it to. In fact it would be much better if you go in for one that has longer warranty period.
  • Connectivity: these are some of the additional features that make some baby monitors better than others, some are designed with USB cables so you can connect it either to your PC or television to view your baby on a much bigger screen. Even when you are watching television it will be possible for you to see your baby on another screen.
  • Volume control: the volume control button is usually placed on the side of the baby monitor so you can easily adjust the volume either to increase or reduce. This makes the baby monitor much easier for you to use the device.

Safety tips

If you are planning to buy a corded baby monitor then ensure that it the cord will be at least three feet away from baby’s reach otherwise they can be extremely dangerous to babies. A lot of death reports have come up as a result of babies getting strangled by cord or reduce the possibility of electric shock.

Do not let the video baby monitor take over duties that you are supposed to be doing personally reason being they only do part of the job. You as a parent ought to pay exceptional attention to your baby every time of the day whether they are awake or asleep so a video baby monitor only acts a supplement.

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