Infant Optics Dxr-8 Video Baby Monitor Review

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens Review

Being the world’s ever first interchangeable lens video baby monitor, the Infant optics dxr-8 makes total vision of whatever is happening in your baby’s room or any other room when you are not physically there a reality. It features three different lens types including the normal, zoom and wide angle giving you the chance to select the most ideal focal length and observing angle for that particular environment exactly the same way a professional camera does it. With 3.5 inch LCD color display, your baby’s video is streamed in real time to deliver the clearest image.

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More to that is a really wide variety of advanced and unique features all put together to ensure that the DXR-8 perfectly monitors your baby. It has really long battery life therefore you will not find any inconvenience while using this video baby monitor.


  • It offers a crystal clear image in all the three different lens types yet it at the same time cover mid-range and nearby surroundings to ensure perfect safety of your little baby.
  • Just in case you want to watch your baby from a much closer view, you can simply zoom to make objects appear closer without affecting the quality of the image being provided.
  • The device is worth each and every bit of its price, yes you might spend a lot on this DXR-8 baby monitor but when you start using it, you will not find even one single reason to regret ever purchasing it.


  • Its indicator is too bright therefore if you are planning to charge to charge from inside your bedroom during the night, it becomes really irritating.
  • It only picks up loud sound from the baby so when the baby makes small sounds, the monitor does not pick them up.


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor With Interchangeable Optical Lens Review



Features overview:

  • 3 different lens types: for each and very environment, the DXR-8 has a specific lens to help you view in the most appropriate angle. To begin with, it has the normal lens which offers standard view using aluminum lens hood, it cover mid-range and offers a perfectly clear image since it is close enough to make sure your little is fine as it also capture nearby surroundings. The second is the zoom lens which makes objects seem much closer than they really are, even when the camera is not that close to your baby you can still get a really clear and close image therefore when you baby is asleep that zoom lens is the most excellent lens to provide you with that close viewing. And finally the wide angel lens that enables to you to view the whole of your baby’s room at 170 degree panoramic view, so if you have toddles you will see what they do and what is close to them.
  • 5 inch LCD color display:this video monitor’s display is also detailed with a room temperature indicator as well as sound activated LED display to show you the baby’s video at the exact time it is happening and also give you the sound coming from your child’s room. The screen’s resolution is crystal clear and it also has an infrared night vision features that automatic to make that even in the night you can still see your baby.
  • Extended battery life:the baby monitor holds charge or quite a long period of time which makes it really reliable. In that case if you are using the monitor on power saving mode it will perform for 10 hours and with the display screen constantly on it performs for 6 hours.
  • Dual USB chargers:for those really modern homes, charging the DXR-8 has greatly been improved reason being the device charges by USB connection. It however comes with a power cord that you can use in case you want to charge it from your computer or even using an AC outlet
  • Remote controlled camera:now this is a really interesting feature that makes the device very convenient to use both for you and the baby too. The camera of this device is totally controlled by remote which simply means that you can incline and pan direction of the camera without causing any disturbance to the little one.
  • 4GHz FHSS communication:communication of the monitor is combines with talk back and data encryption thus delivering clear, dependable transmission and encryption of data that is built in for more increased security since no one can eavesdrop. On the other hand, the talk back feature gives room for two-way communication that is audio. With this, you are rest assures of exceptional range, better transmission quality and signals are never dropped. During unbarred situations, the retractable antenna will provide 700 inch range.
  • Scan mode: it is with this feature that the DXR-8 in 12 second intervals can automatically cycle through cameras and deliver uninterrupted video and audio investigation on several cameras. With this it is possible for you to connect even up to four cameras to just one display unit.
  • Customer protection: for all the seven days of the week, the DXR-8 offers support and service from one of the most reliable and confidential brand when it comes to home technology. in addition to that it also comes with a full one year warranty.
  • Additional features: this DXR-8 monitor offers many more features in addition to the ones we have just seen above and these include the alarm function, quick key and brightness controls, low battery warning, out of range warning plus battery power indicator all of which make the baby monitor extremely convenient to use.

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Product quality:

Allowing you to select the most ideal viewing angle and focal length for every different environment, theInfant optics dxr-8has becomes the leading video baby monitor on the market lately. In the entire industry, this is the very first baby monitor to have interchangeable lenses as all the other on the market were designed with fixed lenses.  The DXR-8 uses three different lens types including the normal lens for standard viewing, the zoom lens that makes objects seem close than they really are and the wide angel lens for 170 degree panoramic view. This baby monitor shows you’re a real time video and all the sound coming from your baby’s room on its large LCD color screen with crystal clear display. With its remote controlled camera, you can tilt and the direction of the camera without disturbing the baby as the temperature display keeps updated on whether the baby’s room has become hot or cold.

Even the noisiest environments you will never miss out on your baby’s calling simply because it has sound activated LED display that does not just make sound but also lights so just in case you don’t hear the sound, the light will alert you. It has longer battery life compared to all other baby monitors yet it is very easy to charge, the talk back feature enables you to soothe your crying baby without necessarily being there. Whenever you are out of range, the DXR-8features an out of range alarm that lets you know. This video baby monitor is infused with all the best and exceptional features to keep you perfectly alert about whatever happens in your baby’s room.

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Who does it benefit?

It is designed for modern households:the DXR-8 infant video monitor is extremely advanced so its charging has overly been improved so it charges by USB connection, this is the most widely used charging types in those modern homes. It will therefore be super easy for you to charge the baby monitor.

It is good for homes with toddlers: babies get extremely active in the stage of being toddlers so to be on a safe side you will need a really reliable baby monitor like the DXR-8 which allows use for a wide angel lens to give you the chance to view your baby’s whole room with its surroundings.

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What else do you need?

Infant Optics DXR-8 Power Adapter for Monitor Unit: it includes a 3 inch and 10 inch USB cable to allow you use any other charging stations for your monitor. If you like to charge your monitor from the wall socket then you can use the 5 volt output cable.

Wide angel lens: just in case you feel more comfortable viewing the whole of your baby’s room, it advisable to buy a wide angel lens along with the monitor. If your baby is extremely active especially toddlers then it allows you to see them as they play around and what is closest to them.

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