Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

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Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

The Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor features a large 5 inch color LCD flat screen to deliver any parent that wants to perfectly monitor their baby with the best view. Its sound activated LED lights keeps always updated on the level of noise in coming from your baby’s room. The camera has a digital zoom features which brings images a lot closer than they actually are together with the automatic black and white night vision to help you view your little one perfectly in the darkness.

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More to that, it also comes with adjustable volume and brightness controls so that you can have an entirely personalized baby monitoring experience. Whenever the monitor is out of range or when it battery is low, it has indicators that will help you know what is happening. It really does not matter what your lifestyle is or how big your home may be, this monitor has all the features to ensure that your needs are perfectly satisfied.


  • It is convenient and easy to set up design that can be placed absolutely anywhere
  • You can always have a really close view of your little baby while using this summer time infant monitor because it allows you to zoom images and bring them much closer to you.
  • It allows you to add up more three cameras therefore you are not just limited to watching what happens in the baby’s nursery but also can scan any other three rooms that you would like to.
  • It is extremely easy to control and use due to the simple volume and brightness control as well all other features that are easily accessible.


  • Even when you are not necessarily using the monitor, the battery will die and some people actually complained about the fact that its battery does not perform for that long so it is inconveniencing having to charge the monitor every now and then.

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review



Features overview:

  • 5 inch hand held monitor: with this size of a screen you will always have the most perfect view of your baby even when it is dark, the screen is wide enough and designed with a color LCD video display for that really clear image of your baby’s crib.
  • Digital privacy:both in the night and during the day, your connection is always 100% secured and private all because of this monitor’s digital technology. There is therefore no reason for you to worry about anyone intervening on your baby’s videos or audios. Its 2.4GHz signal performs with in home range of 600 feet with no interference at all.
  • Digital zoom: this handheld baby monitor is molded with the digital zoom so that you can be able to closely watch you baby at any particular time you feel like. All you have to do is touch a button so you can get the chance to watch those super precious moments when your baby is asleep or when she is getting up. In other wards you are always close to your baby if you have this really advanced baby monitor.
  • Night vision:whether it is during day or late in the night, you can always are always assured of knowing exactly what your baby id doing or what is happening in its room with the help of the night vision that is automatic. As the level of light in the baby’s room decreases, the infrared LEDs also automatically adjust providing you with a crystal clear black and white image when the room is in complete darkness.
  • Expandable to three cameras:as the monitor can add all the way to three cameras, you get the chance to not only view and monitor what is in your baby’s rooms but n also see what is happening in other rooms. On 8 second rotations, you can get to receive audio and video automatic scans from other rooms.
  • Sound activated LED lights:no more than ever, it is impossible to miss even the lowest sound from your baby because the monitor has LED lights that are sound activated to keep you alert at all times. Unlike other baby monitors that only have LED lights that you could easily forget to see.
  • Adjustable volume and brightness controls:if the volume is too high and distracting for you, you can always adjust it to make lower or when it is too low , you can increase it. And the same applied for brightness, when the light is too bright or too deem to cause damage to your eyes then feel free to adjust it to whatever makes comfortable the most.
  • Automatic power save mode:when the baby monitor does not detect any sound after some seconds it automatically switches into power save mode hence saving up on the battery that you will use to view your baby later. This is why the monitor has the ability to hold charge for a long period of time.
  • Rechargeable battery: this simply means added convenience and portability as you do not have to buy new replacement batteries every now and then, you just need a single charge to achiever hours of usage.
  • Low battery and out of range indicator: almost anyone that has used a baby monitor before has experienced problems where a monitor fails to work due to poor range or low battery. This summer infant in view baby monitor comes with an indicator that shows when you are out of range or when you need to recharge its battery.
  • Wall or table top mountable camera: anywhere that you feel is more appropriate for you to place the camera is where you place for the reason that it is very easy to mount either on the wall or on the table.

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Product quality:

The wide variety of both advanced and convenience features simply explains why the summer infant in view digital color baby video monitor is one of the most used monitors by most parents. It if first of all made with a really large LDC color display which gives you the clearest and perfect view of your little one. With the digital technology you can have peace of mind each and every time knowing that you will not have anyone intervene on your baby’s videos and audios since this technology keeps all of it very private and secure. Even in the late night your still get a perfect black and white image of your baby due to the night vision and at any time of the day you will always feel close to the baby as you can use the digital zoom to bring images much closer.

In addition, it also comes with pretty amazing features like the sound activated LEDs that ensure you never miss out even the lowest call for your little angel’s room, the low battery and out of range indicator that shows you when to get charge or when you have exceeded the range in which the monitor is supposed to work. It adds up to three cameras so you will not only be using it to view what you baby is doing but also view what is going on in three other rooms yet you can place just anywhere you find most appropriate whether it is on the table or the wall. All these features make this any use to use baby monitor and at the same time one that will keep you in total track of your little baby at any time of the day.

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review - 3

Who does it benefit?

It is recommended for people with tight work schedules: when you are too busy to stay home to watch over your baby, the summer infant baby monitor will always be there to help you monitor your baby all the time. It has a digital zoom feature which let you watch your baby from a much closer view so you do not get to miss out on those extremely precious baby moments. And with its digital technology all your videos and audios are perfectly secured to give you peace of mind.

What else do you need?

Oco Wireless HD Video Monitoring Smart Cameras: since the monitor allows you to add up more cameras to view other rooms, they high quality cameras can be a perfect choice. They make monitoring very simple.

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review - 4

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